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    C-120 auto(1974) My worker mower, blower, puller
    C-160 auto(1975)dually with hydro lift My parade horse(199
    314 hydro (1995) W/ 36" front mounted MAD MAX tiller
    1991 312 Classic hydro w/ cab and 48" snow plow
    C-101 (1978) Redone
    Raider 12 (1970) Mowing worker
    Raider 9 Low Rider Rat Rod
    Commando 8 (1968) Redo buff and oil paint wheels
    875 hydro (1965) New rod and it runs great.MTD Seven Hundred w/deck 1969
    520 H Tall chute blower, vented belt guard, heated cab w/lights, foot feed, wheel weights, loaded tires, rear weights, chains front and rear, seat and fenders lifted .
    C-160 8speed
    C-105 8 speed
    1963 Craftsman Snow Blower w/ 3HP Techy
    1964 2500 watt Onan Idle-Matic Generator
    42"mower SD
    48" mower SD
    42" mower RD
    48" roller
    48" blade mounted on 4 wheeler
    36" drop fertilizer
    30" dethatcher
    36" front plow mount tiller
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    Felton ,Pa
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    Retired from Allis Chalmers and Voith hyrdo
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    bow hunt deer and turkey PA
    fish and crab Delaware bay
    boating 19' Carolina Skiff
    My four grandsons 14,14,15,17
    baseball, basketball, football, and music concerts
    feedin and groomin the HORSES

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  1. Aww....I think it is the jet ski "swimming" to the end of the pier.
  2. Beautiful, keep the pics coming.
  3. to the Giff. Clamp a knife edge in a vise and lay the blade center on the edge. Be careful....don't get cut.
  4. Check the ignition switch.
  5. Check the throttle and the choke lever orientation.
  6. Thanks for the update Jim. Prayers and best wishes are coming your way.
  7. 20 thru 60 sec lower left swimming to the left.
  8. Awesome....what was that swimming towards the jetty in the first video?
  9. We're all happy for your great find and just a little jealous .... right Dennis ?
  10. That drawer made a nice handy place to keep your inspection tools Jim. I thought about putting mine in the new storage cabinet, but my pole barn isn't heated and I was concerned about the rust in damp weather, so I will keep them in my portable case in the inside shop where I work in the winter.
  11. So Garry, Your sander uses smooth paper or cloth backed sanding belts for wood finishing, correct? I assume this scotch brite belt would be used for metal polishing, but it is not smooth on the back side and would probably abrade a backer pad.
  12. They all have their plus and minuses Slim. I still like sleeping under the canvas and the tent works for shows when I am alone and pulling a trailer loaded with horses. One of our best camping trips was a 28 day tour Mrs K and I took of nine Western National Parks. I traded my heavy 28' Mobile Traveler on a light Coleman pop up for the trip. Our oldest son Mark was a senior at PSU and we dropped our youngest son Mike off for his first year at WVU and we kept going West. It really worked great for crossing the Rockies multiple times. The only minus was closing it to move in the early morning when it as wet with dew. I never had a small lightweight travel trailer, but I can see how it would be a great choice for over the road camping. I had the truck slide in when we were towing a boat on the East coast. It required a big vehicle and was a problem loading and unloading and storing the camper. Now that my family has grown, the permanent 35 footer with 30 x 10 screened porch at the Beach is big enough to bring the family together for 3-4 long weekends very year. So, you need to fit the equipment to your needs, and be aware, those needs will change over time.
  13. When I redid mine, the hood was the last part to paint and it was just too purdy to touch, so I ended up with a two tone. Those creamy wheels really dresses em up.
  14. I use the round maroon pads on 4.5" angle grinders and on bench grinder. They really work great for removing rust and paint and I use the finer green pads for polishing SST and chrome. I was about to try cutting pads on the band saw when I did realize this is probably worth some big bucks. I picked it up at the local auction.
  15. I have been camping for ..... well let's just say over 60 years. Starting with Boy Scout back packing on the Appalachian Trail, to pop ups, to slide in truck campers, and to travel trailers. And back to the pup tent at the Big Show. I do still have a Coleman Pop up, but Mrs K only camps in our permanent 35' Shasta DB at Slaughter Beach, Del. We plan to open the camp next week for the summer. I leave the boat there for fishing and crabbing all summer.