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  1. Just about ready to go
  2. Thought I was the only one up but I just remembered you guys are an hour ahead of me. Only have one of those signs. I rarely use the heavier .063 blanks of this size. Saw it in the corner of my shop and thought I would rattle Squonks chain. Sure enough he was the first to respond. He requested the WH MAKES IT KOHLER SHAKES IT stickers about 5 years ago. Thanks Squonk. Time to hit the road fellas. Safe travels everyone 🙏
  3. Should be in bed right now but had to finish 1 more thing. 18 x 24 .063 aluminum. Had to figure out something to put on it. Soon to be East Bound and Down.
  4. 502 Worker Refresh

    502-8-8? Hmm🤔 cant seem to find that model on my list? Beautiful job . Thanks for the kind words. I'm still trying g finish up some last minute stuff as usual. Hoping to be in chambersburg before dark for once but probably not. Anxious to get an up close look at the 502. See ya Thursday
  5. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Wish we only had a 5 hour drive. Must be nice.
  6. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    What is that on your trailer Dick?
  7. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Just getting started but will be ready to go last minute as usual
  8. oops!! Pretty sure 2013 was my first.
  9. I think it was my first show but somehow missed the picture.
  10. Side Shot Saturday !!

    That look when I'm working my commando What a great picture. Immediately brightened my day.
  11. Would be nice if someone was set up to service tractors during the show. Oil change, Replace rear axle seals, Service Transmission What would one expect to pay for those? I am not a mechanic by any streach But will ing to pay someone who is? Got her home and cleaned up. Now to get back to work on stuff for the show. MAy consider trading the commando for a Hydro with a bit more power but it would need to be a nice one.
  12. I'm hoping to get a decent set of hubcaps for the commando and maybe a better seat.
  13. Side Shot Saturday !!

    My 68 commando 8 after working the lakefront at our redneck lakehouse. She fits under the fifth wheel perfect. Got to get her cleaned up for the long trip to the show. It's not how well it mows fast, but it's how well it cuts.
  14. Gotcha covered