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  1. Govener how to?

    Thanks for the welcome all, I tried to print those pages/pics you posted, but, so small I just can't make em out & if I put size up to 150%, the printed letters get all distorted! I will try & print those pages directly from the manual, see if this works. I know its a governer issue, I had a guy, who seemed to know what he was doing, adjust it, big mistake! I will post a pic. of throttle related hook up, when home Again, Thanks for the tips,
  2. Govener how to?

    I;m the proud owner of a Wheel Horse 418-A, motor is a Kohler 18 magnum, The previous owner, who bought it new, told me "I;ve messed with the govener thingy but, it must be broken". I can't find anything more than a brief mention on the govener in the manual, I;m assuming its under the cover plate, that the rubber tube from the air cleaner goes in? Motor doesn't respond when under a load, meaning when I;m cutting long, deep grass, when she starts loading up, I give more throttle & this helps But, I must be careful I can feel her wanting to over rev, so I;m always adjusting the throttle, up & down, & up & down!! I;m quite handy, but, I;ve never owned a "real" tractor like this baby. Can anyone walk me through a "how to adjust your govener"? I;ve been on U-tube, etc but all I can find is small hand mower adjustments, Any help is really appreciated & thanks Roger- Ontario, Canada
  3. Need some help setting up the governer on my wheel horse- 418-A, Year? I have no idea but she's pretty old. The guy I bought it from used it a couple of times, but, would rather watch TV than cut his 3 acres so parked the Horse in his garage & hired a landscaper. So, there she sat for, as he said- "I think I bought her in the late 80's"! Anyway, it looks & drives just beautifully,cuts my 1 acre with no worries. That is, until I started going over her fixing this, tightening that & ran across the governer, which, I should have left alone! I guess I;ve got it out of wack & no one seems to know how to "tune" the govener & related parts. Anyone know how to set it up right? Thanks in advance Roy- Ontario, Canada