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  1. It is looking really nice. It is just mean looking.
  2. And I thought I only need one tractor.

    Did he show you his restored 50's corvette and chevy belair?
  3. New To Me RJ

    You are getting a nice original machine and very early. Good luck with it
  4. And I thought I only need one tractor.

    Gary, You got that from Nick. He is a great guy and all of about 2 mins down the road from my place. You could have stopped over and checked out your old ride.
  5. Suburban Tranny Carnage

    When I was doing a rebuild on mine I could not find any with good tubes. I think if you make extras there would be a demand. Maybe actual plates with new tubes welded on.
  6. Just had a visitor!

    We had one in the backyard last week too. These bears seem to be getting very comfortable around these parts which is scary considering we have lots of young kids around.
  7. 702 Appraisal

  8. project pud puller build

    No video??
  9. Sometimes you just know...

    Craig, That really cleaned up well. I have a nice set of fronts for it that are original wh if your interested.

    Duke- I had no idea about this. Prayers are with you. Man you need to get better as you have some horse restorations to get to still.
  11. 520H Swept Front Axle Conversion Questions

    Welcome. We had to delete the link to ebay auction per the rules. To answer your question to convert you will need the complete set up including steering shaft, steering block, rod to the front end, front wheels and tires etc. They typcially sell for about $400-$500 for a complete set up. If you do a search here you should be able to find several threads on the conversion. Good luck.
  12. Pics of 6-12 4 diamond bridgestones

    Originals for comparison purposes.
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    Craig- First thing to do is remove that god ugly seat.
  14. 518 Purchase

    That machine will be limited on pushing snow and also the response due to the tranny. If you buy it fine a different machine to plow with or you will be disappointed. Might be fine for a mower.
  15. project pud puller build

    I did not even see that... yeah it looks good.