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  1. Hey Biggs, Maybe I can answer your quick question with a long answer. The blower @Live4outdoors has will fit your 310. It has the attach-a-matic mount and will latch into your 310s front mount without any bolting. The only problem may be the length of the lift bar and the missing flag. The above link to a similar problem may shed some light for you.
  2. When I was still working, I had this clamp set for holding turbine blades on a 5 axis mill and coordinate measuring machine. A little pricy, but they really work well for various height work.
  3. Tee nuts and studs of different lengths. Check McMasters Carr. Just measure your slot and order the one that fits. https://www.mcmaster.com/#machine-table-t-slot-nuts/=17s9wyb And the clamps .https://www.mcmaster.com/#table-clamps/=17s9yjy
  4. No problem Randy....I'm always looking for another reason to walk out to he barn and check on the horses.
  5. Here ya go. Try to ignore that fuel line, I know it's not routed correctly, but it works.
  6. I have that tractor....what area do you need?
  7. Left PTO...you had me looking Jim. Work Horse GT 1800 auto w / Eaton 1100 and hyd lift. I feel another foot control coming. W/48" dozer and 48" SD deck.
  8. Todays rainy day one mile road trip.
  9. Two soggy eagles this morning. If they catch and eat one more of these flying Carp. they should be ready to fledge.
  10. Biggs, Most of the buyers, sellers, and swappers are at the Show on Thur. and most leave Sat. afternoon. I would not be concerned with a 48" snow plow on your 310. I have a 48" on my 312 and it is unstoppable. The blower is a different story...they require quite a bit of power and IMO, 10HP is not enough. I have my blower on a 20HP.
  11. Thanks for the info. Those are some great looking upholstery jobs. I know it's a completely different assembly process, but if you don't mind @Lane Ranger, I'll add some pictures of the seats I have rebuilt. The seat back on my C-101 was broken off and not with the tractor, so I made a pattern from another seat and fabbed a new back. Mrs K does the sewing. The Commando 8 seat back was broken off, so I just had to weld it back to the bottom and make new cushions. I have found the back cushion with the WH Logo is usually OK, so I just add new cording and side panels.
  12. At first glance, I also thought that was a horse. If you still have that bib John, we would like to see it at the Show. Have a great day John.
  13. You are quite welcome Biggs. I agree, your 310 will do a fine job with a 42" plow blade. Please come to the Big Show....you will find snow plows and everything Wheel Horse for sale. I fact, I will be bringing a trailer load including decks. blowers. and a 42" plow for sale. Hope to see you there.
  14. OK, so you were dumped into the dump cart. I have been able to do the back flipper thing when pulling a trailer, but have yet to try climbing a wall. I'm laughing at the image .... glad only the pride suffered.
  15. Hi Biggs, these types of questions should be posted in the implements section. You will get a better response. If one of the Moderators see this, they may move it for you. There are three blade widths 42, 48, and 54" with the 42" being the most common and more available. There are short and long plow frames. Your 310 requires a long frame. You also need the axle bracket to mount the frame to the axle.