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  1. I have been working on my evil plan for about ten years, dealing with crapsman, crubs and all the other tin cans I would complain grumble and kick them "alot" all while saying "I dont mind working on em when I want to, not when I have to". Then one summer she made a mistake of saying . well get what you want and have at least 2 so ones always going. That was all I needed , first one then 2 then 3 and 4 and so on. When she says are you done yet, I just say "am I complaining?" It gets quiet and out to the barn I go. Yes maybe a little evil but we all know thats the game that needs to be played sometimes, been married 15 years now and as long as theres no complaining should be many more.
  2. the 50 dollar wheel horse

    I just cant believe you left it to go trick or treating, I would of went bought some bags of candy threw em at the kids and said enjoy well I went n got it, Nice find, some times they just fall in your lap and pretty cool the boy is lookin out for you. Either that or he is looking at what may be his some day. Well either way its a win. Keep us updated with some more pics,
  3. Tips and tricks needed for k-341

    I will admit, I have taken a perfectly good engine and tore into it for "more power" . What I found out was, that it was never the same again. The engine was just never as good as it was. Yes I was able to get more but it was a poor trade off, If using for pulling or short runs, I would say build that B!@tch up! as for everyday running, nothing beats the origanal. First thing I would suggest is reading http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/index.htm He explains all tips and tricks, but read it with the mind set of what you will be using this for.
  4. Children driving Wheel Horse question

    My son was 8 when I got him,his first horse "raider 12 also" I wont let him mow with it took the deck right off. I did make some adjustments, Throttle stop, larger steering wheel and and a better seat so he could reach things and, I was able to move it out further. He drives fine, matter of fact after a year he tells me "hang on dad I got this". My daghter has the same set-up on her b-60 she is ten. The rules are laid out, no one touches them till I am home and out and what I say goes.
  5. Carburetor question

    Thank you guys , I went out and put it on tonight and played with it a bit in the barn, I will say it sure runs WAY better then before . I was getting mad because it was just sitting there and I knew I couldnt do anything with it. I will get it out of the barn tomorrow and see how she does but it idled nice and and went through rpms fine "did not even sound bad with the pepper can muffler" I am really pleased with it so far. The one I had the PO had opened the jets further then the #30 carb was ,so either way it kinda had to be better. This made her sound like she has some life. I have a pretty sweet bone yard, I got the carb, a canister muffler and a starter for 5 bucks. so it was worth a shot, that may have paid off.
  6. Carburetor question

    Thanks, I am only putting it on till I can come up with funds for the right one, which wont be for a while now, I just try and have everything running for winter so moving them around is easier, as far as ebay, 50 would only get me a used one that chances are someone else pieced together "sorry bad luck with ebay this summer" . I will see how it does and keep my eyes open for the right one. But thank you for the input/
  7. Carburetor question

    Could I use a #30 carb off of a 14hp on a 12hp that had a #26? I have a bad needle and seat in mine and a bad float. I stopped by the boneyard today and all I came up with was a #30 off a 14. The only differance I see is the venturi but they use the same gasket. I am not looking for any power increase just for it to be smooth running .I really havent taken any time looking at this just thought I would ask before I spend any time on it or I will just use parts off of it.
  8. b80

    I put a 12 on my b-80, pretty easy and nice fit but choke cables and throttle were a bit shorter and need a little rerouting but went easy enough. Sure brought some life into her. B-100 BOB is right about the pulley but I am sure there are some wheelhorse pulleys floating around. My son pulled with ours at the fair, she was sure impressive!
  9. Crazy people out there

    Thats why I stick with the junk horses no one wants, I have trouble dealing with people like that. Give him a few weeks he will probably call back with another offer "when he sees its still there"
  10. Black hoods?

    I will admit this one has already grown on me "I love the engines that are to others shot, but with a little work run the best" . My b-80's engine I found in a swamp, best runnin kohler I have ever seen with nothing more then an oil change. I did a quick fix on the rust because it was so bad in spot I just couldnt see it like that. figure I have all winter so now I can do a little at a time. I can tell it has very little run time on her and I really dont think much has ever been done to it, which makes it even better to tear into. I still havent figured out a purpose for it yet other then I know I had to have it. I usr to have a wheelhorse dealer down rhe road from me, that I would help out at every know and then "washing em before they went back to the owners" and I remember the blackhood because that was the time they stopped selling them. I was young and didnt really pay attention as to why. Anyways with that being said I have one now and it just got me really thinking about it.
  11. Projects please give any avdise

    1st I am mounting a glacier 2 plow system to an old b-80 with electric lift.
  12. Black hoods?

    Wow nice guys, and thank you all for the info. Mine is not anywheres near that nice "yet" it was sitting outside for a few years. The guy that owned it thought the motor was seized so I gave him 50 for it. I got it home and when I started on it the starter was lodged , I removed it cleaned the gas tank put it all back together and it fired right up and drove it around with no problems. I will post some pics once I get it back together but everything was so crusty I wanted to get it all free and clean before to much running. The only problem I have with it is my wife seen it and said "is that a hydro?" I said yes why, she goes, well that ones mine!
  13. Black hoods?

    I picked up my first black hood c145 hydro, so I started reading a bit on them and see a lot of people talking about them as if they were almost a differant brand. The thing is I can not find any real history as why they did this or why no one wants them, Can someone please help me as to find what the deal is with them. I like knowing a bit about each one I have but this one seems as thou I can not find any real info about. To me other then the hood and fenders its the same as the others "well for the most part the same". Thanks in advance and any info would be helpful.
  14. C125 point gap?

    let us know how that goes, carb setting for k301 is, 2 1/2 backed out for main jet and 1 3/4 for idle.
  15. C125 point gap?

    Hey , How long has it been since this was last run?