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  1. Headlamps

    1156 bulbs put out light all the way around, led's are directional. to replace the existing bulbs with led's would require remounting the socket assembly.
  2. Stuck In Virginia

    Unfortunately, just because there is fuel doesnt mean there is enough. Chevys have to have full pressure to run. If its minumum pressure is 60 psi then 58 psi won't get it. I have run into several, including my own, that were below min. specs on the pressure and would not run. Cant diagnose them by description, but it has been my experience on several chevys, that fuel pressure has been a common issue.
  3. Snow In Oklahoma

    I was supposed to meet someone from Tuttle OK. in Rolla Mo. yesterday. That didnt happen. I decided it wasnt worth the risk of dring into tha mess. :notworthy:
  4. what is this thing?

    Been a day or two. I got it running,with no smoke and no noises. So far only one hydraulic line was bad,unfortunatelly it was for the steering. Makes for an interesting ride when it suddenly turns left. actually work it pretty hard dragging an old truck frame out of the garage,except for a little tire slippage, it didn't wast to give up. now if i can figure out how to make it 4 wheel drive,i think it will be pretty unstoppable. I plan on getting some pictures posted with the progress. just been having fun playing with and forgot the camera shots.
  5. what is this thing?

    I appreciate the help. I am finding very little about this thing. Does that make it rare? I have found a couple of archive forumns,with the same question. "what is it?" I just thought it was kind of neat looking and decided I would like to have it.I havent decided if I regret the purchase yet.For what I paid I didn't go wrong.I just wish I could find an owners manual or any literature. From what I have found,apparently it was only made in 71 and 72.I don't know how accurate that is .
  6. what is this thing?

    I did some searching,and believe your right.I only found 2 pictures of hesston mowers and no other info at all. As for the coupler being missing,It was actualyy ther till I started cranking the motor.It sorta just desintegrated.TSC will be getting several visits from me on this project.All the hydraulic lines will need replaced and anything else rubber on it. The hydro motor on the differential appears to be the same that the later Wheel Horse used. If any one knows anywhere to get some more info on this thing ,I would greatly appreciate the help. As far as buying it with out knowing what it is,I figured I could at least get my fifty dollars back in scrap.I think I like it enough to restore or rebuild it. :thumbs:
  7. what is this thing?

    I saw this thing while making some deliveries and made arrangements purchase. The only tag I can find is on the headache bar.It says "SOLPER IND." I can't find anything on the net about it anywhere.It has a kohler twin and is fully hydraulic. If anybody has a clue as to what it is or where I can get some info on it,PLease help. This thing has been sitting for a few years and was a little stuck.I got the motor turning and all but one lever freed up.The guy had a few spare parts for it ,including a differential.I had thoughts of making it a 4 wheel drive since it is hydraulic drive.I figure a couple of mods and a few extra hoses, shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks in advance for any help.It will be greatly appreciated.
  8. 50 inch dozer blade

    Thanks for the compliments. Business has been real slow here.I had to take a second job to keep up on the bills. They let me do my fab work here,because when they need some work done they come to me. They let me store that one here ,as it got volenteered into lot duty for the winter. Getting ready to move my mini shop out to another place and start fabbing 4x4 parts.I'm not going to get rich at it ,but I will make enough to keep on "Horsing"
  9. I wanted a little more than what I had so I modified my 42in. I thought I might need a little weight on the back so I modified a couple of 50# cast iron weights to do the job. Now if I could get some snow here I can try it out.
  10. christmas morning tool kit

    I have noticed that the younger the age group,the harder the toys are to open.My two teenager's gifts are a simple matter of opening the boxes.my 8 year olds require "the tool kit". It should be the other way around.The teens know how to unpackage the gifts,and yet don't need to.It's a plot to drive the parents insane and just get them bigger gifts already out of the box,such as the new bike.
  11. Cheap barbell weight carrier

    Now you all have got me a little worried.I had a couple of 50# cast iron weights and drilled them to fit my towing hitch.Is this too much weight on the tongue of the hitch?
  12. Snowblower chute height

    Are those genuine horse blankets in the back ground? I had to ask before someone else did.
  13. plow tilt

    Is there a preferred angle on the tilt for pushing snow? I have seen some blades straight up,some leaned forward,but not any tilted back. Is one position better than the other or is it a preference thing? :hide:
  14. what is it

    WONKAMOBILE? :hide:
  15. Something that really makes me mad!

    Just a little off topic,but following the messed up motor thing. I work a dealership now,but a few years back I had my own shop.A guy came in for an estimate and said his wife ran the motor without oil.when he asked her when she checked it,she replied never,BUT, the oil light had been on for about a week and she thought that meant it needed changed.She had planned on getting it done the next weekend to surprise her husband. And show him that she was responsible and taking care of their car. The locking lug nuts is a good suggestion and you can buy kits with enough lug nuts to replace all of them. It is a sad shame when you have to got extremes to protect your family,and shell out extra cash,just because some people are a-holes. The people responsible probably don't even realise that their putting lives at stake and in danger. hopefully this issue gets resolved for you quickly.