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  1. Old thread here but I am having the same issue. Have a k141 that has a lead coming from behind flywheel to the points and another one coming out the other side from behind the flywheel that I have no idea what it connects to. When I run hot lead to the starter generator bypassing the terminals and direct to the stud it turns over and has spark at the plug but will not fire. I am confused... No coil and no condensor. ,,,
  2. John- That is a 6hp. It has spark but we could not get it to fire. I am going to swap the starter generator over as the one on it is no good. If I can get it to run I think it has a home on the boy's hot rod.
  3. Terry- You made a good decision with the loft. You can always build your own addition ... You never have enough room. Looks real sharp.
  4. Great story and welcome! Everyone here will help you with your project.
  5. Just a quick update. This motor runs good but smoked more than I liked so I found a nice rebuilt 8 from an 854 from a member here. I tried to surprise my boy on his 10th birthday by doing the engine swap. I got er done. Video link below
  6. It is a 48 volt system with 8 batteries. I found the replacement on line Polaris part # 4014126. It comes back to a US Battery US 12V XC 12V Deep Cycle XC2 Battery - 155AH . I found these for $1400 plus shipping for all 8 so I guess the mark up is really high. I found on line a battery "energizer" which is basically a liquid that goes into the battery. Anyone ever tried this kind of restore for batteries?
  7. The big dollar item is replacing the batteries for sure. I was told these are a few years old and the charger was replaced as well. The first year 2010 they had issues with the chargers. I just got quoted $3200 from a dealer to buy the new oem replacement batteries. lol ...
  8. Dom- Your positive attitude shines though in this post and it will get you through the difficult times. Keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight!
  9. It has single wheel drive setting, rear locking posi and awd options. It also has high and low and best mileage range settings. Nice and quiet. I think the neighbors will appreciate it when i head up and down to the barn early in the am before work or late night It also solves my problem of years past not being able to get down to the barn on a tractor unless I snow blow first but even then the high winds up here on the hill blow drifts over the cleared path. No problems pushing through a foot of snow up and down the hill in awd.
  10. Check this out on You Tube. Lots of good info. I did a decent amount of research before buying even tho it was a used machine on CL at a very fair price.
  11. Well it is green but it is not an off brand tractor rather a Polaris Ranger 2011 EV. All electric 30hp motor. I like this unit a lot. It is a 2011 with 199 hours.
  12. Nice one for sure. It is also on my bucket list. That is the last one I would like for my collection.
  13. I had the same issue with my 520s and installed a shut off between carb and fuel pump. Seems to be working good.
  14. No pics or video but my 520 with 2 stage blower and cab did the job today around my entire house including up and down hills and around the barn. The key for me is the ballast box filled with rocks. It is a beast!
  15. Still snowing here in New Milford