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  1. I use Krylon Primer and Krylon Gloss paints for all of my colors. I have had great results. Others say they didn't, so it's personal preference I guess.
  2. C-100 Blown Engine

    Yea, I was thinking around $100. it does have a deck. The guy was using it and it started smoking really bad and he said he kept using it until the smoke got so bad he couldn't see and then he shut it off and it wouldn't restart. The engine is locked up tight. I have an old school trick to hopefully save the engine, but don't know if it's going to work.
  3. C-100 Blown Engine

    You say less than $600. ? How much and is it rebuilt or just a nice running engine? I have owned a small engine repair shop for 21 years, I just haven't gotten in to Wheel Horses until I bought one a couple of years ago and since then I have acquired 2 more. I bought one a couple of months ago for $200. running and with snow blade and plow, but had been relly abused.I just wasn't sure about the C-100 Series for parts availability.
  4. C-100 Blown Engine

    Just wanted to get some one else's opinion on a C-100 Wheel Horse that need the engine rebuilt. How much would you pay for the tractor knowing you had to spend between 600. to 800.00 to get it running?
  5. 1968 Raider question?

    I have a 1969 Raider 12, Identical to the one in this pic, and it has a 12 HP Kohler. See my Avatar picture that's my '69
  6. how to idenify WH tractor

    I have a question. I have all of my 1969 Wheel Horse model/serial numbers, but when I look it up on the http://www.wheelhors...e-by-the-years/ I can find it. It shows that it is a 4-speed and mine is clearly shows that it is a 6-speed MODEL # 1-6241. Is this a typo or did they leave one out or is it a one of a kind? All the info and decals on this unit are original.
  7. how to idenify WH tractor

    This site is great, however there is one unit missing that I know of; WH210-5 / MODEL 32-10B503. I know because I have 3 Wheel Horses (1969/1984/1992) and one of them is this model. Got the info right off the Toro site.
  8. GT1100 Seat

    Thanks for the information. I just looked at the example #4411-1 and thought it was the wrong type because the ones on mine have 3 progs instead of 2. Then I started looking at the wiring diagram I have for my unit and it only shows 2. Glad I printed all these diagrams out, I just hadn't printed out one for the seat, have it now though.
  9. GT1100 Seat

    Does anyboby by chance have an '84 GT1100 Workhorse, that can send me some pics of the seat, Mounting Bracket/seat frame/bottom of seat? Trying to find a seat that's close to original. Need to find headlights for it also, the numbers on the old ones are messed up to much to read. Thank you
  10. All of the red colors look great, but I have decided to go with a Pewter color for my GT1100. Have already painted part of the hood, have pictures of it but left my camera at my shop. Will post them later.
  11. Spark plug for 10hp kohler

    Sorry about that he didn't specify which Kohler engine. The older ones do use an H10. Some of the newer ones you can use an RJ19LM or J19LM
  12. Blower Housing

    I'm looking for a blower housing for an 11HP B&S. I would like to have one with at least the Model # 252417. Original numbers should have been Model 252417, Type 0664-01, Code 83???? or 84????? If you have one or any suggestions I would appreciate it.
  13. Spark plug for 10hp kohler

    Champion RJ19LM
  14. Need Help With Steering Wheel

    I have always had the best luck using PB Blaster. Soak the mess out of it and let it sit for awhile, the take a punch and hit it a few times and then put some more PB on it. I'm going to have to do the steering wheel on my GT1100 so I can change the steering shaft. I already sprayed it the other day and still haven't had a chance to get back to it. But I will hit the roll pin on one side then go to the other side and hit it back the other way to kind of break it loose.
  15. 1968 -1969 ??

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Sam