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  1. Happy Birthday VinsRJ

    Happy Birthday Vin!
  2. FEL Build for 520

    Not sure how I missed this build thread but looks like quality work to me.
  3. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Come on everyone!! I know you all have stuff to sell. Post it here ...
  4. Spring Clean-up

    I love the patina on those Craig.
  5. Going Full Circle....

    It is very funny, I don't usually have sellers remorse when I sell a tractor or other but when I sold that one I did. Good to have it back even though it needs a lot. My son who is now 11 told me he feels he is ready to restore a tractor on his own. So .... I figured what could be a better one to restore then this one? Here his is at about age 2?
  6. 704 Custom Puller CT or to the Big Show

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. What's in His Mirror ???

    Did some horse tradin with Tony (Docwheelhorse) today. Good deal Tony.
  8. 704 Custom Puller CT or to the Big Show

    Up for sale is my custom 704 with Wisconsin yank start and 8 speed. Runs really good and tranny is smooth. I added a short muffler/with chrome tip since these pics. If buyer wants the machine without the rear wheels and tires I would sell for 500. I am willing to deliver to the big show if paid for in advance. I have having issues with me wrists (both) and just cannot pull the rope... Man it stinks getting old...
  9. Mowing with 1964 Economy Power King

    This is for you Mike. IMG_5181_(1).MOV
  10. What does anyone here think of this?

    Welcome. Sorry but I had to remove the link to the for sale ad per the rules. You could post a few pictures if you would like.

    Not a true vintage picture but could be...
  12. Any idea what these pieces are

    One looks like the 3 point and maybe a backblade goes in the tube but missing?
  13. Mowing with 1964 Economy Power King

    I just changed the throttle cable and need to tinker a little more to get the rpm I need. The engine does not seem to rev like it should on the top end. Seems to labor a bit. Any suggestions? I need to check the governor and get the throttle adjusted to wot and then go from there. I mowed at about 2500 rpm
  14. Mowing with 1964 Economy Power King

    Squonk is dead on. This one has a rare k331 Kohler. Only made for 2 years (Kohler K331).
  15. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Listed in non wheel horse classified section as well is my 22 gallon Matco air compressor for sale. Will deliver to the big show if paid in full. Asking price $200
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