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  1. Old snow blower wear scraper bar

    Correct My old short chute blower has no bar. The tall chute I just got has the bar. It goes across the bottom on the impeller housing. the pict shows the square holes that are used to mount the bar.
  2. Old snow blower wear scraper bar

    Will do need to get new nuts and bolts. Old ones were worn down thanks
  3. Took off the wear bar from my 79360 show blower today & it has lots of wear. The front edge is beveled and worn uneven front to back. I read that you can reverse the bar & reuse. Does this mean rotating the bar 180 deg so the bevel is now at the back side. Does a new bar have right angle edges on both sides
  4. Tall chute to replace my short chute snow thrower

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. I am looking for a "Tall Chute" to replace the "Sort Chute" on my snow thrower. I had the Tall chute thrower on my old C175 and liked the way it worked. I got my 520H with cab & snow thrower in Dec and it has worked OK this winter. Would also consider a complete unit or parts unit with the tall chute. I live outside Detroit and would like to find something within 150 miles
  6. Added Light Bar to my 520H

    Blue lights against the law in Michigan also. I picked blue color because of that. We only have 10 houses on our street so if the cops want to pull in my drive and give me a ticket that's OK. We have Oakland County as our police and they are all pretty good guys. K-Mart used to be my favorite store. Now it's Harbor Freight.
  7. I got this 520H about a month ago to get the snow off the drive. I had a walk behind thrower before this and a C175 with thrower & cab before that. Temp got into the low 40s today so I wanted to get the lights mounted & working. I wired the switch directly to the battery with a 10A fuse in line. The bar is made from a piece of 3" wide by 3/4" thick nylon I got at work. I have 2 LED lights at each end and a blue flasher in the center. Alll from ebay. The switch bar inside is a piece of 1" x 2" aluminum angle. I have 3 switches mounted but am only using one for now. It turns on both the flasher & lights. In the spring I will have a separate switch for the flasher, 2 lights, and inside dome light. I wired the ground & 12 volts directly to the battery to save time today. The 12v wire has a 10A inline fuse connected. I will change the 12v supply to come from the key switch on position when I do the other changes. I also added the rear view mirror with home made mounting bar made from electrical conduit. I live on a dead end street with only 5 houses past me, but the young girls go driving past without slowing down. I dont always looking behind me when backing into the street so figures I needed a little warning light on the tractor.
  8. Ok thanks. You saved me a trip. Just got my tractor 3 weeks ago & it seems to work OK. I had a C175 with the single stage tall chute for about 10 years and was very happy with the snow thrower. Sold it about 5 years ago and got a zero turn mower and walk behind snow thrower. After the 2st snow this year I asked myself why I was out walking to clean the drive. Bought the 520h with cab & blower (no deck) and am very glad I did. I liked the tall chute better and am looking for one now at a low price. Not the best time of year for low price but never hurts to look. will a tall chute bolt on my short chute (96-42st01-09662) if I find a parts unit
  9. Looking at a Wheel Horse Snow Thrower for my 520H tractor. I have a short chute blower on it now. This one looks to be a tall chute, but I can not find any info on the Model number. Looking at the picture I think it reads 0642SS-81. I looked at the "What fits What" book & can't find any number that has "SS"in it. Snow Throwers seem to be "ST" numbers. Would like to know if it would fit my 520H before I drive 200 miles to look at it. It is on the Northern MI CL site.