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  1. First start of K181 from auction

    Never know what your gonna get with the 7 & 8 hp Kohlers. Seems they tend to smoke more than the bigger Kohlers. That one has no smoke.
  2. C195 new tires and seat ordered today

  3. C195 new tires and seat ordered today

    I have the same tires on the back of my 84' C195. They really dig well.
  4. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

    Thanks All! I just got back from being away coaching the boy in a wrestling tourney in Albany, NY. We stayed over in the hotel for my birthday and wrestled today. Boy gave me a nice gift ... 1st place against some bigger boys...
  5. Vintage Trucks

    My daily driver is a 2002 Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax. I love it. It is now becoming a classic compared to the new trucks rolling out of the dealers. I also have my old girl I love a 1949 3100. Chevy guy here all the way.
  6. First WHCC Show

    Cool photos for sure. Glade they made it here. I think this year will be my 9th or 10th year.
  7. My RJ 58 project

    Clean it up and paint wheels and call it done. Patina looks great.
  8. On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

    Can't wait to get my copy. Matt is a real asset to the magazine for sure.
  9. RJ refresh

    That is what I call a "proper" re fresh. Love the look for sure.
  10. Christmas Surprise

    Looking forward to the surprise myself.
  11. Happy Birthday RJ35Hunter

    Enjoy the day Clay!
  12. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Was Rock and Rye around back then?
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    C195 is a beast. Your gonna like it congrats and good pick up.
  14. Christmas Surprise

    I have not seen a horse painted that shade and I have to say it looks really nice. The boy is gonna love it!!!
  15. My thoughts On preping and selling Wheel Horse Tractors

    LOL Mike me too. @Gary- I have been using the marvel myself in a spray bottle and letting it sit for a bit then wipe off. Works great. I love the smell of that stuff too.