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  1. Wheel Horse Rear Wheel Weights,

    Same thing around home all the farm and fleet type stores have them by the pound and even ACE hardware has them. May try Home depot or lowes if thats all you have, but I try to support my local stores when possible.
  2. Wheel Horse Rear Wheel Weights,

    Here is a set of 25# barbell weights. I drilled out the holes for the bolts (easier said than done) and mounted them. If I need more weight its easy to add a 1" bolt thru the center and mount more weights. BTW the fit was great they sit just inside the lip.
  3. A look inside a 10hp Chinese Diesel

    I am currently in the Philippines with my wife and I have been looking at the SUPER KAMA 10hp diesel. It is very tempting to buy one to use to power a generac generator I picked up this summer because the price is at about $350.00 USD here. There is the possibility that it is a clone of a clone but the SUPER KAMA is the higher quality engine offered here. This engine would be left here in the Philippines and could possibly repower one of my Wheel Horse tractors if I decide to ship one or 2 here. Thanks for the post
  4. Great stuff Steve and all the time Im so glad there is no snow here its either HOT or VERY HOT LOL. Maybe catch you in the spring or summer at a show.
  5. I wanna see the pics too. I have a snow plow and frame that was brush painted long ago by ?????? It looks just fine esp. for a snow plow. IMO brush or roller paint even if a crappy job will atleast preserve the sheet metal on our beloved tractors for years to come.
  6. very true I'm sure the 4 speed would work just fine. I may try a few different options b4 settling on one
  7. I bought a 656 and a ISO mount K241 recently because I wanted a BIG BLOCK short frame to mount my Danco Loader on. It is currently mounted on a Electro 12 but doesnt fit just right. After a chat with Kelly (BTW Thanks Kelly) I installed the correct short oil pan for a 1055 and cut the dipper so it would clear the pan. Then I thought Im gonna try to fit this engine on the frame and leave the large flywheel and new style starter. So I cut the bearing plate just enough to clear the frame and trimmed the tin just a tad and viola it fit. Now I need figure out what transmission im going to use either keep the 4 speed or put in an 8 speed or even a HYDRO. This tractor is dedicated to the Danco FEL only. I am going to need the pulleys to fit the 11/18 crank and which ever tranny I use. I will need the correct length clutch rod and possibly pulley too. Does anyone have any parts or other ideas regarding a transmission and the correct pulleys to make it work? Any ideas or help is appreciated. I am going to be away and unable to work on this project until spring but I will be able to try and collect the parts needed to finish it in the mean time.
  8. Suburban Repower

    Looks like a nice lil ride but have fun keeping the front tires on the ground haha
  9. Scrap yard horse, saved by my son

    Great tractor and a fantastic story Your sons face tells it all

    awesome tractor Karl I am glad I was able to help
  11. Lean Mean Driveway leveling Machine

    My 702 with HY-2 will lift my tractor off the ground so I assume it would lift 210#. Maybe use hydraulics somehow.
  12. THAT'S MY BOY!

    Awesome stuff and congrats to you and your son.
  13. Thanks for sharing. (Great stuff)
  14. Calling all loader tractors.

    Hi Matt I figured I may as well post my Danco loader equiped Electro 12 here too. I will try to post more pics later but here it is how is sat where I bought it.
  15. Fluid filled tires

    use a drill powered pump and an adapter used to fill the tires. just pump out instead of in.