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  1. K301 piston clearance

    The aluminum piston will expand a lot more than the cylinder when the engine gets to operating temperatures. When that happens your clearance will be a lot less.
  2. "Easy Eddie" and Al Capone

    Thanks for taking the time to post those stories. really enjoyed them.
  3. Regretted Projects

    The name Chris and Corvair must go together. After Naders book My cousin and I took ours down to where Portland international raceway is now to see if they could be rolled on a flat surface. No luck. We even would slide them through water onto dry pavement and still no luck. I'm not much of a Ralph Nader fan but I'm not much of a Corvair fan either. I'm sure they could be rolled but that can be said for any vehicle.
  4. Kubota Forum

    It was the rear axles not the front spindles. I believe that installing the duals and counter weight caused the axles to flex and break. They were clean breaks and showed no indications of having been twisted. The axles extend out past the axle bearings quite a ways.
  5. Kubota Forum

    I went looking for a photo of a G5200 and found this. The website is using a photo of one of my tractors. Going to have to look into it. https://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/278238482-kubota-g3200-g4200-g4200h-g5200h-g6200h-lawn
  6. Sarà un wheel horse?

    That's a new one on me. Congratulations on finding a good tractor. Hope you are able to locate the information you are looking for.
  7. Regretted Projects

    That would have been 50 years ago so I can't say one way or the other. I do remember carrying a spare fan belt under the front seat on someones advice and never needing it. To be fair the later versions of the Corvair were a much better car but Nader had already signed it's death notice. The suspension had been improved to the point that it was competitive with a Porsche in design. I had the transmission on mine lock up on the interstate which just about put me in the guard rail. Later the girl who bought it from me had the same thing happen and her Dad paid me an ugly visit at work. Don't remember how I talked myself out of that one.
  8. Regretted Projects

    Told my friend who had one of those that they should come with their own credit card.
  9. Regretted Projects

    1961Chevrolet Corvair. A hoot to drive but what an engineering disaster and money pit.
  10. Kubota Forum

    I am about to purchase a G5200 garden tractor. If it's in good shape you won't be sorry. I have had 3 of the G series Kubota tractors and they are very frugal on fuel usage. The steering gears are the week spot but easy to fix. The decks are worth gold so take care of yours. Implements are hard to come by as the tractors are getting older. Parts are available through the dealers yet. Keep the radiator screen clean or it will want to over heat. Take out and clean after each use. Do not put a loader on one of these unless you want to break axles. Been there and done that. I have the factory parts and service manuals if you need any information. Enjoy your new purchase.
  11. Funny green and yellow tractor

    That's sick. I can only hope it's been neutered.
  12. Bunch of friendly, helpful folks here. Thanks to the Administration and members for making it that way. I'd say it's family but there are a lot of families that could take lessons from this site. Thanks everyone.
  13. LED Shop Lights

    This is the adapter that was purchased for the yard light. $2.49. You might want to consider a bulb with the LED's enclosed to keep them clean.
  14. LED Shop Lights

    I was going to change the Mercury vapor yard light to LED. So I picked up a 500w LED at Menards to have on hand when the yard light burned out. Upon closing up the addition onto the shop I needed a light in there until the fixtures were installed so I hung that 500w bulb in there. Needless to say it is going to stay there and one was installed in the old part also. The ceiling is 12' high so the light isn't in your eyes. They only use 100 watts and it's like working in the sunlight. They fit a standard socket and I love them.
  15. Winter Projects

    I enjoy converting these small boats. This is the one I'm working on now. It's a 1960's Lund 12'. Installingn a carpeted floor, pedestal seat, dash, remote steering and controls. On the last one the dash was stained and varnished but haven't decided what to do on this one. Where the red was will now be Royal blue as will the front deck which will be aluminum. This one will be powered by a 1956 Johnson 15hp that I just finished going through.