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  1. The end of the road

    Yep mine is governed for 20 mph going down hill but that 2 cylinder diesel can get you there in short order. We live 3/4 mile from town and it hauls me there a lot when the weather permits. Pulls a sprayer and the grand-kids like it. Never been able to get the wife on it though. Maybe it's my driving.
  2. The end of the road

    When I was installing the Yanmar Diesel into my Golf Cart there were some really nice people on this site. Maybe they can help you out someday. Enjoy your retirement. http://www.buggiesgonewild.com/
  3. If it were me I'd try it but find some way to keep it away from those fins.
  4. Interesting article on tractor history

    Really enjoyed the read. Thanks.
  5. Opinions on Used Dodge Ram Trucks

    I think your making the right decision wanting a long box. I wanted another pickup with a stick and found this 97 with 83,000 miles and grabbed it. Has the small V8 and 5spd with the 8ft box and I love it. The new pickup sets in the garage with a battery tender on it now.
  6. South Carolina doesn't get that cold so why would you want to change. I run ATF in some off my GT's (not Wheel Horse) but it gets well below zero here.
  7. 1946 Ford N2

    The front distributor is not as bad to work on as most people would have think. Remember these tractors were made to be used and maintained by farmers and are simple to work on. Tuned up the neighbors 9N this winter and it was an enjoyable experience. Lots of info on YouTube. Enjoy your tractor
  8. Outboard Guys ?

    You can spray the MMO in the cylinders but they are horizontal so you will need to direct the spray upward or the top of the cylinders will still be dry. Does this engine have oil injection?
  9. You get hit with the earthquake?
  10. Those guys are the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) department. They also watch for the mail buoy. Everyone has stood mail buoy watch at least once.


    Just a thought here, on sealed bearings (especially Chinese) I fill a syringe with grease and add extra grease to the bearing before installing it. Just slip the needle under the lip of the seal and add a little. Don't over do it or the bearing will heat up. I have also re-greased them this way.

    If it's a greasable spindle I will use sealed bearings and remove the inside seal on each bearing. If it's not greasable then use sealed bearings. There is too much chance of getting dirt and water in them to use shielded bearings.
  14. Mowing In Air Conditioned Comfort

    Oh isn't life just perfect. Him in the lounge chair and she slaving away. Actually the older I get the better that mower looks.
  15. Lathe advice needed

    I've been running a Smithy Granite for a number of years. People will tell you that the all in one machines are a pain to use. I find this not to be the case and can usually go from lathe to milling machine in 10 minutes or less. I have never used it as a drill press. A separate lathe and mill would be ideal but when space is limited these can get the job done and are certainly better than nothing. The electronics , especially the motors in the early ones were of very poor quality but have come a long ways since then.