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  1. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    I love mine. Its for my D200 and it makes a big difference with the wind. One of these days I will figure out how to get some heat in it.
  2. 1969 Charger 10 working again!

    How much have you been able to lift with it? Looks like it would be useful.
  3. I dont remember what years the D had the thicker spindles, and I think they were on the D200 only. Most D's came with 1" spindles and the forward axle of the 520's has 1 1/8" spindles. I could see doing it if you needed the thicker spindles(front end loader)but might be just as easy to find the right D axle with the bigger spindles. Just my two cents.
  4. Best penetrating oil

    I've used a lot of both. I think this is the first time I've heard anyone call PB Blaster junk. Seems pretty good to me, though when the stakes are high I retrieve my can of Kroil from the safe! I use to always use PB Blaster. I really don't think it is as good as it once was, and found the Liquid Wrench just works better.
  5. Best penetrating oil

    I have had good luck with Liquid Wrench. I think the PB blaster is junk. I have heard good things about the ATF/Acetone and do plan on trying it.
  6. East Bound Wheel Horse

    Good luck. I would rather take an a.. beating then move.

    Love to have it in my shop.
  8. Prayers for Brrly1

    Praying for a quick recovery.
  9. Looks like a great idea. For my D200 I used a metal tool box and some magnets to hold it on the fender.
  10. 310-8 hood wobble?

    I drilled mine and installed bushings. Bushings are cheap to replace and will wear before the metal will. For the trim piece I used 3/8" rubber hose and cut a slit down the center. Just a couple more options, good luck.
  11. Congrats Bob on winning. Steve Thank you for keeping this thread alive and well. It has been a very good year for the big ten in my eyes and I'm hoping that we have a strong showing in the bowl games. As always GO BUCKEYES
  12. I tried to put my picks in last Saturday morning and the site was being updated. With a game already played this week I have decided that I will just be an observer. Good luck to everyone. Go BUCKEYES
  13. THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES Michigan St. Northwestern Nebraska michigan Iowa N.D. Go Buckeyes