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  1. Model 06 42ST02 42" Snowthrower with lift bar and flag. Good condition - used up until last year when I got a plow service for the heavy stuff due to health and age. Used on a C-105 black hood model but should fit most any 80's with Tach-O-Matic front hitch. You need to load into your truck or van. Includes a pair of Wheelhorse logo plastic wheel weights / bolts for 12" rear wheels - little beat up but work great and 3 pairs of chains - 2 pair for the rear (23 X 8.5-12) and 1 pair new in box for the front (15 X 6.5-8). Package deal - take all for $300. PM or email me if interested and I will get right back to you.
  2. K241 throttle linkage question - Better picture !!!

    Thanks, that was my thought so I will proceed on the premise that when the fuel got low it probably swallowed some of the stuff in the bottom of the tank. The more I think about it that makes sense - I had a Model "A" Ford that would fill it's sediment bowl if the tank got too low.
  3. K241 throttle linkage question - Better picture !!!

    opefully with the new picture I can get an answer - if not will start by replacing the fuel line tomorrow.
  4. Sorry for the lousy picture - finally got the right angle. I have a C-105 and was mowing the lawn yesterday. It began to lose a bit of power and seemed to almost skip once in awhile. When I pulled it into the garage it stalled out at about 1/2 throttle. I checked and the gas looked low but not out.. I checked the throttle linkage and noticed that the screw shown in the picture below is loose - it attaches to nothing. The throttle cable (fed from the left hand side - seated) is shown above the screw and attaches to the plate with a "z" bend. In all honesty I can't figure out what the screw would be for since it is way above the pivot point... unless it used to be part of a clamp for a cable without the "z" bend. If the screw is doing nothing I will work on looking at the old fuel lines (need to get new hose before I start messing with it - it is the original hose - enough said... Thoughts would be appreciated - getting too old to use the regular mower again. Thanks
  5. snow thrower assist spring help needed

    Thanks everyone - I ended up grinding the end of the spring to a throat depth of about 5/8 of an inch and rounding it off to a "V" at the end. Grabbing the coils and pushing to slip the end over the crossbar worked like a charm. And it sure does make lifting easier.- now I just have to fix the release shaft at the top of the lift lever - needs a hammer. Must be something slipped out of place. I love Wheel Horses - they work well when "wounded" and even I can't seem to break them without a lot of effort..
  6. snow thrower assist spring help needed

    " I " persuade " mine with a set of Channel Lock pliers " Hmmm - I have a large pair (16") - if there is wiggle room there should be enough persuasion. If not I'll go get a pair of intermediate size ones at HF. Thanks for the idea ..
  7. snow thrower assist spring help needed

    "Persuasion" is probably the key - perhaps a 4 lb hammer? I'm old and fairly arthritic which probably doesn't help the situation. Will tackle it again tomorrow with a fresh start. Thanks for the responses
  8. snow thrower assist spring help needed

    Thank you for the link. I may be off on my math but scaling it it still looks like the throat of the spring is smaller than the diameter of the crossbar - how does one "stretch" it over the crossbar - it's a bit stiff.
  9. I have a C-105 with a 42" snowblower attachment. I bought a new flag with the bracket, an eye bolt, and a hardware store spring SP 9629 which is the same specs as the 4629 Toro spring. The directions say to hook it over the center crossbar (footrest bar). That bar is 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The throat of the spring is 1/2 inch diameter and the pictures on this forum appear to show the spring in place on the cross bar with the throat somewhat smaller than the bar. How do you get the smaller throat over the larger crossbar ??? Or am I missing something here ? The pix of the 4629 Toro spring appear to show a throat even smaller .... I am a bit confused. Thanks for any help - don't want to have to order a 4629 and find out I can't get that over the bar either.
  10. Air filter pre-cleaner K241 n- need advice

    Mixed bag of responses - I will probably go by the WH manual in this instance and keep an eye on it. I live in the suburbs so we don't have a lot of field dust around. If we did I would probably lightly oil it. Time will tell. Thanks for the responses - next step before winter is to install the cable for the snowblower chute - I found the thread with the diagram which is great ........ this site is an incredible resource.
  11. Air filter pre-cleaner K241 n- need advice

    Thanks for the quick response. Love my C-105. I bought it 5 years ago with a 42 inch rear discharge deck and snow blower. So far I had to get a used PTO for it (the pin had sheared and I used it all one winter by manipulating the PTO lever - didn't do it any good. The left front wheel bearing went and chewed up the spindle and hub pretty good but a Tractor Supply bearing cobbled into place has lasted over a year. I did get a used wheel and spindle for when it really goes. That's about it - it came with weights and chains. It's always had inside storage so the deck is good and I'm not sure that the snowblower was ever used. I really like it every spring when I watch all of the big box specials loaded onto trailers and taken away for their spring tuneup and repair. Wheel Horses rock. Would love to hear what others do with the pre-filter. I'm kind of neutral but I believe that is the only phrase in the whole manual that is in capitalized bold type...... odd.
  12. I bought a new air filter (235116) and pre-cleaner (237421) for my C-105. The instruction sheet for the pre-cleaner and the Kohler manual both state that the pre-cleaner should be oiled. The Wheelhorse Service manual states (in bold capital letters) DO NOT OIL THE PRE-CLEANER. Which advice is correct? Thanks
  13. Basic question on PTO

    Thank you very much - I now understand why that step is left out of most threads ......I was thinking it might be like the rear hubs, very happy that it is not.
  14. Basic question on PTO

    I feel a little silly because all the threads I could find assume that the PTO is already removed and state that it is "easy". That's a good thing but how do I remove the PTO (bell, I think). The snap ring broke and it is chewed up a bit but I have a good used one I want to replace it with. Thanks,
  15. "C" Series dimensions

    It looks like Greece has the same 192 sf limit !! Yes, no matter how big it is it will fill up. I know this. So does my wife which is why the ultimate decision may well be somewhat of a compromise...... we are in the process of downsizing a lot of things (way too many interests over the years). Now that I am retired I don't have time for as many hobbies as I used to have - hard to believe but somehow true..