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  1. New sign

    Lowell- I mounted mine on a few boards and then framed it up. I think that was the best way to hang it. It also allowed me to cover the edges which were far from perfect..
  2. Original 1962 Paperwork

    Very cool
  3. RJ refresh

    I am liking that for sure. Right up my alley!!
  4. New sign

    Looks familiar .... Pictures don't show how big that sign is...
  5. Wheelhorse Snow Cab in CT off 310

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. 37" Mower Deck & Mule Drive

    Changed Status to Active
  7. Wheelhorse Snow Cab in CT off 310

    Changed Status to Pending
  8. 37" Mower Deck & Mule Drive

    Changed Status to Pending
  9. 37" Mower Deck & Mule Drive

    Pictures of deck, extra blades and belt. No rot but there are two holes. One looks like from a rock near the discharge and the other is the typical pushed in deck shell and blade cut. The nos blade and extra belt are worth more than my asking price.. lol
  10. 37" Mower Deck & Mule Drive

    Up for sale is a used 37" deck in decent shape. Normal wear and tear & a rust hole near discharge. Comes with mule drive and two belts and new blades. Sorry no pics at this time.
  11. Wheelhorse Snow Cab in CT off 310

    Up for sale is a nice used snow cab off a 310. It is complete and all plastics are in good shape. All mounting hardware is included.
  12. Wheel Horse RJ

    Nice !!!
  13. Wheel Horse RJ

    This one has me thinking.. Looks like the front rims are silver and the kill switch is bigger which would make it a 55' but the rear hitch is a 56'. My guess is that it is a very late 55'. Nice save!!
  14. cat 0 stabilizer & carry all-B.F.

    Rusto glass black. It will be much easier to touch up as it will get pretty beat up.
  15. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    We got about 3" here in Western CT.