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  1. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    Great thought! Definitely worth investigation, I will speak to a magnet where-house tomorrow about exactly that possibility and report back.
  2. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    I see what your getting at regarding a smaller compass but I think all in all the one I have shows the main poles quite accurately enough. If you take it one step further you will see that the magnet is divided into six segments when taking into consideration about the rear side of the magnet (the photo's indicate this) and as you quite rightly pointed out it is the inner side which is of importance to the charging system. I just thought you guys would find it interesting. I am very fluent with magnet orientations, placement and gluing, what my problem now is removing the magnets and after heating mildly, soaking in high power thinners and trying everything under the sun I am sourcing suppliers as I already have a custom made flywheel, so buying a complete one is not viable, buying a complete one just for the magnets, not viable because I cannot take the magnets off it! Goodness!
  3. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    Do you reckon the magnets are defective such as the last few pics? They couldn't work could they?
  4. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    It seems each magnet is made up of six alternating segments! As you can see on the second magnet the pole has actually migrated on the magnet (when you look at where the compass is precisely pointing)! I presume there was a problem in the manufacturing as I have another 8 magnets lying around which exhibit exactly that! So not a one off situation, otherwise could have been out of an overheating engine is all I can guess has happened (high temperatures will 'reset' magnetic orientation). Birds migrate to the poles and poles migrate on magnets!? No wonder my first attempt didn't charge?
  5. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    After thinking about SOI's stator warning issues I decided to check the stator from a functional CH20s machine - While having the flywheel off I of course decided to look at these magnets that were perfectly intact. The comparison between magnets which I had glued in for the 26hp and those on the CH20s's were well not quite the same and I've found an interesting magnetic characteristic on these magnets I assume may have contributed to my low stator AC voltages! I will photograph and post for your amusement shortly! Amusement may not be...
  6. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    Totally understand that and ponder that myself. I've had engines that run but then it seems the Kohler will not I need to consider that a little more! I think the engines I've had which run without the battery have had the ignition switch wired to the battery+ connector on the starter motor, the B+ from r/r of course wired to that... Reliable should you have battery starting issues or flat batteries!
  7. r/r 2540305 Kohler 26hp Charging!

    Too right Van that once I connected battery voltage to B+ it actually started to regulate! But only after I sourced the stator and flywheel which were still in tact and operational. This quite surprised me that it need the battery voltage or 'some amount of volts' to start to regulate. Tricky things!
  8. Howdy all! I have a similar problem to 'Wheel-N-It' The r/r is grounded to the chassis, (I tested the r/r on a Kohler CH20 and it worked) , I have just glued the magnets in as per Save Old Iron's good diagrams and advice (used Loctite 620 to bond). My r/r shows no voltage at all at high revs but probably because the stator shows only between 10 and 25VAC which is not enough. I have checked the stator (0.2 Ohms - no shorts to ground through the wires). Does the regulator B+ terminal have to be connected to the battery for it to 'turn-on' the r/r? As I am just testing and have not done this. I am starting to think that the second hand flywheel I bought to replace missing/broken magnets was off a lesser power engine (maybe the magnetic flux is much lower)!? NOW I AM STUMPED! I would seriously love any input you guys may be able to throw to me - would be much appreciated!
  9. Need a Little With Charging System KT-17 series 2

    Oops, posted in error 'newbie'!
  10. Need a Little With Charging System KT-17 series 2

    I've had the same problem with mine but my r/r is#25 403 05 with the three prongs so probably a similar regulator/rectifier. Make sue that the r/r is grounded to the chassis or through the bolt but it has to go to ground. You can check this by putting a volt meter across the battery positive terminal and the other side onto the r/r body or it's bolt. My r/r shows no voltage at all at high revs but probably because the stator shows only between 10 and 25VAC which is not enough. I have checked the stator and the magnets NOW I AM STUMPED!