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  1. Trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck

    Looking to trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck. I bought a SD deck not knowing it his the tires on my 95' 314H, fits my 312A.
  2. 314H with 42" deck

    I have a 314H with Magnum 14 engine. i have a 42" side discharge deck on it. my 312A also has a 42" deck on it. i know the 312A has a little clearance between the rear tires i think 9.5" wide. the 314 has 10.5" wide tires which i think are original but the left rear rubs the deck idler wheel. Is this mower supposed to have a 48"?
  3. Kohler Starter ? K301

    Well armature is toast. After several teardowns wouldnt spin over. Took to starter shop.
  4. Kohler Starter ? K301

    File the brushes down to clean up? Stator? I'll add a drop of oil to the bronze bushing it was sticky before I cleaned it.
  5. So tried firing up my 312A after sitting all winter. Dang mice behind battery! Wouldn't crank over very fast. Fired up the 314 no problem. Battery was older in 312 so I just swapped batteries still wouldn't crank fast. Dropped to 10v under load. Pulled starter and cleaned it. brushes don't look bad but it was howling. the bushings were in fact pretty sticky. looks like bronze or oilite bushings. Do I put a drop of some sort of lube on these bushings when re assembling?? Also bendix sticking really bad i red here that it should have kohler lube but i want to stick back together and try it. so maybe some lithium? What else could cause slow crank? Thanks. Should I clean up the stator and file the brushes or not
  6. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    In line filter after the fuel pump??
  7. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Now I'm loosing my patience. filled it with oil this morning. wouldn't start for nothing! gas pouring out the air cleaner. ripped carb off. small black pieces in bowl. degrading gas line?? put back together. I started but revs to almost 5 grand! any tips on governor setup?
  8. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Can I get a magnet oil drain plug? Where? probably help extend the life of a tired engine??
  9. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Well I got it back running yesterday. mowed a little grass, to warm the oil up and drained it last night. figured an oil change was in order due to the grinding and reaming of the valve guide. My reamer was a 5/16" straight fluted reamer didn't work so well. was worse than the old one. ended up putting in another one took it to a small mower shop. he had one that was tapered in the beginning. it of course hit the lifter and valve wouldn't go in so with my Reamer we got it done. I looked everywhere for a piloted reamer and couldn't find one, his had a light taper. anyone know where've could get one??? I'll put some fresh oil in it today and see how it goes???
  10. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    What's a block cost Range?
  11. HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    How do you guys remove the valve guide with a puller like the manual? l was using the tool drawn up by A-1 Miller. My mistake though, should have protected the block!? I wasn't thinking. My dealer doesn't have the valve guide.
  12. Well I had a machine shop make me a valve guide removal, installation tool. My first mistake! 2nd was to start working on it after a bad day of work. Some opinions please if I destroyed this block??? There was a crack at the top of bore I tried to blend out with did grinder. I'm very upset. I waited months for my carb to get rebuilt, now this. Thanks
  13. 86' 312A Power loss under load and hills

    Ok, new valve and guide came in today. much to my dismay the new valve doesnt fit into the new guide . Having not done this before, is that normal. even if i put the guide in myself i will still have to take the tractor to a machine shop to ream the new guide for clearance to the new valve???? kinda thought that two newly machined parts would match, unless one of them is wrong? not sure what do do now. Any parts guys on here that could verify my part numbers?
  14. 86' 312A Power loss under load and hills

    1986 Tracor, so 30 years of service . Non-working hour meter shows 1,488 hours. The intake vs. exhuast clearance between guide and stem is way tigher than exhuast. Not sure if that is normal or previous owner had it replaced?