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  1. Adjusting a mowing deck

    Looks good......an what cleat said, about the trunion, washer and lock nut. Mine came with a regular nut and I backed that up with a lock nut also. I also put a washer between the lift bar and the hole on the 90 degree end where the retaining clip goes. That helps to keep the clip from bending out of shape and causing more slop in the linkage. I don't guess you ever figured out how you bent that bad boy so badly......what ever it was you prolly ought not be doing that too much anymore. Who knows what might happen next. Hopefully it will stay in a straight line from now and wasn't weakened badly enough to where it will bend again with the slightest little bump or bang as you are mowing your grass. Those decks take a beating even when you have a nice flat yard to cut. Mine is like a log yard in a coulple of places.
  2. Adjusting a mowing deck

    Nawh.....She be bent. It should be straight. That's the same pin I had on mine originally and it would be interesting to find out what one you will get if you reorder it. Hopefully they have figured out that which one to send you. If not you may have to re-drill the hole in the leveler bar for the larger pin size and possibly add some more threads on the other end to get enough adjustment. You could try to straightening it out but I doubt it will stay that way long.
  3. Adjusting a mowing deck

    I don't think so, it should be straight with a 90 degree bend on one end and threads on the other. That is....if we are talking about the same deck. This is an old thread and when I first started trying to figure out what was wrong with this deck I went through hell trying to get it to cut right. My original pin that was on the tractor, part # 19 was smaller in dia than the new one I got for a replacement. The new pin was around 3/8" ??? (I haven't looked at it for awhile) and the original one was around 5/16" and was threaded longer than the new one. I remember now the new pin wouldn't even fit through the hole on the leveling rod so I had to enlarge the hole so the pin would fit. What size in dia. is your pin, how long is it and how long are the threads cut on the adjustment end?
  4. 520 H deck pulley removeal

    When I first tried to get them off that's the same thing I tried but it wouldn't budge. That's when I noticed those two small holes in the pulley and got the idea of trying to pull it off with a puller. Anyway.....I ended up wasting a day and stilled screwed up the pulley before giving up.
  5. 520 H deck pulley removeal

    Thanks, I guess what you are saying is that the shaft will come out without taking the spindle off the deck? I tried every way I could think of.......accept the way you pointed out before I totally destroyed the pulley, now I need one of those too. The right outside spindle was the only one that was bad so I was trying to get it off without taking the deck off the tractor. I have a puller that has a hole in the middle that is the same size as the pulley shaft. I thought if I screwed the puller down on the shaft a ways then I could drill two holes and tap them with 5/16 threads in the pulley that lined up with two of the slots on the puller. Then I could screw two 5/16 bolts down into these new holes against the puller head and that would lift the pulley off. I heated it up and then sprayed it down good with PB Blaster and let it sit over night before I tried this but it would not budge. I sprayed more blaster on it while I had the bolts good and tight with no results. Then while I had pressure on it I heated it up but as I added more heat to see if that would help but instead of coming off it pulled the edges of the pulley up to where it ended up looking like a butterfly getting ready to take flight. I never did get it off. I probably ought to replace the shaft anyway because when I realized something was wrong that blade had loosened up and by the time I got it stopped the blade had ground a ring around the end of the shaft where it flushed up to the spindle housing,.It didn't seem to hurt the housing but did eat up that small washer there.
  6. I don't guess there is a easy way to remove a spindle pulley from a 520H deck. I have all sorts of pullers but I don't have anything that will grab it without destroying it. I was wondering if I threaded the two holes in the top of the pulley and then used a couple bolts to screw in those holes pushing against the spindle bolts to push it off would work.
  7. 518 8speed wont shift to high gear

    Then your guess would be correct. Sorry for the confusion I'll try to do better in the future. Someone mentioned these transmissions being plentiful and rather cheap. Where do you look for such an item? I know nothing is ever cheap at the local dealer around here so where else can I go to find a good used one?
  8. 518 8speed wont shift to high gear

    This one is all manual.....I'm probably wrong about the model number, you know how it is with old people can't remember anything for long. I do remember it has a 12 hp kohler on it. He's going to check the tag when he gets home from work. Thanks
  9. 518 8speed wont shift to high gear

    I gave it to my son to use at his house. I thought it had a 518-8 sticker on it. It looks just like my 520H only smaller with no hydraulics and a manual shift setup.
  10. 518 8speed wont shift to high gear

    oil is good. It dosen't do anything just stays in low gear.
  11. 518 8speed wont shift to high gear

    Thanks......This may have to wait until winter. I guess we will have to cut grass in low gear this summer, hopefully nothing flys apart in there and crashes the whole tranny until I get time to pull it apart. Hopefully the part will still be available.
  12. I just became the proud new owner of this tractor and after servicing it and cleaning it up a little before I gave it a test run I noticed that it will not shift into high range. It looks and feels like it's shifting but it stays in low range. I had heard that the little pin sometimes snaps off right where it goes into the housing but that appears to be ok. Does that sound like a relative simple fix or have I bought another one of those cream puffs that was only used on sunday afternoons by a real old lady to ride though her flower garden to look at all the pretty flowers?
  13. Adjusting a mowing deck

    I figured I would post up an update on what's going on with my deck raising project. I think I have just about got it all figured out. I think the main problem all along was the lift adjusting rod on the back of the deck. The replacement rod that I bought is just plain the wrong rod for this deck regardless of what the parts guy said, It just doesn't have enough threads. I added about another inch of threads and that seems to have done the trick. Well that, along with replacing the shoulder bolts on the main deck wheels along with the 4 bushings in the draft bars. I made them on my little lathe just to see if this would help and when it was done and along with the adjusting pin the deck now sits high enough to not scalp my weeds.LOL Thanks to everyone that offered help.
  14. Adjusting a mowing deck

    What was actually sprung, bent or out of place? I have been wondering if there may be something bent on this deck or in the lift part of the tractor that might be causing the problem. Like I said this deck has never cut right from the start so I don't have anything to go by as a gauge as to what to go by or where to start. When you let the hydraulic lever all the way down should the draft bars on the deck and the adjustment lever on the deck control how far the deck drops or is that all controlled by the hydraulics? No matter how I adjust this deck the front still drops all the way to the ground when you lower the hydraulic lever all the way.
  15. Adjusting a mowing deck

    Yeah the guy that owned this store was a good guy and really did like to give good service. I know you will never please 100% of the customers that walk through the door but I would think with times like they are right now some of these people would at least act like they are a service company. The new owner took over and kept all the old employees and if you walk into the store you would thing it was the same old store but as soon as you talk to the first person in the place you can tell this is not the same ol store. You are pretty cool as long as you keep the hunnard dollard bills flowing but ask a question or some help with a problem you came to the wrong place. I guess this is the results of the way todays get rich quick society and the way people have changed over the past few years where work has become a dirty word. No problem with the off topic thingy, when I start a thread it's like a hash of things. Like a big stew, you never know what might get thrown in and as long as it still looks like stew in the end, it's all good. Now, back to the problem at hand......do you have a ruler?