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  1. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    I had not seen this before. Thanks for the info.
  2. The time has come.

    Best of luck to you! Hopefully you'll be up and about in no time.
  3. Welding rear ends

    If done properly it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Both brazing and nickel welding have nearly the same strength as cast iron.
  4. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    You're going to REALLY like that this winter. If you can get inside out of the wind and snow it makes a huge difference.
  5. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Sure enjoyed looking at the pictures.
  6. My New 416-8

    Another nice option of the hydro is hydraulic lift that makes raising attachments much easier.
  7. My New 416-8

    Can you elaborate on this please. I would think with 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse that the right speed wouldn't be a problem.
  8. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    Wonderful story. Really great you and your Dad are getting along so well and many good memories for the grandchildren. Thanks for updating us.
  9. You've created a real jewel there. Thanks for letting us watch.
  10. Shower Cap Ideas???

    How original do you want to keep it? Take a short piece of pipe that has pipe threads on one end. Cut it off so it is 3/4" longer than the threads. Turn or grind down the last 3/8" so it will slide inside the muffler. Weld or braze it in place and your done. The male threads on the pipe will take a lot of abuse.
  11. My almond white gets mixed with dirt and looks perfect from across the garden. :handgestures-thumbup:
  12. I have some Yama-bond that is several years old and is still working just fine. Take a small amount and spread it on a piece of paper and leave it for 24 hours. If it cures I would think it should be fine to use. Your success with the penetrating oil proves that giving it adequate time to do it's work is the key. Too many people squirt it on and 5 minutes later are unhappy because it didn't work. Kroil will penetrate 1 millionth of an inch but it takes time and reapplication.
  13. The only vehicle that I've owned and wished I could have back was my 1936 Dodge humpbacked sedan delivery. Vietnam came so the dodge went. Dang I liked that truck. Mine was the same colors as this one less the advertising. Not this nice either.
  14. I've about come to the end of this project less of course the paint and decals which will be a warm weather project, Below are two photos showing the Trojan Horse as it is ready to leave the shop. Thanks for your interest,