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  1. So ... as usual the extended forecast for next Thursday, Friday and Saturday is rain
  2. @ JPWH you may want to post pics of your RJ
  3. Those rules are posted in the kitchen... lol
  4. Jay, IMO it is too big for your current storage area and the asking price will not allow you to turn a profit. I would not pursue.
  5. Right ... She is back in her proper place
  6. Up for sale is a reel mower that I am 99% sure is for an RJ. I never had it mounted but looks complete. The rollers are there but dry rotted. I am willing to bring to the big show if paid in advance. PM me with questions. Thanks,
  7. Eagle eye .... Which one is missing? You should know
  8. That is one of Jason's. Not sure if it is the nos one or the one in the classified section with 145 hours. Both are sweet for sure.
  9. Makes a huge difference
  10. yes i believe so
  11. Mike- We need to wet sand and biff that baby still. Bring it to the meet and greet in Danbury and we can do it there.
  12. Karl, If you get exact measurements and materials you can stop up and we can do some welding
  13. So I get am PM from Craig with a CL ad for a 12' sign broken into 6 pieces. It was in New Hampshire and priced very reasonable IMO. After contacting the seller I paid for it and it took 3 of my co workers to pick it up and get it to me (nice to have good people to help). I had it for about a month and just got around to framing it up and hanging it. Craig has been keeping his eye out for a nice big old sign for me to hang on that wall and I think he nailed this one. Thanks Craig!
  14. They sound like music to me