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  1. I have an idea in my head for this right now. It's gonna be a slow week to work on it so it gives me time to think on how to hold the battery in better and maybe modify this. We have painted parts.....wo0t.... Front axle.. Steering gear..
  2. I did not know that. I'll look for some sheet metal the same gauge and repair it up :)
  3. Thanks for the info Martin. Since everything was welded together I may keep the "notched" battery box and clean up the cuts to make them better. I may even reinforce the box by welding both sides where it attaches to the frame. I painted the steering and front axle this afternoon and it looks good.
  4. I just went and picked up three rattle cans and a quart of the Valspar IH Red on clearance (less than $25). I talked to the store manager about the Majic paint and that several restorers having issues with it. He said that they are possibly taking it off the shelves at the end of the week. Not for sure if this is a load of bull or he was serious. I'll be back in on saturday to see if this is true or not/////
  5. Looks real good Martin....Loving the attention to detail :beer:
  6. More progress.......more issues...... Had a chance to tear it down a little more and take the degreaser/ cleaner. I knew the steering support was broken, but didn't realize the steering shaft also might have been damaged. What blows me away is they attempted to weld it together, but it wasn't welded together... Steering shaft had been welded in the past on both ends. This one was pretty bad... A few minutes with the welder on both parts and they are ready to go and fixed properly.... :up: Gonna shoot the primer and paint to it this afternoon and see how it turns out... One question I do have concerns the battery box...it appears someone cut on it in order to fix the steering...should this be a solid piece across here????
  7. LOL neah that's for anothber compact tractor build that will happen in the future Haven't had much time to work on it through the week due to late nights at work and organizing an entire production move to another plant (read: Keystone Kops). I did get a chance to take a photo of some of the "creative engineering" that has been done to it. Pillow block for the lower steerign gear....who welds stuff like this to the frame???? And some of the rotten body work....... :angry-banghead: ...... One question I do have is this acess plug...is this factory to get to the oil fill hole for the engine???
  8. Next up was the big teardown of the tractor to the frame...... How it looked at lunch time... As of 3:30 Sunday afternoon...... Time for the pressure washer and sand blaster....
  9. know I know....It's just a tractor.... I found this tractor literally in my neighborhood and the gentleman that had it was going to scrap it out :fear: He knows I collect and restor old tractors and engines and asked if I wanted it ( he asked me originally 7 or 8 months ago and I thought he had a Murray Mower; was I wrong). I knew it was a Wheel Horse Tractor but the year and date was what I was interested in. After going on to Redsquare and asking around and showing photos, found out it was a 1963 753 model. 7 hp Kohler and all. Here is how it was rolled down to my garage.... The good part: it was 100% COMPLETE :w00t: The bad part:: - Deck was completely rusted out and only the blade mech was holding it together. - "Creative engineering" on the fuel and steering system.....nuff said.... - Broken steering wheel -wrong seat (no big deal) -rear tires coming apart -beat up hood and rotten body work Started with the main part of the tractor, the fuel and steering system. These tractors came with a 2 piece cast aluminum gas tank with the steering shaft going through the top half. somoen in the past had attempted to seal the tank with copper RTV ( really??) and use drill screws to hold it together where they had broken the original screws out :shake: Plus they broke the mounting points to the hood off of the tank.... Trying to decide on wether to salvage the tank or try to find a new one.... Next item is the steering wheel, or lack of. The steering shaft rode on a plastic bushing in the tank and I had a bronze buishing layhing in my parts bin. Perfect fit.. The steering wheel was found at Northern Tool for less than $30. NOS Wheel Horse steering wheels are out of the question budget-wise. plus I built an adapter for it to mount up to the original hole... [
  10. First Wheel Horse, what do I have

    Will do Jeff...
  11. First Wheel Horse, what do I have

    Thanks Kelly. Right now I'm looking at steering wheels for a (gasp) cub cadet that I could adapt with minimal work. I looked at the fuel tank and no bolts are.broken in the bottom, just stripped out and someone used drill screws to hold it together. Who makes reproduction decals for this? The more I look and find, the more I want to get it back running...
  12. First Wheel Horse, what do I have

    Thanks for the welcomes guys and your help identifying it Kelly. I think I might be able to salvage the tank on it hopefully. Does anyone reproduce replacement steering wheels for Igor know of what would work from another source????
  13. First Wheel Horse, what do I have

    Thanks for that information. It has a 3 spoke steering wheel, push button start, and the battery tray is welded in with bolts that screwthe inholding the bracket. I'll try and get more photos later this evening.
  14. First Wheel Horse, what do I have

    What specific areas can help identify it better Kelley?? I found two more decals on the tractor. One is a 7hpdead decal barely visible on the engine and another saying uni-drive on the rear of the transmission/ rear axle. I'm trying to learn on the fly with this and its been interesting so far.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm new here to the forum. This is my second round with a four wheel tractor (most of mine are two wheel tractors) and I just received a Wheel horse tractor from a neighbor of mine who was going to fix it up but abandoned it. It appears to be from the early 60s ( maybe 1961 or 1962?) but whoever had it prior painted over the decals and some engine parts. Here are some photos of it and maybe y'all can help me identify it. It does have a Kohler K161 on it and a serial # on the engine (688223) and on the frame Serial # 30458. I need to locate a replacement sterring wheel (borken) and a new fuel tank ( hacked, goobered, and beyond repair). What model is this and where can I locate the above parts if possible? Thanks....Kevin