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  1. Hello, I have a GT14 and would like to install a 3 point hitch on it. The few times that I see hitches for sale, I'm not completely sure if they'll fit, and they're usually out of my budget. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has ever tried one of the after market brands such as Neat Farms hitches? Or any others? Did it take much modification to fit? Also, is it a cat 0 hitch, or could a cat 1 hitch fit? Thank you for your help. Rick
  2. snow plow attachment tricks

    I don't have one yet. It'll be one of my next purchases. I have to re-attach my plow, because I forgot to put the pin in that keeps the latches closed. I got through three storms this winter, and the plow fell out while I was cleaning up the job wednesday night. Thank God I was mostly finished when it happened.Thanks for the tip. I guess this is pretty much how I've been doing it in the past. Thank You for the replies.
  3. Are there any tricks, or sequences, or tools to use, in hooking up long frame snow plows? Am I the only one who finds it semi-difficult?
  4. Hello, I would like to replace the rocker switches on my GT14. One is the light switch, and one is the PTO clutch. I can't find how they are designated ( for instance SPDT) and there is no markings on the switches themselves. Does anybody know about these switches? Are they still available? Thank you for your help. Rick.
  5. That's what I'm looking for !
  6. When I called TSC, they said the rain cap ( flapper) for the IH-1 was $10.
  7. Hello, With my birthday coming up, I was asked what I want for my present, and I said I'd like a new exhaust stack for my tractor. I have a GT14, with a 14 Hp Kohler, And when I look up mufflers in a Stanley muffler catalog, I think An IH-1 International Harvester farmall cub muffler looks like it might fit the bill.It's available at Tractor Supply Co. and it has a 1 3/8" inlet. Is inlet size my only necessary consideration? Has anyone used any other brand of muffler stack?
  8. GT14 throttle cable

    Thank you guys for the tips, and the lead to a new cable.
  9. Hello, I have a GT14 that currently has the stock throttle cable on it. With this cable, it's pulled out to accelerate, and twisted to the left to lock in the desired throttle setting. I assume there are probably other Wheel Horses that use this same throttle. With mine, when I try to lock in the throttle setting, it doesn't lock in. It just slips back. How can I fix this? Is this throttle cable replacement still available? Can what I have be fixed, perhaps if I spray it with WD40? To be honest, I actually hate this setup. I would rather have the throttle on a lever. Anyway, I'll need to get this done before the snow season. Does anybody have any ideas or advice? Thank You. Rick
  10. I just bought a set of Stanley 12 point sockets at Lowes. I was looking for a 9/32" (12 pt) socket because I thought that a 1/4" was too small. I could only get the 9/32" if I bought the whole set. They were cheapies but other wise, I would have had to special order the single socket. Turns out that even 9/32" was too big, So I took the 1/4", and hammered it down over the bolt head. That worked, and I was able to turn out the bolts fairly easily. Somebody tried to take these out one other time, maybe with pliers because the ends were chewed up so bad, I had trouble finding out how many points they were. I'm not going to use the same bolts when they go back together. Maybe I'll use torx or Allen bolts. (hardened steel), next time. Anyway the weather is still nice, and the plan is to get everything back together before snow hits CT. and hopefully this old tractor will be up to plowing it. Thank you all for your help. Rick
  11. I'm going to file a 12 point, 3/8 into a taper and see if it works.
  12. I guess they must be twelve point. They just look like more points. 1/4 inch, 12 point SAE doesn't fit over it, and 3/8 won't fit in the recess. or 5/16. I'm starting to think they may not be original. I hope I don't have to have someone with a TIG weld on new heads that I can turn out. I don't know, I'll try again in the morning. Thanks for the input. Rick
  13. Hello, I've begun to take apart my tractor to replace what I suspect are leaky O-rings right behind the slider linkage for fwd/rev on my GT14. From looking at an exploded diagram of this assembly, there are 3 bolts that hold the cam block support, ( the part that holds the slider) to the Hydrogear housing. These bolts are in a triangular configuration, and are recessed inside this cam block support. The exploded diagram calls the bolts socket head, 1/4 x 20 x 1/2 bolts, but I have never seen anything like them. They look like a 12 point socket, but more points, like 20 points. Does anyone know what size socket these bolts use? Where can I find a wrench that would fit over them? Thank You for your help. Rick