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  1. another Belgian

    Hi Peter, Welcome, I'm new myself, and I've found this to be a very friendly place to be.
  2. My name is Barry...

    Thanks Jeff and Ian, think I might try to get someone to drive me to the show, it looks like there's some drinkin' and chattin' to be done.
  3. My name is Barry...

    Hi Michael, Yes, I'm between Haywards Heath and Scaynes Hill. I rang Hugh Page yesterday to ask about a new shell for my deck and was staggered at the price. I need to find someone with decent fabrication skills to help me do something with it, preferably someone not too far away, do you have any recommendations or places to avoid?
  4. My name is Barry...

    Thanks Andy, Lars and Bobie01. That's a great thread Lars I'll have to take mine off and take some photographs. I know that it will need some areas cutting out and replacing, and I'm not sure how intact the baffles are, they will probably need re-making. I'll have to make friends with a welder ;)
  5. My name is Barry...

    Hi Rex, thank you; love your avatar !
  6. My name is Barry...

    Blimey Darren, I didn't expect to find you on here! This place is as helpful as Blatchat and I'm flattered by the welcome and information received from everyone and I'm really looking forward to meeting up at Ardingly now. I had seen that the shell was listed at about $760 on one of the sites that I looked at, but with the encouragement of folks on here it looks like I might try to get it cleaned up reinforced,repainted and look after it a bit better than it has been in the past. As I'm a bit ham-fisted, does anyone have any tips as to how best to clean a deck up without making it more Emmental-like?
  7. My name is Barry...

    I'll be another fat one, relaxing with a pint in his hand ;)
  8. My name is Barry...

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Richard, I'm east of Haywards Heath. My tractor was stored outside for a few years, and only recently has it had a shed to keep the elements off, consequently it's not as beautiful as some of those I've seen on here Anyhow, here it is: and here's the Id from under the seat: It has a 42" side discharge deck, discharging on the right, which is also where the height adjustment is: and here's the id tag for the deck: As you can see, the shell of the deck needs replacing; the neglect and rust has allowed the height adjustment quadrant to move away from the lever and the pin and spring have made their rather successful bid for freedom along with some of the bolts that hold the belt guards in place. If anyone in the UK can identify the shell part number, and even better, recommend a supplier, I'll gladly buy them a pint or two at Ardingly. Barry
  9. My name is Barry...

    ...I'm in Sussex, UK; and I have a 312-8. I don't know how old it is but it has serial number e112k802 35261, with a 42" cutting deck E542MS01 15273