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  1. Inner tube too small?

    got it. just didn't seem right.
  2. Inner tube too small?

    Seems if I inflate it any more it would pop, in the pic it is inflated quite a bit.
  3. Inner tube too small?

    Added a pic
  4. Inner tube too small?

    I'm afraid the valve stem will get sheared off. Its blown up all the way and won't set the sidewalls?
  5. Inner tube too small?

    I got sick of having to fill a tire with air whenever i wanted to take my c125 for a spin. I bought a tube at lowes, its a tireaid brand 16x6.50x8, straight stem. First it didn't seem like the stem would last long being at an extreme angle like that, and when I had it all together, pumped up the tube, it was extremely skinny and did not come close to the side walls. I took it out again and put it around the rim and blew it up. The diameter and height seems good but the width really isn't there, almost half the rim width. The tube says the correct size right on it so it wasn't in the wrong box. I compared it to a similar atv tube and confirmed it seemed much skinnier. Any one else have this problem?
  6. Kohler generator help

    I took the panel off and had a look inside, tried to find some voltage with no luck. No wire nuts in this one, its all crimped and screwed. No power coming off the brushes either. Did read about a $350 voltage regulator that kinda has me scared.
  7. I picked up a kohler power pro 5000 runs great just no power output. I've tried flashing with a drill but no luck. Can't seem to find any parts info online. its model 5mm65
  8. Briggs aluminum bore rebuild

    I got a 5hp briggs 130202 engine that sucked up some rust. The cylinder is scored. Are these worth rebuilding or is it now scrap? I guess the question really is can these cylinders be properly bored without breaking the bank.
  9. tecumseh hk, hsk difference

    just pulled the pulley out to match so all set
  10. Is there much of a difference in these engines, I have a 7hp hk ariens 910008 snowblower and am trying to put an engine off a st724 hsk. I have to change the pulley but the newer engine looks like it has a bigger shaft. When I look up the specs it says they are the same size?
  11. interested in 414-8

    crappy pics in my cramped shop at night trying to salvage the battery.
  12. interested in 414-8

    Ended up bringing it home, seems like I didnt look it over well enough. Has some stress cracks and the electric lift makes alot of noise and doesn't go down very well with the blower attatched. Can these lifts be repaired?
  13. 89 414-8 wont crank

    fixed it. bad ground to solenoid
  14. 89 414-8 wont crank

    It seems I am getting voltage to both small posts, is it supposed to or grounding issue?
  15. 89 414-8 wont crank

    I am having trouble with a 414-8 that I just got. It has electric lift. The engine will not crank with the key, runs fine jumping 2 large posts and engine shuts down with pto on and get off the seat. So those 2 switches should be good. oil light blinks when I test. have power at small wire to solenoid, new solenoid. can i bypass the oil switch to test and would that prevent engine from cranking or does it just prevent spark? Also having trouble with wire colors, I have a red wire and black wire to small terminals, black with blue stripe with a orange wire going to a relay, these colors dont match any diagrams but appear to be stock connectors and wires also have 10v to solenoid wire and 12 with clutch depressed so that switch works as well