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  1. This was my second show, unfortunately I wasn't able to bring my own rides due to a blown brake line on my truck. Still had a great time seeing all the cool customs, vintage rides, factory-like restos and even the "well worn". Here are my pics from Friday. Some are the same tractors that others have posted but there are definitely some I haven't seen posted. *The 310-8 Red Hood at the end is from Sat. It was the only complete one I saw at the whole show. I took many pics of it because that is what I'm rebuilding. ENJOY
  2. Mower Deck parts ID?

    Really not one reply yet?
  3. Oh great and knowledgeable WH junkies, please help me identify what I have. I got these parts when I picked up my tractors years ago and never looked into them. I ended up scrapping the decks because they were rusted real bad everywhere(un-savable). What do these parts go to and are they worth anything to anyone? I know they are for a mower deck but that is all I know. Wondering if I should bring them up to the show to sell or not. I also have a 6-2211 snow thrower I may bring up, what should I value it at? No flag or lift bar and the long handle to turn the chute appears to be homemade. Otherwise in good condition, the main parts are there and seem to work(can turn pulley by hand). This may have been modified to work on a 310-8 but not sure. If anyone is interested in these I will go the official route and post a classified. I just don't know enough about their value to do that yet. Thanks
  4. I use Rustoleum from a can, it works well, but if you can afford it powder coat is the way to go
  5. Hi JT, thanks for the comment. As for the e-tank: This site is one that helped me understand the process- http://antique-engines.com/electrol.asp This page describes the chemical science behind it- http://antique-engines.com/electrol-details.asp A search on google for "electrolysis rust removal" will provide you with lots of examples. There are youtube videos that walk you through the process also. This can be done on any scale, I used a 40(or so) gallon Rubbermaid tub but if your just doing small parts a 2 or 5 gallon bucket works fine. I've even seen one the size of a small pool! Here are links to two other sites that really helped me understand how it works and how to set it up. Just remember to be safe and set up the tank outside. The process releases hydrogen and oxygen, the same as the fuels that launch the space shuttle! http://www.rowand.net/Shop/Tools/Electrolysis.htm http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/andyspatch/rust.htm Make sure to let us know how it goes for you and as always See pics below for an example of how my setup looks.
  6. Sorry fellas, no forward progress yet, but i'm trying. Last weekend had to work on a chainsaw to do some cleanup from the ice storm a while back that took down some trees. Just been getting to my typical spring chores and trying to get the garden started had been a b**ch. This winter SUCKED! However it won't be long because I've been itchin' to get back at it. It is killing me to have to keep passing it while doing other work. I do have more done than what the pics show above, so when I do get started I can at least post some progress pics right away! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The guy that gave me these just told me he found the mower deck and it is in good condition. All I have to do is find time to go get it (over an hour away), hopefully this weekend! Maybe if I get enough people posting to see the progress I can argue to my wife that I have to make it a top priority. Gotta give the people what they want, right?! Thanks for the continued interest, Dave
  7. First off @ Digger66 - Great tip about the split fuel line to protect edge! To avoid the time to split the fuel line pick up some edge guard like this link or door trim used on car doors. Not too expensive and ready to use. The smoother the better, softer rubber may not let the tool slide easily around the rim. I would point out that your method would depend the condition of your rims and whether you want the inner part of the rim to be painted(inside the tire). If you ever plan on loading the tires with fluid for weight, I would highly recommend painting all surfaces to protect them. This will almost definitely require removal of the tires. Obviously this would not be an issue if using tubes. If that is not a concern or your using tubes then you can do like RacinBob said but instead of index cards an old deck of playing cards will work the same.
  8. The only update at this time is the amount of snow on top of the tarp! Unfortunately having a "shade tree" shop and a winter of this magnitude has me closed until spring. I didn't even get a chance to dump my e-tank before it froze and it hasn't thawed out since! Hopefully I get back to it as soon as the weather warms up. I'm trying to bring it up for the show in June as a completed project(we'll see ) We recently got @26" with the bigger storm and an additional 2-3" today. I've had to put the old yellow machine to work for this winter but hope to have this one up to task for next year. The project tractor is in the red circle.
