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  1. 520-h brake adjustment .

    Ok, I will give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks for the help !
  2. Just picked up a 520-h. Not perfect cosmetically, but runs like a top ! Worked it hard this weekend hauling gravel (12yds) with no issue but one.....the brake won't hold even just the tractor alone on a hill. Easy adjustment for a non-mechanic with only basic skills and tools ? Comments and instruction from the smart guys are all welcome. Thanks all !
  3. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Good feedback, I will keep working on it. Thanks !
  4. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Updating an old post... Well, I got to do a lot of work with the GT14 working as it was, but it jsut kept getting worse. When I first got it, the down pressure on the plow was able to lift the fromt of the tractor. It would not do that any more, so I called Bozrah Power (as suggested by Sparky above) and had Larry come pick it up. He has gone through it and tried a few things, but says "its old and tired and needs more help than he can give it". He said he knows someone close by that has some available WH parts, so he promised to call to see if they had anything that might help me. I am guessing a rebuild is in order, which I cannot do. Any other suggestions ? Larry has checked for clogged strainer, clogged filter, tow valve, motion control valve, and relief valve. Any opinions on replacement hydro pump options (I hear that the Charger model may be a bolt up fit) ? I need a rugged, strong, work tractor for plowing and hauling.....I think the GT14 fits the bill, but if I cant fix this one, I will have to look for something else.
  5. GT-14 hydro help ?

    No, not yet - I have been able to consistently use the tractor for moving gravel around with no issues, but I have not figured out the real issue yet. I am considering a full service on the hydro this winter. I got an estimate for the work and was told to expect it to take "several months". So for now, using it "as-is".
  6. I called yesterday to go see it, but it had already been sold. Missed this one, will have to move faster next time !
  7. I have the opportunity to consider the purchase of a 1964 1054. Supposedly in good running condition, with transmission and hydraulic lift in good working order. I have not been able to go see it yet. Looking for opinions on this model, and hints and tips on what I should look for when I see it - any known issues that I should look for ? Any revealing questions that I should ask or functions that I should test (other than run, go, lift and stop) ? You guys are a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate any and all input.
  8. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Update: More reading, and your pointers and I have figured out the braking....can be a bit awkward trying to steer and manage the "go" lever at the same time ! My parking brake works fine - someone modified the lever at some point, so it took some wrangling to figure out how to use it according to their new design . I ended up jumping the belt off the pulley a couple of times as I practiced. I'm no further along on loss of puling power on a slope though, so will probably need to take it to someone for a once over. You guys are great, keep up the good work !!
  9. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Thx Mike. I have been in there (ordered new tranny filter from them). They have a couple of older WH for sale. Will have to stop by to talk to Larry.....
  10. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Working pretty well but loses power on a slope. Reverse seems to have more power than forward (does that even make sense ?). Lever sticks a bit when using reverse, can be hard to get it out. Makes me think the tranny needs a rebuild. I'm not capable - yes, I have seen the forum posts with instructions, just not comfortable with my abilities. Anyone with ideas or recommendations on reliable, reasonably priced places to have the work done ? Anyone interested in doing it ? I am in northeast CT. Thanks !
  11. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Ok, finally able to change fluid and filter ! Already an improvement. How do I know. Have enough fluid in the transmission ? I put in 4 qts, but it's really tough to read the dipstick. Do I bottom out the dipstick to check the level ? Felling good about being ready for some work - this weekend will be the start.
  12. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Hoping to change filter and fluids this weekend (if the filter shows up!). Will report back... But a coupe of questions until then: - if the fill/check valve were loose, would that contribute to a lss of pressure, and a loss of power ? I did find that the valve was not closed tightly. - can the tow valve be too loose (open) and create the same symptom ? BTW guys, I am loving ths forum ! Reading and learning a lot !
  13. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Went to get the filter, had to order it from the local Toro dealer. Will keep you posted as I get it changed, but still open for other thoughts and suggestions. Thanks all !
  14. GT-14 hydro help ?

    By the way, any hints on changing the transmission fluid ? Is it as easy as I think it should be ? I do have an owners manual, but it does not really give explicit instructions on how to do it.
  15. GT-14 hydro help ?

    Thanks to you both for such prompt responses ! I am in Norwich, so it's over an hour from Norwalk. I will try to change the fluid in the next few days if I can make time..... One thing I should have mentioned - the symptoms do not appear over extended use, the power is not there right from the first drive.