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  1. wheel horse D 200

    I had access to a roller bending machine at work at that time. I made the pipes all the way down under the front, drilled lots of holes in the muffler area and then made the outer section from sch40 S316 stainless pipe because that was what we had... Even though I drilled many holes it was probably to few to really muffle the sound, so my D-200 is very loud and the sound is not nice either... If and when I find the time to redo it, should I consider a balance pipe between the two exhaust pipes? That could probably take some of the punch out of the sound also?
  2. wheel horse D 200

    Here is mine. I could not find any parts so I built them myself. They do not muffle the sound much sadly, I probably need to redo this in the future... Our D-200 has been repowered with a Onan 20hp engine. It did not run well so I also installed a SU carburettor from a Mini Cooper and that works better.
  3. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Just saw that someone had replied to this thread! Nice Finn-Horse!!! I just copied pictures from the other ad on Blocket.se of the manual. Maybe it is possible to find the owner of the other Finn-horse and get a copy? Found a picture: even with "roof"! http://www.muistaja.fi/imageinfo.php?muistilista=true&id=67678&view=lres
  4. Size of Tie-rod, 1054

    It seems I need to get out and check on the tractor to be sure. Hmmm I do have some of the old steering linkage from my D-200 that we modified to power steering from a (am I allowed to write this here?) John Deere. Maybe I have a Tie-rod in the correct dimension already? On the other hand, I would like to order a new one as I am ordering some other parts from "Wheelhorseman1000" anyway. The steering on the D-200 live a hard life...
  5. Size of Tie-rod, 1054

    Ahhh logic! Why didn't I see that! Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, I need a new Tie-rod for my 1964 1054. I am not sure what size and threads these are. It is It is part number 2710, Ref no 26 in this link: https://www.scribd.com/doc/50699117/WheelHorse-1054-and-953-temporary-manual-and-service-bulletins Thank you!
  7. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Haha! No, my Wife (she is not the average wife i understand!) has just teamed up With my father and two Brothers and bought a mini excavator so we have no need for it.... There is quite a lot of extras With it though! It is not cheap, 28500 Swedish krone, it is around $3300 Here is the ad if someone else should be interested: http://www.blocket.se/dalarna/Minigravare_Finn_Horse_Wheel_horse_518_H_63654536.htm?ca=11&w=3
  8. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    Did some more searching and found the patent. I realise for most of you this is jibberish, but it states that there is not any small excavators available and this is a solution. There is a illustration on the last page! http://was.prv.se/spd/pdf/7xPd-HMxo5FhSy3t0WW1EA/SE382483.B.pdf They also did a patent for the double-ended bucket: http://was.prv.se/spd/pdf/MSnbGCcSg25hSy3t0WW1EA/SE367225.B.pdf
  9. FINN-HORSE Digger, any info?

    I had a closer look again and realized that with this setup the digger can turn Around 360 degrees! Also, when driwing with the arm forwards the Weight will not be all in the back like an ordinary digger.
  10. I just saw this Wheel horse with a really big digger for sale in Sweden! I have never seen anything like this, so I tried to Google but found nothing. I Guess it could be made in Finland (because of the name) or probably sweden. The instruction manual is iin Swedish also. Has anyone seen this before? Lifts the poor tractor right off the ground! Edit, I had a closer look and it states on the instruction manual that it is from Finland, produced by OY KEPPO AB.
  11. d200

    This is the steering valve, we made up some simple brackets to mount it to the frame. The outer diameter of the shaft housing is identical to the one on the D, and as said, the shaft has the same diameter and splines, so we just simply used the original steering wheel. You can also see the extra hydraulic lines we had made up. This is a simple schematic i made up to better understand how the 5-point valve should be connected to the system. It is exactly how Bob describes it, steering takes priority over the lift. We fitted the cylinder to the front left of the frame, and welded an ear to the front trunnion of the right wheel. We then cut and welded the leftover steering rods to make a adjustable rod between the wheels (using the original mounting points at the rear of both trunnions. I agree that it would have been easier to place the cylinder longitudinal and use the original steering bracket, but I was worried bout the amount of flex in this bracket. Also, the setup we use has less steering joints that can be loose... I just realised that you probably have a separate hydraulic pump on your tractor for the loader? That would probably give even better results, as I was told on this forum that the pressure from the original pump is not very high.
  12. d200

    We fitted a power steering system from a John Deere 420 tractor, it works great! We now use one hand and a steering ball to control the tractor. Also, all the slop from the original linkage is gone. It was not exactly easy, but the steering valve is a nice fit, even the splines are the same so you can use the original steering wheel.
  13. On this time of year, the weather always changes fast here on the coast of Norway: Snow, rain, sun, wind, snow again... Yesterday there was a big enough snowfall to warrant starting up Flode, our trusty D-200. Kirsti was the one to have fun this time! I am wondering how effective a original snowblower would be on aD-200? There is surely enough power for one!
  14. "Round hood" in Norway

    Yes, I really love the small round hood tractors also! Too bad it is so expensive... Also, it has a mower and a snowblower (although we have a very similar one for our 1054). I think I will send the owner a mail just to be sure. Maybe he will reduce the price if the interest is low :thumbs:
  15. "Round hood" in Norway

    Yes, he probably has to fill in a field with the year when he puts in the ad, so he just make a guess. He probably think the tractors are more rare than they really are also. He states that he will only sell to a person intending to restore the tractors to original.