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  1. 312 8

    Well I guess it did but I now see the date in the bottom left corner and that is obiviously wrong. I need to change the date on my camera. Let me see if I can post more.
  2. 312 8

    Well I took some pics of my 321 8 and went to photobucket and went through the process and now lets see if it works.
  3. 312 8

    I will try to post some pics soon, if I can figure out how. I checked the points and that was my problem as far as getting it to fire corectly. It cranked and ran for a short while and then went dead and would not crank again. I think I have a bad fuel pump. It still have to fix the stator and regulator but at least I know she will live again soon. Thanks again for all your help. I have already learned a whole lot from this forum and would not be as far along as I am without it. I will get back as soon as I can with some pictures and an update.
  4. 312 8

    Thank you for taking so much time to answer my post, they have been extremly helpful. I have a voltmeter. I will check the points within the the day and get back sometime tonight. I know I need more patience but I want them right now.
  5. 312 8

    Thanks saved old iron. I bought a switch just like the one in the diagram and wired it up just like you said going through the volt meter and all. I do not have any safety switches on it. It would not do anything at all. I figured my volt meter was bad so I bypassed it and hooked the battery wire straight to the battery. I don't know if this makes any difference or not but it did turn over. I then noticed smoke coming from the flywheel area so I quickly turned the switch off and unhooked the battery. I got up the nerve to hook the battery back up and try it again and as long as the switch was off everything was good, and also when I just had the switch on it was ok. When I turned the switch to start and then back to on it started smoking again. I took the wire going from the switch to the regulator off and it was ok. I took a test light and tested all the prongs with the switch on and they all had fire but the start one. I checked to see if I had fire at the coil and I did so I took the spark plug out to see if I was getting a spark and it was not sparking when I turned the switch to start but I noticed that when I turned the switch back to off it would spark, so I tried it again and it did the same thing. It will not spark when the engine is turning over but as soon as I turn the switch back to off it will spark everytime. I am a beginner at this and this is really the first time I have tried to wire up a lawnmower but this just does not make any sense at all. I don't know if my regulator is bad or what but I checked and checked again and again to make sure that I had everything wired up just as the diagram showed. I am ready to get this wiring stuff over with and get on with the fun stuff like painting and tilling. Thanks for all your help.
  6. 312 8

    Thanks everybody. I have been away for a while and I am back to work on the 312. I wired every thing up according to my switch. I run a wire from the B terminal on the switch to the battery. A wire from the S terminal to the silenoid. I then turned the switch on and used a test light to find a hot wire to run to the coil. I have a spark to the spark plug and the motor will turn over but I do not have a gas line hooked up yet so it will not run. This terminal had an L beside it. I thought this would be the one to run the lights. I then run a wire from the terminal that had a G to a ground. I then hooked up the voltage regulator and run a wire from the B+ terminal to the battery but is started sparking. The other terminal on the switch has an M beside it. I figured this one was the magneto but I am not for sure and since I do not have a magneto do I need to put the wire from the B+ terminal on the regulator on this terminal on the switch. That would use up all the terminals on the switch and would leave no place for the accessories. My father in law said it might be a bad stator. Is there an easy way to test if the stator or regulator is bad? I know it will be easier to tell what is going on if it were actually running and I hope to have it running next weekend if I get time. Thanks.
  7. 312 8

    Thanks guys. I do not have it running. I just got the starter and coil in today and I plan on putting them on tomorrow. I want to just make sure but doesen't the condenser wire go on the negative side of the coil?
  8. 312 8

    Hey guys I took the seat and fender pan off and cannot find any numbers anywhere. I can say that it only has reflectors as tail ligthts and it does not have the lights on the dash. the motor is a kohler k301 12 hp but the tag on the motor has been painter over so I cannot read any of the info on it.
  9. 312 8

    I am not sure what year. How do I tell what year it is?
  10. 312 8

    Hello, I am working on getting a 312 8 going again and I know very little about the electrical system. I have a diagram and I don't see a voltage regulator. Does a 312 8 need a voltage regulator?
  11. 1985 312 8

    These are pictures of the 312 8 I am fixing up to till and mow with.