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  1. C-160 Axle

    Do you have a good wiring harness for a c 160?
  2. C 160 Electrical Parts wanted

    Looking for new or slightly used rectifier and wiring harness for a C160... Call, text or email! Tom 317 496-3376 tmyers@callcarpenter.com
  3. "C" series cab

    Any photo yet??
  4. 2000 314-8 with ONLY 280 Hours

    Sorry.. I have been out of town. Will return home next week. I can look into it.
  5. 2000 314-8 with ONLY 280 Hours

    Yes it is.
  6. 2000 314-8 with ONLY 280 Hours

    VERY NICE 2000 314-8. No hub caps at this price (the pics show the rears on it)! The deck is very clean. Runs beautifully. Everything works. I really hate to sell it, but I am thinning the herd because I need some more room in the garage. This beauty is going to last someone for many many years. It's just now broken in!
  7. C-160 hood and dash tower.

    Still looking? I have hood and tower in Greenwood In.. Need sanded and painted but straight metal!
  8. Just got a 5000 Watt Wheel Horse Generator.... everything except the lift tube! If you have one you want to sell, let's talk! If you have one you can give me the specs on so I can have one made, that would help too! Some of what I have read leads me to think that a lift tube from a snow blower may work or be interchangeable.. But I do not know that for sure. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Email or phone Tom (317) 496-3376
  9. Yet another question about snowblower interchangability

    Never mind.... I found my answer.... looks like it is not worth messing with....
  10. I see a decent looking snow blower #79263 and wondering if it will easily fit either my 1974 C-160 or my 2000 314-8? Your input would be appreciated.
  11. Will a model 6-3211 fit on my 1974 C-160?

    I most often do.... so quit tempting me !!!! Lol
  12. Will a model 6-3211 fit on my 1974 C-160?

    Many thanks Garry... I kind of figured that was the case..... I guess the good news is I can go home tonight with no snowblower in the back of my pickup feeling totally guilt free when I see the Mrs. ! This Thread can now be closed..
  13. Hey guys.... I don't absolutely need but have a chance to get a lightly used Wheel Horse 6-3211 Snow blower at a good price... Its one of those things... I will get it if it is going to be easy to deal with but I have a blade already that definitely does the job.. So, my question is... will the 6-3211 essentially fit right onto my 1974 C-160 with no hassle at all??

    Ag tires and weights or turf tires with chains and weights?? I just got somr new ag tires and am tempted to use them on my c160 auto this winter.. any recommendations? The turf tires weights and chains worked well but scarred the driveway...