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  1. Coffee cups

    I can not find the file. Can you send me another image to use if you decide to have one made.
  2. Coffee cups

    The 15 oz. mugs have an area of 3.5 x 8.5 inch around. This illustration shows how your banner file might layout on the mugs. File on the way WHGG
  3. Coffee cups

    Yes I am sure I do. I have a 15 oz mug. Will measure and see if it will fit
  4. Coffee cups

    Yes I am sure she can do that Craig
  5. Pay attention

    Changed the bandage this morning and it is ugly but is healing. Just hoping I have some feeling when it is done healing. I am training my middle finger to work as an index finger just in case
  6. Pay attention

    Dang! I have some duct tape. Oh well I just got my medicare card so figured I would give it a workout. Lol
  7. Pay attention

    Now i am feeling like a whiner. I am fortunate. Could have been way worse.
  8. Pay attention

    All is well now. 3 hours in the ER and one finger a tiny bit shorter. Good to go Merry Christmas all and pay attention
  9. Pay attention

    Carpet knife It's not as bad as it looks. Still waiting for Dr to stitch it up. Just cut the tip off.
  10. Pay attention while cutting vinyl.
  11. Coffee cups

    I just ordered a key fob for my commando 8 and had no issues
  12. Coffee cups

    If you give her a call and let her know what is happening she will be able to fix the issue.
  13. Decals

    Thanks Bob. Good to know. This winter I am trying to update and list each year separately. After 10 years I still have much to learn.
  14. Coffee cups

    The real url should be working by Monday. She is very busy right now and busy learning the website software as it is different than what she is use to. She will be joining the forum soon also and hopefully get approved as a vendor.
  15. Coffee cups

    Is the link in my post not working for You?