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  1. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    It has been a cold long winter here in west central ILLIFORNIA but thankfully not a lot of snow. Lake opens in a couple weeks so hoping for early spring to get the water turned on. Cant wait to start working the commando again. Hoping this is the last winter blast for all our east coast members.
  2. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Went to my buddies shop yesterday and the bike lift was open (which is unusual) so Gary thought it a good chance to get the commando out and try to remove the hitch pin. Once we got the wheels off I noticed some play in the left rear hub. moved in and out on the axle about an 1/4 inch. Called up our good friend Rmaynard for advice and got that issue resolved. thanks Bob. About 3 weeks ago I sprayed Aero-Kroil on the hitch pin and figured we would still have to cut the pin to get it out but after a couple taps we saw it move and were able to punch it out with little trouble. Ordered one of Lowell's awesome hitches and got it installed. High quality product as always Lowell, Thank You. The brake was a little weak on the down slopes last year. I am pretty sure the commando wont float. The adjusting nut was rusted up also but after 30 minutes soaking with a kroil treatment it was good to go. Love that stuff. Hoping to find a good lawn sweep now that I have a hitch. Noticed the original Wheel Horse tires are age cracked on the inside. I think I mowed all last summer with no air in them. Will start looking for some new tires. Oil change and a good cleaning next. Then load it on the trailer and take it back out to the lake April 1st. Almost forgot, Need to mount a good adult beverage holder.
  3. New paint decor.

    The cool thing is you can remove or change the look at any time.
  4. New paint decor.

    Love it. Gives me an idea for the commando
  5. Wont get there till late Wed night as usual. See you all Thursday Morning.

    Trading card #9 Racinbob added
  7. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy Birthday Mike

    8 Cards so far. I will not post any of the reverse sides of the support cards for privacy reasons. These cards are for the support members only to share or trade with anyone they desire. They are free to all support members who request them between now and May 31st 2018 If you are a support member who can not make the show but wish to be included in this series of trading cards please contact me with your picture and info. All cards will go into production The first week of June. For those who can not make the show I will mail your cards to you if you cover the cost of packaging and shipping. about $5 depending on the weight. Again I want to assure everyone that these cards are not for sale or to be sold only to be shared with other members who wish to build a complete set. None of the personal info you supply for the back will ever be shared or posted on this or any other web site. The 2 examples posted with permission of AMC Rules and myself are for example.
  9. Another one followed me home

    Wow nice 854 for sure.Congrats!!
  10. Help with new addition

    Welcome to red square You will not find a better place for answers and encouragement. Saving Horses is a passion around here.
  11. Wheel horse clock

    Very cool!!!