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    C-120 auto(1974) My worker mower, blower, puller
    C-160 auto(1975)dually with hydro lift My parade horse(199
    314 hydro (1995) W/ 36" front mounted MAD MAX tiller
    1991 312 Classic hydro w/ cab and 48" snow plow
    1986 417A worker
    C-101 (1978) Redone
    Raider 12 (1970) Mowing worker
    Raider 9 Low Rider Rat Rod
    Commando 8 (1968) Redo buff and oil paint wheels
    875 hydro (1965) .MTD Seven Hundred w/deck 1969
    520 H Tall chute blower, vented belt guard, heated cab w/lights, foot feed, wheel weights, loaded tires, rear weights, chains front and rear, seat and fenders lifted .
    C-160 8speed
    C-105 8 speed
    417 hydro project
    1963 Craftsman Snow Blower w/ 3HP Techy
    1964 2500 watt Onan Idle-Matic Generator
    42"mower SD
    48" mower SD
    42" mower RD
    48" roller
    48" blade mounted on 4 wheeler
    36" drop fertilizer
    30" dethatcher
    36" front plow mount tiller
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    Retired from Allis Chalmers and Voith hyrdo
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    bow hunt deer and turkey PA
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    My four grandsons 14,14,15,17
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  1. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    Looks like we only got about 3" of hard crusty stuff overnight. It is 28F and snowing now with a NE wind. Looks like more work for the plow machine after the sun comes up.
  2. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    Patients Guys......
  3. I used Johns threaded rod method on the Low Rider. I have polished aluminum tubing that I planned to slide over the rod, but never got it put on because the clearance got tight where the tie rods pass thru the sides of the hood.
  4. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    I'm hoping the second wave tonight will be lighter and more blower friendly. The 520H needs some work, and that warm cab will be easy to take tomorrow morning.
  5. And came with the first decent snowfall. Six inches of one of the heaviest snows ever in the first wave this morning, and 5-10 more in the forecast for tonight. Blowers were useless in this saturated snow, but the rubber chained 312H plowed five driveways, mailboxes, and the stone road in about 0ne hour.
  6. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    Didn't have to Jim. Just the threat was enough to make it snow. And BTW, Spring has arrived.
  7. Step keys are easy peasy. Paint the sides of the 3/16 key with bluing of black magic marker. Clamp it tightly in the 3/16 slot with both ends at the same elevation and scribe along the side. Clamp the key in a vise aligned to the scribe line. File one side only until 1/64 is removed keeping the filed side parallel to the unfiled side using a Micrometer. File the other side to get the 5/32" thickness using the Mic to keep the sides parallel.
  8. Nice, are they from McMasters Carr ?
  9. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    "Lefty Lucy / Righty Tighty" didn't always apply on the old MoPars
  10. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    I hear ya Paul. It wasn't a good day for me either when I had to crawl under to jack up a wagon load of hay that had lost a wheel and was leaning over against a wall. Sorry Glenn, I got a little , but old guys minds wander.
  11. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    I prefer the D & T fix. I use a bolt and lock washer. Never had one back out....yet. I have lost several wheels while backing hay wagons into the barn. These spindle nuts spin off often.
  12. Eagle Watchers

    Sorry to report the bad news from our Hanover Eagle nest. After the Pine Martin attack, the live camera was off for two days due to a power outage caused by a big fire in Hanover. Sometime during the blackout, another eagle attacked and injured our nesting female(Liberty). She has not been seen since. The lone male (Freedom) has been defending the nest and trying to protect the eggs, but he will have to leave soon or risk starvation. nature can seem cruel, but the strong must survive to strengthen the species. The latest attack was about an hour ago.
  13. Wheel-Horse Tombstone...

    These guys hang out at your place Craig?
  14. B 80

    Yes, like EB says, it must be stuck in gear. Did you place the HI/LO shifter in neutral? Does it roll freely when you depress the clutch?
  15. B 80

    There is no release valve in a gear drive transmission. Just make sure both the hi/lo and the tranny shifters are in neutral. Also check the brake drum to be sure the band is releasing.