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  1. B80 tiller.

    I took off belll. It's less than 1/4 it's about an 1/8. Rivets are basically level with the material. Surface is rubbery and smooth but not slick. Tiller gives jt a work out more than the deck did. Deck didn't make it slip. My new tiller does.
  2. B80 tiller.

    I have the trunnion adjusted all the way. Still slips. The clutch facing is about a 1/4 inch thick. Is this too wore
  3. B80 tiller.

    With yalls help I got the right pulleys in and got it all together. Only problem is now that the clutch slips. It is adjusted as tight as it will go. It's a 1975 b80. 8hp kohler. It only has rubber ring rivited to engine side of clutch. Outside pulley side is metal. Does it sound like I need a new clutch. ? The 139 belt is tight but works great. Just the clutch slips. Any ideas on how I can fabricate one buy one or am I missing a part or extra ring. Tke rubber ring that's on it (riveted to engine side ) is about the width of less than 1/4 inch.
  4. B80 tiller.

    Thank you to everyone for help. I got the stens pulleys ordered. I keep y'all posted.
  5. B80 tiller.

    Thank you ! The tiller is a 0736TL03 woukd that still be 139? What size v belt and flat belt I need to get for 90 degree bracket ?
  6. B80 tiller.

    Ok. I got a B80 mower. I got a 36 inch tiller with the two pulleys on it. I got the 90 degree bracket for the side of the mower. What size belt do I need to hook it up ? Also I need the two pulleys that go on the 90 degree bracket. What are their sizes. ? Any help is appreciated. Garden needs tilling asap. Trying to get it all together
  7. Wheel Horse B80 PTO clutch facing.

    I need a Clutch disc or facing for a wheel horse B80 PTO it has a Kohler k181 in it Anyone got one they would sell? Or know where to find one or how to make one ? Thanks all
  8. Tiller question

    Ok. I found a tiller that will work and with it comes the bracket to hook it to back and the idler assembly for the belt. The only thing the idler assembly is missing is the spring and the pulleys and the guard. I can fab up a belt guard and buy a spring and pulleys. My questions is what size are the two pulleys.... the smaller flat and the bigger v ...? Thanks for all your help y'all
  9. Tiller question

    Thank you So I can modify it to fit my B 80.....? Just may need to source some parts and alter some things? Where can I find the Special Service Bulletin?
  10. Tiller question

    Will a 36" tiller off a C141 work on a B80 8 speed? As far as hook ups and such....
  11. brake material and slipping hub

    Hi all, 1. Working on my B 80. The belt like material slipped out of the brake mechanism the other day. Can't find it to glue back in. Any ideas on what to use for brake material or anyone have some they would sell? 2. Also, I put a new hub on last year. Had to destroy the one on it to get the transmission apart. Seized real bad. This new hub no matter how hard I tighten it slips on the axle. I tighten it down and its fine for a while and slips. I got another spare one I am gonna put on. Hopefully it will "grab" better. Even thought of drying off all oil and using a file to "rough up" the axle. Anybody ever had this happen and know a solution? 3. Just to update,, as I have posted before been looking for rims and tires for the b 80. . I put a set of 23x10.50 x 12s on it I found at a local shop pretty cheap. BIG, but look real nice on it. THanks for all the help and advice! Jamie
  12. Tires B80

    The 22.5-7.50-12 tires seem difficult to find. What other sizes would work well with a B-80 Wheel Horse? I got one good rim with a good tire of 22.5-7.50-12 and I guess I can salvage the other rusted rim with some paint and JB weld to a rusted spot and use a tube. If I have too, I will get two back matching tires of a diifferent easier to find size. Just wondering what sizes would work other than the original and not rub fender, etc.. Thanks, Jamie
  13. Tires B80

    Hi, I got my B80 running last year with transmission help from yall and parts and help from Mike. Just got a wiring issue resolved through forums as well. Thanks for everything. When getting the b80 going this year for engine shows, I noticed the rim was rusted through and tire is in bad shape. I replaced the other side last year for the same reason but the guy I got the tire rim from didn't have a pair. Anyway, anyone got a rim and tire 22.5x7.50x12 handy. If your near Robbins, NC 27325 great. If not, I'd pay shipping. This rim and tire is shot.
  14. wiring issue weird....

    thanks for all your help b80 is running great.
  15. wiring issue weird....

    Thanks for all the help! You were right about the ammeter wire. The green wire goes to the switch. The red one is still on the ammeter but the other end has come loose from where ever it was and is just handing there. Do I connect the red wire fromt he ammeter tot he pos. on the battery or connect it to the left hand side of the solenoid? Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. hanging there not handing there sorry