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  1. R/C Hobby

    I have a hard time keeping mine on the ground.
  2. Troy Bilt GTX 20

    Any competent Hydraulic shop should be able to reseal that cylinder for you.
  3. Troy Bilt GTX 20

    Both mine came with Kohler 20hp magnums.
  4. I thought they quit making those years ago. Think it had to do with global warming or something.
  5. Just think of all the people who are being maimed or worse with vehicles everyday. How would you feel if you had to have a different drivers license for each state you drove in.
  6. If you think your ever going to use a tiller behind your tractor low range is the ticket. Especially if it is unbroken soil.
  7. Troy Bilt GTX 20

    They were originally built by Bolens and known as the GT2000 or Dura-Trac. The twenty horse power tractor came with cruise control, Dual hydraulics, power (hydraulic) steering, and high and low range. They are an excellent machine. I have two of these converted to diesel. One with a loader and one converted to a Simplicity deck. On the mower the Hydro finally expired which was partially my fault.
  8. The first manual transmission I can remember that recommended ATF was in a Dodge Omni Miser with a VW engine and tranny. I put around a 140,000 miles on it and it still shifted just fine. The linkage was a different story all together. Two shoe laces and a coat hanger would have been easier to keep adjusted. In cold climates I would think the ATF might be a good option in the WH manual tranny.
  9. Thanks for going into such detail about your feelings. I love it! 1
  10. Being a CC card holder I'm all for the passing of this bill. I believe in following the laws and this would make it a lot easier to do so.
  11. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    Hi Mike: I ran a vertical exhaust on the Lister Wheel Horse for a number of years and got tired of it. Now running a horizontal muffler like yours and loving it. If you change I would hang onto your present system in case you decide you were happier with it later.
  12. Sounds like an Urban legend to me. Yah me too.
  13. I have read where people inflate balloons inside the tire so the sidewalls are pushed out to the rims. They get left in there but won't harm anything. Your going to want some large balloons.
  14. So you've heard of Chinese rings being out of round? Or did I read that wrong... Only once. I don't recall if the cylinders were checked or bored before the install. Just saying if it were my money I would investigate a little before making the investment. I might be inclined to tear down the engine and inspect it prior to making a decision on how to proceed.
  15. In your situation I would do some research on the matter before making the purchase. That's going to be a lot of work just to find out you purchased egg shaped rings. Can you talk to the re-builder and find out what he used for parts?