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  1. 2 Wheel Horse 1054

    I have 2 running 1964 Wheel Horse tractors for sale. The one with the mower deck is $500, the one with the plow is $400 for the tractor only. $100 for the 54" plow and $100 for the snow blower. There is also a parts mower deck. These are great collectors items. They both are working tractors with hydraulic lift. Send me an email with your phone number. No trades, no help selling!
  2. I am selling my Wheel Horse D180 with Branley loader. This horse is a worker and I have rebuilt the steering unit that has been a problem with these WH. The rings were also replaced and cylinders deglazed. Two of the 4 hydraulic cylinders were repacked. The unit runs great. I am not a very good painter so I will leave that for a next person. I am asking $2400. If you have any questions send me a pm.
  3. Does anyone know what size battery goes in a D180?
  4. D-180 steering column

    I have a D180 with the typical steering slop issue. Would anyone know where and what parts I need to rebuild the Ross steering? I looked through the site but could not find any info. Thanks
  5. D180 brakes

    I just inquired a D180 and need to know how the brakes should work...they don't work currently. Also, where on the site I could find any manuals for the D180
  6. Mower Blades

    I have two WH 1054 with 48" mower decks and I need new blades. The part number I believe is 100202. Does anyone have a cross reference for these blades. I prefer not spending $24 for each blade. Thank you. RDPJR