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  1. What type WH

    How much do you think it is worth? New England Prices. Keep in mind it runs although it has quite few non stock things, motor, air cleaner, shield etc... PS. How much does an early RJ58 with all shields, k90 that runs go for?
  2. What type WH

    I think the motor is original. Some of the other things are not stock. Muffler, guard, etc...
  3. What type WH

    Please let me know what model WH tractor this is.
  4. Looking forward to! Saturday am!
  5. Hello, My WH 312 choke cable is frozen in the cold. what are suggestions for replacing the cable. Fix the cable, Repalce with TORO brand cable or use aftermarket cable inside the old sheathing. What has worked for people in the past? Suggestions? Thanks
  6. Best Lawn Sweeper

    Who makes the best quality lawn sweeper. My Brinley Sweeper needs constant repairs. What brands and models?
  7. One Wheel Horse dealer that is still great is Gauvin Supply Co in South Grafton, MA. They have RJ35 in their showroom. They also have a lot of parts available.
  8. Mower Deck belt size

    I am still not finding the length of the belts. I was hoping to go to NAPA and purchase the belts. Suggestions?
  9. All, Sorry for the question that is probably asked 101 times a season. I need two belts and don't know the size to get. What size is the question. Part number is even better. One belt for a 42 inch rear discharge deck - on a WH 125 One belt for a 37 inch side discharge deck - on a WH 312h
  10. Starter click, click, Start

    Thanks! I will take a look this weekend.
  11. Starter click, click, Start

    So as the title suggests my starter motor on my 312 makes a click sound when i try to start it. Click again (sometimes) and then it engages and starts the motor. Sometimes it just starts. Some times Click, Click, Click start. I was told it has been doing that for years. How much longer will it do that before it fails. Or maybe it is working ok? If it fails where is the best place to purchase a new starter motor for the 312?
  12. Gravely muffler

    I second the NAPA muffler. Much better quality than others that look the same. For the old look use "gun blue" (it will make it black in color) to make it look older. It is sold at fire arm shops
  13. 30 Weight oil

    When should detergent or non detergent 30 weight be used? What years?
  14. WH 312 Carb. rebuild Kit (Walbro)

    Where is the best place to get to get a carb rebuild kit for a WH 312 H with a Walbro Carb. I am hoping someone can provide a part number from Kohler or something I can get at NAPA. Tractor Serial Number: 3112k01 Motor Spec No: 471527 Model No: M12S Also the Hydro arm seams to not stay in full speed. It creeps slower. Annoying while mowing.