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  1. MICE!!!!!!

    Mothballs still seem to work for me.
  2. Loading Shovel

    Beautiful craftsmanship. Really impressive!
  3. Iola Car Show ‘18

    I can't watch it as it's in an unsupported format.
  4. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Thank you for taking the time to post all the photos. I enjoyed looking and reading about your adventure.
  5. That little V-plow is neat. Thank you for the photos.
  6. Another "WHATIZIT

    You know Ed, I think your onto something there.
  7. Finally got the boat wet!

    That's a nice looking boat. Looks like the same color I used on the last boat. After being tied to a dock for a little bit it will have those wavy marks on the side too. Unfortunately I have caused too much damage to my boats at public docks. Kind of irks me. This is my 12' Lund that I use on small lakes when fishing by myself.
  8. Interesting story. Thanks. Wish the would have included more photos in the article.
  9. Another "WHATIZIT

    Bet I would. Hate to think about how many times I've made a rut with a tongue jack. Some of us just never learn.
  10. I didn't think we had them around here either. Wasn't until we started feeding the Baltimore's that the Orchard Orioles showed up. They sure like Grape Jelly. Thanks but the old camera is starting to show it's age. I'm afraid I don't know. We still go by the old names.
  11. We have Baltimore & Orchard Orioles, and Gold finches eating outside our Kitchen window. Once in awhile a Purple Finch will drop in.
  12. Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

    Not messing with it is sure understandable. Lot of good fishing stories in that lure. How about using something like clear fingernail polish to seal up the open areas so you don't change the appearance?
  13. Finally got the boat wet!

    We come from opposite ends of the spectrum I take the older open fishing boats and convert them to a dash with remote steering and controls. Tried the tiller setups and just cant's get used to setting in the back of the boat. Can see where your thoughts on having an open floor plan would be desirable especially if your moving around in the boat. I'm too old to be moving around much. Thanks for the story on your boat. Interesting reading.
  14. Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

    How do you keep that thing from getting water logged? Balsa wood soaks up water like crazy.