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    C-120 auto(1974) My worker mower, blower, puller
    C-160 auto(1975)dually with hydro lift My parade horse(199
    314 hydro (1995) W/ 36" front mounted MAD MAX tiller
    1991 312 Classic hydro w/ cab and 48" snow plow
    C-101 (1978) Redone
    Raider 12 (1970) Mowing worker
    Raider 9 Low Rider Rat Rod
    Commando 8 (1968) Redo buff and oil paint wheels
    875 hydro (1965) New rod and it runs great.MTD Seven Hundred w/deck 1969
    520 H Tall chute blower, vented belt guard, heated cab w/lights, foot feed, wheel weights, loaded tires, rear weights, chains front and rear, seat and fenders lifted .
    C-160 8speed
    C-105 8 speed
    1963 Craftsman Snow Blower w/ 3HP Techy
    1964 2500 watt Onan Idle-Matic Generator
    42"mower SD
    48" mower SD
    42" mower RD
    48" roller
    48" blade mounted on 4 wheeler
    36" drop fertilizer
    30" dethatcher
    36" front plow mount tiller
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    Felton ,Pa
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    Retired from Allis Chalmers and Voith hyrdo
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    bow hunt deer and turkey PA
    fish and crab Delaware bay
    boating 19' Carolina Skiff
    My four grandsons 14,14,15,17
    baseball, basketball, football, and music concerts
    feedin and groomin the HORSES

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  1. Yes, if you have the correct coil as Bob listed. Connect ignition switch to + coil post and points and condenser to -coil post.
  2. Are you confusing the condenser with an external resistor?
  3. Female adults are larger that the males. Of course you can only see the difference in size if they are both together. There are subtle differences in the shape of the head, the length of the legs, and the shape of the bill and it's end point relative to the eye. This female has a damaged enlarged left nostril opening that positively identifies her.
  4. Do you have the new belt under or over the idler pulley?
  5. That's actually Dad on the nest Bob, but yeah a little dab won't do it.
  6. and it may have ATF (pink) or 30w oil (amber). Use whatever is in it now.
  7. Poor Dad....getting hammered with rain, wind and lightening, but stayed on the eggs.
  8. Let's see......I'm thinkin if I hang that old Packard engine on the back, I might have some traction when I lift the plow. Oh, and maybe add a few more trip springs to be sure those long 3/8" eye bolts bend to the correct angle when I hit the curb.
  9. Great story and pictures Bob. Thanks for sharing. My participation in my own two Sons activities unfortunately was limited due to travel and work. But now I have the time and means to attend all my Four Grandsons activities, and I try to not miss any. The oldest, Reed, Will graduate High School this spring and has some college acceptance letters now and is still waiting for some to be sent out in March. He will probably end up at Lehigh, Cornell, or R I T. This will be a new phase in watching these boys become young men. Here are a few pics of my pride and joy.
  10. I assume the engine does not run and you don't plan to get it running. If that is the case, the way I have tested hydros is to chain front of the parts tractor to a tree. Then drive the tranny with a long belt and another tractors PTO from the rear. If the tranny will spin the tires in forward and reverse after the oil is hot, I consider it AOK. If there is a leak, it may show up.
  11. Check the keys in the axles and the tranny drive pulley. If any one of these keys sheared, it will move with no load, but will slip under load.
  12. Hey Jay, If you see Craig sneakin around in the thicket looking for the Pond , make sure he doesn't steal one of the Deere I saw in there.
  13. My '91 312H was working hard today.