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  1. Another 418C question

    Sarge, I did a search, couldn't find any vendors. Possible you can point me in the right direction?
  2. Another 418C question

    Here's the carb and here's the number. According to the guide above, it's and original Kohler adjustable carb. Now to find a rebuild kit or an appropriate aftermarket
  3. Another 418C question

    The more I look into getting a new carb for my 418C the harder the choice becomes LOL
  4. Another 418C question

    tying to figure out which M18 variant I have, but the printing on the tag is worn off. Would the model and spec be the same for all 418C as they were only made for a year? and if they are, can someone post a picture or the model and spec #?
  5. Aftermarket Carb question

    Maynard, Wondering if you had a particular vendor you use?
  6. Aftermarket Carb question

    Thanks rmaynard. I meant Kohler...just got done working on a B&S push mower LOL
  7. Aftermarket Carb question

    Is there any real difference (other than price) between OEM ($100.00+) carb for an Briggs and Stratton Kohler 18M and an aftermarket carb ($35.00ish)
  8. 418-c questions

    No worries
  9. 418-c questions

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, been out of town for work. I would love the lever. Let me know the cost of postage and your adress and I'll get the money out to you
  10. 418-c questions

    A replacememnt lever would be nice...let me know what you would want for it
  11. 418-c questions

    Now the problems.... In the picture, the two front mounting points for fender are gone, giving the seat a "free float " feeling. Figure a few minutes with a welder to fab up 2 new tabs is the way to go. The arrow on the console is where the Tramsmission Drive Clutch Engage/ Disengage lever should be and it not. What exactly is the function, because the tractor runs and powers the mower deck fine? how hard of a fix is it? And yeah, she needs a new seat
  12. 418-c questions

    A day late but pictures as promised
  13. 418-c questions

    So I picked her up last night...Pictures later today!! Clear tranny fluid, put her up against a tree and the drive wheel dug a hole. And Chrome Front Caps! with the mower deck...425.00 doesn't seem like a bad price to pay here in the northeast. Hours of Service ( if the gauge works) is 1675 (averages out to about 60 hours a year) not bad for a 30 y/o tractor
  14. 418-c questions

    By burned smell you mean the tranny fluid right?
  15. 418-c questions

    there is a 418-c for sale local. before I go look at it what are some things I should be on the lookout for in the way of issues specific to this model ( i know it was made for only 1 year) Anything to beaware of with a hydro tranny? Ive never owned one before. And Will m,y attachments for my 414-8 work with it? ( tiller, single stage snow thrower and 48" blade) Thanks in advance