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  1. Does anyone know if there are any 3/4" ID (shaft) pulleys that are stock parts from wheel horse?
  2. 1998 520 XI Wiring Harness Needed

    All- Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1998 520 XI? The top fuse in the block is burnt and unable to remove which I feel is the issue why the gas gauge and other issues are not working. I believe I will need to bypass this fuse or find another fuse block and install. Also if you have a part number for the fuse block that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. 520 xi Could Not Pass It Up

    So last night doing the same most of you do and crusing Craigslist and came across a one owner 520 xI with 550 hours. For the price I could not pass it up. WmIled the seller and said I will take it. Responded if you want it you need to be here at 9am and I said done. Really toght machjne and paint was never waxed but in great shape. Ended up biffing and spending some time cleaning it up. Changed deck blades with a new set I had in stock and mowed the lawn. Really tight machine and deck is quiet. Have to bypass one wire in fuse block that controls gauges. Fuse is frozen in there. This makes my 3rd xi I now own.
  4. 953 Puller

    But of course... 😳
  5. 953 Puller

    Also sharpen the rear cut tires. Also sharpened my leg😳
  6. 953 Puller

    I did get a new blueprinted pulling carb and it seems to run a. Inch better now. Pull Sunday we will see
  7. 953 Puller

    I got text from Kyle and sort of inside joke. I officially transferred ownership of this puller to my son Brennan since he outpulls me every time😳
  8. 953 Puller

  9. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Thanks guys.
  10. Craigslist find

  11. Craigslist find

    It all depends on your situation. I would not think about buying it unless I needed a parts machine. Pretty beaten to me.
  12. Pulling Tire recommendations please

    I have these on my economy and went back to the true power cut tires on the 953. They both dig well. These are the Firestone Flotation tires 4 ply. They are pricey but IMO worth it.
  13. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Just a quick update. I bought new coil and points and now I have excellent spark. The carb is in need of replacement. Looking for Briggs part number 99876. If anyone has one let me know. Until one pops up on eBay or elsewhere this unit will be put up and aside. I decided to build a corner shelf in the barn to store and display it. I was able to get the frame done and still need to install 5/4 t&g decking, bleach the wood so it matches the rest and install wood plugs. Last thing I want to do is get some of the paperwork out in a frame and hung next to it so the history can be displayed.
  14. Pulling Tire recommendations please

    Firestone floatations👍 Non cut tire in 4 ply