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  1. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    I got the hood all notched out did I dry fit up of the clutch and belt everything seems to be good gotta send the block to machine shop with the piston to get bored 10 over
  2. 73 wheel horse

    Is there any 8 speeds availableoit there
  3. Need stickers for the wheel horse it's a 73 and it's a 8hp 4 spd but I replaced the 8 with a 12 can you make it say 12hp 4spd
  4. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

  5. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    Aolt of cleaned issues yes it hooks right up I had to notch the lower corner of the hood so I clears the oil pan ear now the issue with the air cleaner I'm just gonna have to notch the side I bought a gt14 air cleaner neck so I can mount out the side but gotta take a good chunk out the side of the hood
  6. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    Gt14 sorry not gt40 lol yeah your frame looks little longer than mine
  7. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    8hp 4 speed it's a 73
  8. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    I bought a GT 40 side air cleaner for this project I believe Im gonna have to use it cut the side if the hood I will lol I just didn't wanna hack it up that all
  9. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    I have the pan that has the tapped bottom holes
  10. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    sorry mounting the oil pan I need to be all but touching the battery tray but I can't drill the front holes cause if the steering mount for the tie rods
  11. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    I can bolt the pan down no problem but can't close the hood I need to have the pan back against battery tray but can't drill the front two holes cause rid the tie rod mount
  12. Stuffing a 12 hp Kohler under the hood if my 8hp 4 speed wheel horse having trouble mounting the oil pan no room to drill the holes I need any suggestions thanks
  13. Replacing 8hp with 12hp

    I'm trying to stuff a 12 Kohler under the hood of my 8 go 4 speed wheel horse but running into some issues I'm sure someone in here has done this please chime in thanks
  14. Polished exhaust stack

    They are nice I will let ya know and how loud are they do you have a video of them on a tractor running
  15. Polished exhaust stack

    I dont live to far from bud only about 25 minutes maybe