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  1. I got myself a second pair of blades so i can easy swap them to sharpen them. I hear every specialist say that the sharpness of the blades makes the quality of the cut/mulch I read à lot about the gator blades. They are hard to get in Belgium. Still not sure if they are worth the effort to buy them oversea.
  2. Yes, Works verry good. I had it back of the deck as i send the deck in for sandblasting and colorzinq treatment. The best upgrade someone can do, imho. Regards
  3. How can i see it is series 1 or 2?
  4. My C-175 Last weekend... Bought it last year from the first owner, in original condition. No repaints, no repairs... just 33 years of lawn mowing and trailer pulling garden work.. I'm getting it all ready for restauration... So it will be good for another 33 years... Getting it zink & powdercoated in a few weeks. The 42" rd will be fitted with a mulching kit.
  5. Hello, I have the Kohler KT17S 24223 engine, and want to order an original kohler Maintenance kit. Not sure if the Maintenance kit 2478901S is the right kit for my engine? Anyone can confirm this, or can give me the right kit nr for my engine, please? kind regards.
  6. The local dealer gave me a call to tell me my order arrived. No need to tell you guy's i'm happy with it. Now i need to get the decals and i can begin the restoration and upgrade of the deck...
  7. AETD

    Pics of my wh
  8. Thanks for the tip, Did clean them with contact spray. Works like it should. The old battery is not holding more than 9V after a night of charging. so have to replace that. At least i know the new battery wil be charged 'onboard' while mowing. Thanks for the help
  9. Took a picture today. Not much readable on the sticker
  10. Hello, I want to order some parts for the mower deck. But the serial sticker is unreadable. Is the number engraved in the deck metal? thanks
  11. Hello, I I have a c175 with a kohler engine. My battery is not charging when the engine is running... One 'expert' is telling me it should charge when the engine is running... Another 'expert' is telling me not all enginesz have a charging system... How are these engines charging? thanks
  12. how to read serial nr?

    i have my mind on 2 wh's. a c-165 and a c-175. yes i prefer the c-175, but it has no details, no year, no history and it stands in the garage of a hobby bob, with about 30 others some 3/4 other 1/4 complete. and big piles of parts. so i have i little idea that he buy all cheap tractors on the market, stocks them, and repair one with parts of another. that is why i ask if there is a link in engine nr and serial nr. and also would like to know how old it is, etc... I could not find other wheelhorse in his stock. so maybe that is good sign. regards
  13. how to read serial nr?

    isn't there any logic in the nr? like digits 1&2 for year, digit 3&4 for the month. etc...?
  14. Hello guys, How to read the serial nr on a C-series? How to find production year? is there a link from engine nr in serial nr? regards.