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  1. Wheel horse 520H age

    Just acquired a wheel horse 520h. The following numbers are on the tag. 4120OE01. 12922. 0071. Can anyone help me determine the age of this mower? Thanks in advance
  2. 1981 C175 deck belt

    Was using my 1981 C175 twin automatic Saturday when the deck belt broke. It's the belt that goes on the spindles and the tensioner. It's a 48" side discharge deck can anyone help me find a part number for the correct belt. Thanks
  3. Wheel horse 312-8 for sale

    Changed Price to SOLD
  4. Wheel horse 312-8 for sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Wheel horse 312-8 for sale

    Wheelhorse/Toro 312-8 for sale. 12 hp Kohler engine that runs good. Has 42" side discharge deck. Mower is cosmetically challenged (needs paint bad, has surface rust but no rust thru). Comes with a brand new decal kit for mower and deck that is still in the box. $350.00. Can email or text pics upon request.
  6. 520 seat Arm rest

    $50 for set plus shipping from zip 23602
  7. 520 seat Arm rest

    I have both arm rests from a 520. I had to scrap the seat but kept the armrests.
  8. 520H electrical issues

    Crazy as it my sound, I took the 15 amp fuse out of the holder and the gage lights still work, the hour meter works, the tach works and the amp gage works and the vacuum gage but no head light or tail lights. When I replaced the fuse block I noticed the 15 and 25 amp fuses were bridged together on the bottom of the fuse block. So I have bridged the 15 and 25 amp fuse holders as well
  9. 520H electrical issues

    I am closing in on completing my restore of a 1990 520h. I have chased electrical issues on this machine until I thought I had them all taken care of. I have replaced the fuse block with 3 individual fuse holders. Replaced the 9 pin connector with individual male/female watertight plugs. Got the whole machine back together and when I crank it the 15 amp fuse blows. Replaced the headlights and taillights but can't get them to work. The 15 amp fuse blew again this afternoon and I noticed with it blown the tach does not work and still can't get the lights to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I guess I will start removal of the freshly painted sheet metal to start looking for a wire with a bare spot on it. Thanks
  10. 520H electrical demons

    Thanks for the reply but I verified the wiring with the wiring diagram in the manuals section. The pto has 2 switches ( one stacked on top of another). Will it crank without the wires plugged up to these switches?
  11. 520H electrical demons

    Just got a new to me 1990 520H that is an electrical mess and would not start. The fuse block and 9 pin molex connector were a mess. Replaced the fuse block with in line fuses and replaced the 9 pin molex with individual sealed male/female plugs. Also have replaced the neutral safety switch, the parking brake switch, both switches at the PTO lever and the seat switch. Now it will start with the motion lever in neutral and the PTO engaged. Will not start with the PTO lever disengaged. Any ideas? This thing is driving me nuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Wheel Horse 520H identification

    Thanks for the info thus far. Some more questions for you guys. I need parts numbers for the neutral safety switch (3 prongs), the pto safety switch (6 prongs), the fuse block, and the 9 pin molex plug. The wiring on this machine is a mess. If there is an alternate method to replace the fuse block ( in line fuses) I am good with that just looking for some info to get this thing running. I had it running this morning for a few minutes but I believe replacing these items will help it run more consistently. Thanks
  13. Wheel Horse 520H identification

    Just came home with a 520H. Belonged to one of my hunting buddies father. Hasn't ran in about 4 years. Is in kind of rough shape but will be fun to bring back to life. Just wondering if someone can help me identify the year of this tractor. Found what is left of the ID tag on the fender pan. ID tag had been painted over. Cleaned it up with some steel wool and these are the numbers that were revealed. 4120OE01 and 12922. It has the swept front end and the 20 hp Onan was replaced 121 hours ago with a brand new engine. Haven't gotten it to start yet but more to come on that.
  14. Wheel Horse C-175

    I have a Wheel Horse C-175 Twin Automatic model 01-17KE01-22113 (i believe it is a 1980 model). I need help identifying the part number for the deck drive belt from the PTO to the deck. The deck is a 48" side discharge deck. HELP please. Thanks
  15. Will this deck work????

    Thanks. I was glad to stumble across this one. It was on Craigslist without a picture and listed for $50. Drove about 50 miles each way to get it. When I got there this morning the guy wasnt at home. Had to wait about an hour for him to show up, so when he finally got there he showed it to me and said to just take it since i had to wait for him. Said he was sorry I had to wait on him. It sure was worth the wait LOL