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  1. Snow blower blowing snow wrong

    On the plus side, you can get a lot more chains from a 10' length!
  2. lift tube problem on snow blower

    The washer is important!
  3. Snowblower fitment?

    My snowblower is my favorite attachment!
  4. Dim Lights

    12.8 volts seems a bit on the low side. As long as it keeps the battery charged I guess you are OK. Time will tell.
  5. 520H tach question

    Geno, I can take anything apart.....................................
  6. Finally beat Geno to a 520!

    Great score! Seat looks great. The rest is just paint.
  7. Snow blower coatings

    John, Yes I have. I did my Toro walk-behind blower with the EZ Slide. I did one half of the auger with it, and half without. Guess what. The half with the EZ Slide plugs up way easier than the stock paint. Stick with wax or POR.
  8. Tecumseh Issues?

    Any update on this Chaz?
  9. Tecumseh Issues?

    Chas, If you do go for one of these for your HH100, let me know how it works as my brother in law has a HH100 with a worn out carb(throttle shaft) and this would be an easy fix for him.
  10. to chain or not to chain (snow tires)

    James, I doubt anyone is going to write you up for having chains on your Wheel Horse in the winter. Welcome!
  11. What's so funny, I don't get it?

    Malmac, My best friend is just that guy! He recently built a bigger house and has some lawn now. He asked my advice on what to get for a lawn mower/tractor. Now this guy has trouble changing a light bulb, so when he asked me my opinion, my first fleeting thought was an older Wheel Horse. However, as previously stated, this fellow is not one to change oil, check tire pressure, etc, so when I opened my mouth, I said "You should go to Home Depot and buy a new John Deere. They have a 3 year warranty, blah, blah, blah. He is happy with his "Tractor". I am happy not fixing it! Wheel Horse tractors are made for men and women who can appreciate a well made product. Quality over Quantity any day of the week. Year in, Year out. You get my point. I have said it before, and will say it again, "Wheel Horse Tractors are Lifetime Tractors".
  12. single stage tall shoot snow blower weight

    Akestner, I don't have an exact figure, but my single stage tall chute blower weighs a lot more than 100 pounds.
  13. Wow! Lots of work went in to that deck! By the way, I like the paint job as it is.
  14. Haban Flail Mower

    While not a Wheel Horse with a flail mower, this is pretty impressive. Saw one today just down the road from me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52wOJ3Cu_7Y&feature=player_embedded
  15. What oils do you put in your Wheel Horse Tractors?

    You could be right about the Paraffin. Quaker State is still a hard sell in northern Maine. As I was told by a mechanic friend of mine,many years ago, a particular lot of oil that rhymes with "Bakers Date", made its way to Aroostook County just before cold weather hit. When the temps went down, that oil solidified in the crankcase, causing many a farmer to replace or rebuild his engine. Those folks up there have long memories and will avoid QS like the plague.