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  1. Hi from Yorkshire

    welcome Ewan, a great machine and a great thing to spend time with you're family..
  2. 74 C-120/Raider update

    i've got to say, a great job done already, it's beautiful but is this the original engine? because mine is a model M12S spec 471512... it looks a bit different Tom
  3. Tom from Belgium

    model 1-0353 Serial 135393 What's your's?
  4. Tom from Belgium

    ik ken het raider-model alleen van naam maar ergens logisch dat ze op elkaar gelijken want ik geloof als ik me niet vergis dat de C-120 de opvolger is van de Raider 12
  5. another Belgian

    Welcome at the Wheel Horse forum Peter hope you find what you looking for...
  6. Tom from Belgium

    dit komt van de Toro partsviewer-site Model # Serial Range Year ProductName 1-0353 None - None 1974 C-120 8-Speed
  7. Tom from Belgium

    here you go
  8. C-120

    my Wheel horse C-120
  9. Tom from Belgium

    A great machine to mow, even on hills like 30° and more, it feels a bit strange at first but once you've done it you'll get used to it
  10. Tom from Belgium

    yeah, my dad bought it for me because we had a small toro lawnmower but because the work was a bit too tough for it it had to be replaced, and we saw the WH standing at a lokal garage so we tought why not, and 2weeks later my old man surprised me with it...
  11. Tom from Belgium

    hi everyone, i'm Tom i live in a small town called Werchter, some off u may know it from the festival Rock Werchter i'm 26years old and have a Wheel Horse C-120 bought when i was 14. The lawn shop revised it, so almost everything would work, but they didn't do a good job so i've started to do it myself... Taking apart was easy but the electrical plan is a bit harder then i guessed, my old Citroën is easier...