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  1. Busted hi/low selector

    As an update. . . pulled the plow off the 310, pulled off the rigid link connected to the lift rockshaft, re-positioned the mower lift chain on the rockshaft, swapped on the mule, attached the 48" deck, tightened up the deck drive belt, and !viola'!, she mows. The PTO was last used about 4 years ago when I last used the tiller, but has not seen a mower deck in 20 years. Mowing level on short grass is okay in 2nd gear. Mowing a slight uphill or thicker grass is 1st gear. Now to dig back into the 416. Kinda discouraging. . .
  2. Busted hi/low selector

    New tractor for Christmas?? Or until the cows come home? It looks like we'll get the 310 fired up. May need to go slow, but as I am teaching my 16 year old daughter to mow all should be fine. Driving the tractor is a requirement to drive the car. The boys did it, now starting on the girls. Yee hah!
  3. Busted hi/low selector

    Not sure how much it rotates. I've put the tractor back together and will need to disassemble a bit to investigate more. Maybe in a couple of days. . . Real, real drag. . . if all else fails I reckon I've got 3 options (no time to even consider cracking the thing open). Anyway, anyone want to vote on what they would do? 1. Swap the tranny from my 310-8. 2. Put the 48" deck on the 310 (definitely no 3rd gear mowing, maybe eve not 2nd gear?) Okay, so this should be the first option, but this is my dozer tractor. Hasn't had a deck on it in 20 years. 3. Put the Kohler 16 hp K341 from the 416 into the 310.
  4. Busted hi/low selector

    Shaft #45 now just rotates freely without engaging any gears.
  5. Hi folks; Just got done swapping my 416-8 engine and tranny to a new chassis with a better steering gear. With my son we wrestled on the transaxle to the chassis, but when I tried to slip on the hi-lo lever onto the tranny post, it would not fit. It was slighty at an angle due to my own inadequacies. Well. . . . I had the brilliant idea to try and tap it on to fit. Did not work, and it looks like I loosened the post. Now, it is stuck in lo gear and the lever just flops around. Thoughts, even to get in high gear so I do not have to mow at 1 mph? Thanks ✓
  6. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    I think some of us are forgetting that Toro did change WHs to be more contemporary. . .e.g,. 522xl and the lower models. Step through, hydros, contemporary looks. . . and they still failed. Only three homemade premium garden tractor makers anymore -- JD and Simplicity (maybe Kubota)-- because the demand is not there. But think about how many $5000 zero turns are sold. Look how many companies make high quality and commercial grade zero turns. . . no fewer than 10 brands, and recent start ups (Altoz, Spartan).
  7. 416-H Tractor + Parts

    Is there anything included in the 417-8 frame? Dash tower? Shifter console, steering gear? email at
  8. Swung a little too hard today ...

    My 416 and 310 both have similar breaks.
  9. Wheel weights and snow blower

    Changed Price to $190 -- sold Changed Status to Closed
  10. Wheel weights and snow blower

    Sorry, not going to the Mentone meet. I will separate. . . .$170 for weights, $40 for blower, $190 for both.
  11. Ariens snowblower

    Ariens ST824LE snowblower, from about 2001. Rarely used over the last 7 years as they guy before me, and then me, preferred to plow. Condition is terrific, as shown. Has both electric start and pulls start. Pull start recoil mechanism is being replaced and will be installed and functional for any purchaser. Only thing not working is the "key", the plastic on-off pull switch. Does not affect operation at all.
  12. Wheel weights and snow blower, both for $190. Wheel weights, 50 lbs. Came off my 416; I believe they were original. They have been wire brushed and re-painted. Come with bolts, a couple of which could be replaced. Snow blower, auger turns, needs lift arm and flag. Nozzle cable is broken. Auger turns freely.
  13. Cast iron wheel weights

    Still looking? I've got a set that looks like the pic below, 50 lbs each (I think). $170 for the pair. In Ithaca, NY area.
  14. Cast Wheel Weights

    I've got some wheel weights I'm looking to sell.I don't have pics at the moment, but they are same as the one in the pic below. They came off my 416-8 with 12" diameter rims. I believe they are 50 lbs each. $170 for the pair, bolts included.
  15. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    Let's be honest here. WH's, even 520s, are stout garden tractors, not SCUTs. Even my Deutz-Allis 1920, which is much larger than a 520 and has available a 3 pt hitch, is a large garden tractor. The question is, is there really a new garden tractor that can pull a single bottom plow, run a tiller, and dozer more than snow? Ingersoll, JD X500 and up, and that is it. Actually, Husky sells a front mount articulating mower in Europe that is a beast . . .dozer, blower, etc. Not even the new Kubota mowers are lawn tractors. Kubota BX are SCUTS, as are Massey low HP tractors. Simplicity Legacy and JD X700 series are sold as garden tractors or SCUTs, depending on the audience. But, the earlier comment is right. Buyers wanting ground engaging capabilities are directed toward SCUTS with 3 pt hitches and diesels. There are MANY manufacturers of high end zero turn mowers. Every region has there own favorite. This is the high end market, not true garden tractors. If I were thinking of adding a new product, I'd go electric (eg Mean Green) and/or robotic. Check out these: