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  1. Wishing you a very enjoyable birthday Dave!! and many more
  2. Thanks Bob. Typos corrected.
  3. Been a long time coming but finally replicated the large danger decal for the xi series tractors. Thanks Duke for the great scan.
  4. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the great pictures. Amazing machines they are. I just noticed I am member No. 74 and I live right off I74 weird how things work out like that
  5. Happy Birthday John
  6. Well it seems we will be able to make it after all. thought maybe it was not in the cards this year but it appears things are working out and We will be coming in Thursday as usual. I usually do something for the forum support members but with life getting in the way a bit I did not want to start a project I could not finish. Hope to have a bit more time to visit with you all this year.
  7. Took me a moment to get it uploaded, sorry, this it just need it in black instead of white.


  8. I had a customer inquire about this decal today. I had not heard of it or maybe I just do not remember. Was it only for 1991? I found an image and tried to redraw it to cut. It appears the originals were screened ink on clear? What I need to find out is the width of the lettering? any help would be appreciated.
  9. Happy Birthday Ed
  10. Thanks Don I think most were on the right but there has to be some reason for a few lefties out there?
  11. I decided to look around on Twitter for Wheel Horse and saw this disturbing to me post. Is it me or does this just not seem right.
  12. ignition switch placement on most 520's seems to be on the right side of the dash but I have had a couple requests from customers who have theirs on the left side? Wondering what years or what difference their is in a tractor with left vs. right?
  13. I for one enjoy your rants. Look forward to seeing you again at the BIG SHOW!
  14. Now that I know it is yours Howard, I have it labeled and shipping tomorrow. I myself will expect no less than bells. have my camera ready.
  15. Welcome to RedSquare Chuck & Sally!! You are only a 2.5 hr. drive from me and 45 minutes from Stevasaurus up in Elgin. Great looking tractor you have there. My Dad had a 60 buick LeSabre 2 door hardtop but my brother smacked a telephone pole with it back in 1967. We dont have a large number of Illinois members but the ones we do are great and always willing to help.