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  1. R U KIDDING ME!!!

    Wow $270 that sounds like a steal for all that. It's $90 for us to show up then what ever part you need. Take our cost and put about 125% mark up on it and then what ever other things we can hit you up for that you haven't got done in the last 6-7 years. Get your Furnaces and A/C checked every year :hide:
  2. governor

    Well I got it up and going. I took the governor/throttle assembly off my other K181 that is not in use and threw it on my running motor. Seems to works fine. THe working speed control disc on the setup that was not working fine does not have a drive pin in it. What does the drive pin do? Just seems like a stop or some sort :hide:
  3. governor

    I'll have to take a pic of it and post it up :hide:
  4. governor

    Well the govenor is working. The problem seems to be the governor spring. Not sure if it's because it's old or what, but when I move the throttle the spring seems to have so much flex that the spring just moves untill the last little bit then it springs to full throttle. Does the same thing when throttling down if it move back at all. Guess I'll see if i can find a spring
  5. governor

    On the governor are all thses part supposed to work as one on the shaft or is each supposed to work freely from each other? Or what moves with what?
  6. Tranny dip stick

    It's an 8 speed When I change the oil in it I fill it up untill it is to the top of that fill hole but it don't read on the dip stick. I have to fill it through the tube on the top to get it to read on my stick. My friends 81' c-105 was the same way. he bought it from the original owner who said the only thing he ever replaced was the pto bearing. Does this sound right or should it have a longed dip stick? :hide:
  7. Tranny dip stick

    Will the dip stick from a 516-H fit my b-80 tranny? I just need the stick not the tube. They different lengths or diameters? Just noticed the other day that the b-80 I bought had no dip stick and had filled up the tube with what ever could fall in :hide:
  8. The Winner(s) Of The Contest

    :banana: :banana: :banana: Sweet I finally won something So ture. I hate when you show up at someones house and they wonder why thier furnace quite working. It hasn't been looked at or touched in 10 years and is rusted out. The best is in the summer when the a/c frezzes up. You go down take a look and the filter is so plugged they might as well put cardborad in it instead. They say they just changed it last week. <_<
  9. New Vanguard

  10. Muffler

    My bubbies says nelson also. I looked around the net and could not find anything. The one I have has a hole in it and is pretty rusted out.
  11. Homemade wheel weights

    That's it Smitty :hide:
  12. I seen a post somewhere of a site of a guy making some homemade wheel weigths with some carraige bolts and concrete. It was for a cub or JD in his write up but will work. I got the basic idea but want to look at it again to see any tips or tricks
  13. 74' C-160 Auto

    Thanks :banana: Now I'm tell him it ain't worth as much since it's not a pre 75' and no hood ornament. Worth a try :imstupid:
  14. 74' C-160 Auto

    Humm just took his word for it. That's all I've seen of it is the pics. What year you thinking it is? :hide:
  15. MVB58 furnace (Infinity System) :hide: