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  1. Back in high school in snow storm in my chevy monza 2 door hatchback. Doing e brake pulls and sliding rear end into newly plow snowbanks until all of a sudden it was not a snowbank rather a curb .... opps. Rear end shifts all the way over until the inside of the tire rubbed on the wheel well. Now thinking what do I do? Decided to do the same thing to the other side and move the rear end back over... Done. Drove home and told dad (big Jim) not a good idea.
  2. You are an inspiration to me my friend!
  3. Nice work Tom. I would go to Home Depot and pick up a shorter black pipe with a 45 degree joint and a short nipple to attach muffler.
  4. Love to see when a job is being done well. Keep up the good work!
  5. All the above. It also keeps the snow from damaging the rock wall below.
  6. First that is a snow retention system yes (see it at work in the next pic). Secondly the plastic chairs are temporary.... lol
  7. Seat cover looks great!! Jo (Mrs. Buckrancher) does a great job on her covers.
  8. There is a set on that big auction site now.
  9. Come back in a bunch of years and that thing will look like it is growing out of both trees.
  10. Nice Tony! I saw that one and wondered why it did not sell sooner. A bit of wet sanding and buffing and she will look perfect!
  11. This first picture was mine. Enjoying the big show with many friends and especially my boy. The boy had his first ride on the senior and also claimed the 420 as "his" ... The second picture is asking me if he can switch gears to second
  12. There was a meet and greet in Danbury a few months back where we took a group picture with the truck. There is a thread here with pictures somewhere.
  13. In the summer and fall when not driving for work related trips this one is my driver of choice....
  14. Up for sale is a used seat and steering wheel for a 420 LSE. I replaced both with new OEM. Condition shows in pictures. I listed these on ebay as well. PM me if interested. I would also consider a barter of some sort for a nice original patina round hood. Not interested in anything that has been repainted. For the right machine I would be willing to come out of pocket some cash.
  15. I don't have the measurements but I would be dragging the bigger trailer and some tools to take the canvas off the soft cab myself. Nice set up you are picking up it would be bad to lose the cab or worse the machine when dragging her back. Good luck!