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  1. Very sorry for your loss Rich. Always enjoyed seeing Wayne at the show. God be with you Wayne. You will be missed.

    AMCRULES Trading card is ready to print. Showing both front and back with his permission. Remeber that you can have as much or as little info on the back as you prefer. I will be running a test print of the first few cards to verify alignment and print quality and will post images of the actual cards at that time. All cards will be on 16 pt card stock with a gloss finish. This project will keep me plenty busy getting the artwork correct so please get your pictures and info to me by May 1st .

    Would like to have all who are coming to get me your picture and info by May 15th
  4. Every year I try to do something for our support members who are going to the big show in PA. I usually get started a bit sooner than this but we still have time. This idea came to me a few weeks ago and I finally got busy and came up with a plan. I thought it would be fun to make trading cards that we can swap with other members. They will be 3 x 5 which is a bit larger than a sports card but not too large. Since these cards are about us as support members your picture must have you in it. Does not matter what else is in the picture as long as you are in it. Keep it family friendly though. Along with your picture please pm me your info for the back of the card. You do not need to give your phone or email but remember these are your cards and only the members you trade with would have your contact info anyway. I will need your fist and last names so send me a PM with your info and picture. The proof I post on this thread will not show your name or any personal info just your username and member number on the front. The back of my card is just an example. You can share the info you want. Each support member who posts and is coming to the show will get 25 cards free of charge of course as a thank you for your support. Last year we had over 50 members post for a banner but I had about 10 no shows Again these cards are free to the members who pick them up at the show this year but sometimes things mess up our plans. If that happens you can contact me and I will package and ship them to you for $10 to cover the cost. If you are not sure yet if you are going to the show please wait to order when you are sure. Once you post the image you want I will post a proof back but will not post the back of the card with any contact info. Any personal info will be sent to you in a PM I think we are somewhere around 200 support members now and I would love to see all of you at the show this year. That's a lot of trading cards though so maybe not. You're all worth it though.
  5. Got our reservation booked last night They said they like to keep all the animals in the lower floor so I guess we will be down there with the Red Square members. Looking forward to seeing you all again this year. Vinylguy

    Not sure why that is. Mailbox is not full. Send an email to mcg503@outlook.com

    Thanks My customer stopped at HF and got dimensions for all 3 engines.

    I am working on a couple decals for a customer who is re-powering a 62 lawn ranger with a HF predator 6.5 to make it look a bit more Wheel Horse. Can someone tell me the dimensions of the two factory decals on this engine? Thanks
  9. Thanks Jeff I am totally catch and release bass but pan-fish are the best for eating. nothing better in our area. favorite though is walleye shore lunch in Canada I just posted a poll. Figured out how to do it all by myself. Thanks Jim Thanks Jim figured out how to do a poll.
  10. I am sure many of our members also enjoy fishing I am wondering how many are Bass anglers vs Catfish
  11. I just knew someone would do this but really thought it would be Craig AMCRules
  12. Thanks Bass 2 Cats 1 Well thats very interesting Eric. We have a slot limit here on Bass to help keep the big bass population healthy Return all bass 12 to 18 inch and only keep 1 over 18. I love bass fishing but after going to the river with Gary I understand his passion for hunting the giants on the Mighty Miss.
  13. Thanks Jay Catfish 1 Bass 1 Share your big fish pics. Here's one of mine. Buddy is not impressed.