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  1. Jacktown Show Saturday?

    Am I correct in saying the Jacktown show is this Saturday the 21st? Is anyone going?
  2. Square Pan Seat Cover

    3rd........ lol
  3. The time has come.

    Good luck Jim.
  4. 701 Back to Red/Patina

    Love it !!!
  5. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    29 an counting... no good
  6. 2 stage blower

    I have a two stage I would sell for $700. I am in CT. Willing to put on pallet and ship Fastenal
  7. Looking forward to seeing this bad boy !!
  8. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Much better
  9. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Have fun boys. Wish I could be there. See you all next week.
  10. Making the other fellow feel like he is the...

    I am confused
  11. Help Moving 953 Puller from SE PA to CT

    Yeah this is a good one too... I ended up finding a hauling company to pick it up for a decent price so I am all set.
  12. Help Moving 953 Puller from SE PA to CT

    Hello all- Looking to haul a 953 puller from Charlie (Clinton Nut) in PA (about an hour or so north of the big show) to CT. Would love to have it here for the meet and greet on October 14th. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    Glad you got it. I saw it too and hoped a red square member would grab it.
  14. engine for sale

    You need to be more specific on your question please and we can help. Are you asking how to close a classified post?
  15. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    It is not looking good for me as my boy has a soccer tourney that day.