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  1. Which Tires for 520H with Front End Loader?

    +1 for V61's. I dont have a loader, but the weight of this thing sure plays the part. I can sometimes still sink in a bit when its soft, but the tracks are shallow enough that the rears usually flatten /dimple it mostly out.
  2. Big Tires on 854

    I had not seen that before! (i usually avoid the mud mower videos as they are sometimes painful to watch!) For a mud mower, he did an alright job though.... Still hurts... Thanks!
  3. Big Tires on 854

    I had not yet measured, so I wasn't sure if the spindles were longer or not on the later models. That is helpful, thank you!
  4. Big Tires on 854

    @stevebo I agree. I love the look! With tires that wide it will be softer than walkin on the grass. Now if I can just figure out the fronts! I can decide if I am going with Turfs or another set of my TerraTrac K502s that I am running on my 522xi.
  5. Big Tires on 854

    Hey everyone! Been just lurking for a few months as life got busy (and cold!). I am looking to make a "spring machine" out of one of my 854's. My yard (as most everyones) turns to a swamp this time of year, and I am looking to make a tractor that will just float on top. My 522xi, which has big tires, definately does NOT float coming in around 1100lbs without weights. I think the 854 is closer to 450lbs dry, and so if I can give it a super wide footprint it will do a lot less damage to the turf. I know i can throw some 23x10.5-12's on the back of it with the set of rims I have, but I am wondering about the fronts. Has anyone put larger tires on the front spindles? Probably looking like 16x7.5-8 or so (the standard ones for the bigger machines). Will I need bigger spindles? Is that too much tire for the steering components? I will be pulling a sweeper, roller, spreader, trailer, etc... Thanks for the help!
  6. 1984, C195, 01-19KE02 PTO Clutch

    As mentioned in the old thread, you can switch to the flat dick type clutch. If you look at parts for a newer 520 style, the size of the clutch was increased to handle the load from the 60" deck on the 520H and 520HC and should easily handle the loads for the C-195.
  7. C-195

    If you search around here, someone (actually several I think) have converted their C-195 conical clutch to the more typical flat circular clutch. I think its a pretty straight forward swap, but havent done it. Search around here and you will find it. I will try to pull it up if I can.
  8. I have the same project started, but not restore, only refit 6 speed. I have had the 6 speed in the middle of being "rebuilt" now for 3 years I am looking forward to the progress!
  9. My GT14

    I am looking forward to seeing this one back together. Love the wheel color!
  10. Another update on my C-175

    That is called a C-clip, should be 3/4". Snap ring with appropriate pliers will hold the best if you have them. There is a VERY good chance that if you ran the wheel without bearings the wheel itself where the bearings seat will be damaged. Your new bearings will fall right out. Make sure that when you put the new bearings it that you gently tap the metal around the bearing so that it fits tightly and evenly, otherwise look to get a new used wheel. Also check your spindle to be sure its not worn out and damaged. You will ruin all your new bearings if it is. All of this stuff can be obtained from vendors on here like @Kelly or @A-Z Tractor or many people if you sift through the sale ads or place a wanted ad.
  11. I do my drive and the other two that you also see in the picture. Each are two car wide by 60-80ft long. It looks a bit shorter in the picture due to the very wide angle lens. Its also a fair bit steeper than it looks, which makes for some fun times.
  12. Weight is key. I used these tires last year and they worked amazingly well, but I didn't have more than one chance to try them. They are Kenda K502's (Terra Tracs), but they only come in 10.5" width, so you will need the wheels from a 520H or an newer XI to make fit well. The weight bracket is new this year, and with the wheel weights installed (not pictured) I can have an overall vehicle weight of nearly 1500lbs. I also recommend Vredestein V61's for the front. Deep 5 rib tires but wont put ruts in the grass like the tri-ribs sometimes will (also cheaper than the tri-ribs), but still grabs the snow and steers.
  13. Suitcase Weights

    Here is what they look like on a hitch and bracket made by @n1defan .
  14. 522xi Hydro Problems

    I'm glad to hear that! It gives me hope that mine will come back after some fiddling. I never readjusted everything after I did the smart-steer delete kit.
  15. 522xi Hydro Problems

    I believer the pump unit internals are the same, but they may have used different bearing arrangement with shaftdrive vs belt drive and bevel gear on drive side as opposed to straight gear. I vote you get one and give it a shot! I think my eaton is similarly abused, but it's not as bad yet. These xi tractors put a bit more wear and tear/pressure on that eaton that easily lasted 40 years in a c series or 300/400/500 series. They wont last as long in our xi's so we will have to figure out how to recondition them or find reasonably priced parts. I plan on integrating a oil cooler into mine for my next modifications. I think especially with power steering that hydro oil gets really toasty!