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  1. wheelhub raider 12

    For my raider 12 I'm looking for a rearwheelhub, a key woodruff and new screws(squarehead) Where can I find these things in Belgium? thanks, Peter
  2. another Belgian

    Hello Pieter-Jan, I'm from Overpelt. groet, Peter
  3. another Belgian

    Thanks for the welcome. At the moment my tractor needs an new wheelhub but when he works again I'll post a few pictures.
  4. another Belgian

    hey, I'm Peter from Belgium. Four years ago I bought a Raider 12 ('72 I think) not really knowing what it was. I've never heard from the brand 'Wheelhorse' before. I like my tractor with mowerdeck. Since I've a problem with a rear wheelhub I frequent this very interesting forum. I hope I can get in contact with other forummembers near my place.