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  1. identifying this little tractor

    hi thankyou all for your help . now the restoration begins anyone knowing of parts for this especially the fuel tank i would be very grateful regards dave
  2. just bought wheel horse number 11but not sure of model tried to load up photos but i seem to be rubbish at that anyway the model number is i believe either L107 or 1 - 107 the serial number is 379075 any help appreciated if identified any photos of an original would be great. some parts including the rear hubs and other parts have gone missing with the courier now have to track them down :eusa-think:
  3. hi i'm dave saying hi to you all i have 6 wheel horse my favourite being my raider 10 the first machine i bought a few years ago and still love her the best still use her regular . she is due restoration soon
  4. belt needed for tiller

    hi thanks for the info will try and track down a belt very desperate to use the machine regards dave
  5. hi my names dave new to this site and needs some help please have a tiller and need a belt plus info pics on how it fits (runs around the pulleys ) any help appreciated with this regards dave should add the id number is0736tl04 71436 serial number0135