  9. Had to look close at your pic, at first it looked like it had a shotgun blast to the mid section. I thought "Wow, what a job repairing all those holes". When I blew it up to see better i realized it was just the burrs or some other weed in front of it. Still a nice job on it!
  10. Well things have dried out a little around here after the deluge of rain early this past weekend. I got the tank stand installed along with the fender support. Getting down to only a handful of sheet metal to run through the e-tank! The hood and rear fender pan are the two biggest things left to refinish. The console is now painted and nearly all of the pits seen in the pic are gone thanks to the filler primer. I didn't get a finished pic yet but I will soon. I was trying to figure out how to paint my clutch spring because it was already starting to rust back up on me. I came up with (what I thought was) a brilliant idea. I originally thought about hanging it and putting weight on it to open the coils. Well that seemed like a pain because it is a pretty strong spring and would need a fair amount of weight. My solution was to just bend it and hook it to itself to open the coils. Then once it dried I just twisted it to open up the other side. It worked great, the finished spring looks like new. Now the next thing I just couldn't help myself. I was getting tired of seeing it with no feet just sitting on the crates. So I yanked the front wheels off of my other 310-8 until I can get the rims finished and get some new tires on them. I still need to get one more rear wheel on, it was getting late and dark. It will be a full roller as soon as I can do that. I had to take a break from it yesterday to celebrate my son's birthday . I still can't get over the fact that I am now the parent of a TEENAGER! Although his behavior and attitude make more sense now.
  11. Lots of rain around here lately has had my shadetree workshop shutdown. I did get to work on it some today. I installed the tie rods and painted a few parts. Finally got some red on the main section of the tank stand. Once it dries I can start to put the parts back on and get the tank cleaned up and installed. I also wire wheeled the console and got a few coats of primer on. I'm using the filler primer to help fill some fair sized pits from the rust.
  12. Here are links to two sites that really helped me understand how it works and how to set it up. Just remember to be safe and set up the tank outside. The process releases hydrogen and oxygen, the same as the fuels that launch the space shuttle! http://www.rowand.net/Shop/Tools/Electrolysis.htm http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/andyspatch/rust.htm There are also lots of you tube videos on the subject If you would like to see the results you can check out my rebuild - I built my first tank from items found around the shed. Then I "upgraded" to a larger tank to fit bigger parts. Also don't forget Can't wait to see you project progress
  13. I've got a constant rotation of parts thru the tank. That is the best thing about using the e-tank, I can just load it and pull them out when I am ready for he next part. The parts can be in there anywhere from a few hours to several days. I usually have several parts in there at a time and I just pick out the one that looks like it is most ready. Or in some cases the next part I need to move forward with assembly. The battery tray was in for about 20 hours(I think). The foot rest was in for about a week so, it almost wiped clean except for the really rusty areas. They took a little work to get them to shine. Thanks for the enthusiastic support. It's people like you that help to keep me motivated. I am looking forward to showing it off at the big show in June.
  14. Pulled the tank/seat supports, steering shaft and one of the console plates from the e-tank tonight. I didn't have time to paint them so I'm hoping they don't rust up on me overnight. I think I got them dried off enough that they won't but even if they do a quick brushing should clean them right up. Here's some before and after shots The clean area in the first pic is where there was still grip tape. Which pulled right off, a lot easier than heating and scraping, then scrubbing with goof off. Oh yeah...I almost forgot...This weekend I am picking up a 1971 Cub Cadet 129 with mower, dozer blade, snow thrower, and a single blade plow. I believe it is all original and just needs a good bath. It is/was my grandfather's and has spent it's entire life indoors. I remember him keeping it in the basement before he had a shed. I know we are all WH fans here but I'm sure most are like me and like all the old iron.