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  1. 520hc

    someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the HC has the forward swept axle??? if that's the case, you'll need the blade extension kit in order to clear the front tires when the blade is angled.
  2. here's something interesting.... Brians gear cluster has all beveled gears. mine has beveled and straight.
  3. Brian, I have about 3/16" movement in and out, from the bearing to the final gear on the output shaft. doesn't matter if i'm in neutral or any of the gears.
  4. Cst, this is the gear welded to my tranny. I believe it was done by the Ponds during original assembly. IMO, it looks like Brians may have been disassembled at some time to replace the bearing ??? then re-welded. again, only my opinion.
  5. Brian, yes! the final drive gear is welded on. I've been working on one for a few years now, and only recently have focused on the tranny. I think???? this transmission might be in a little better shape than yours. so if you'd like, just for comparison, I can send a few photos. I've been following your posts, and as it turns out, I'm a bit ahead of you on the restore thus far (although it won't be long until you pass me) I've gone over the steering box, built new spindle assemblies, and at the present am having the engine re-bored, and getting things in order to finish it's rebuild. I'm curious to know, when you get the bull gear assemblies apart. if your axle shaft bearings are the same size as mine. these bearings are 5/8 x 1 1/8 i.d. x 2 1/4 o.d. and while it's apart, I feel they should be replaced. what I've found out is, Nice is the only company making that size presently. they can be bought at Fastenal, or Motion Ind. only problem is, they come in lots of 10!!! at $43-$47 a piece, that is a bit pricey. so what I'm considering doing is replacing the metal piece that retains the bearings with one that's 2 1/2 o.d. I've found these bearings for a lower price, and I didn't have to buy 10 of them. the only thing I need to look into, is if there's enough room for the new retainer at the top end of the bull gear housing. sorry for being so winded, but I'm thinking any insight may be appreciated at this point on your project. good luck with it, I'm enjoying reading your posts! Dan
  6. Calling All 4 Lever Steer & Senior Owners

    Bob, if you've any interest in my 2 cents worth.... I've a friend who owns a "1937" Ford pickup with the flathead V8 engine in it. he has been street rodding for probably 40 years...plenty of knowledge when it comes to the old Fords. he has looked at both of my Seniors, and in his opinion, the rear and transmission are identical to the ones in his truck. consequently, I have acquired various gaskets and parts for my tractors from a catalog put out by "Mac's" antique auto parts. you can find them online, then if you like, order their catalog to order parts as needed. I've purchased the rear axle housing gaskets there........ you'll want to order the .010 thickness gaskets because upon measuring the originals, I found they were that size. although it is not as critical as say in a higher speed vehicle, the backlash of the ring and pinion should not be altered. I've also got the torque tube rear gasket from them. also, if memory serves me well, I got a universal gasket set for the transmission. you'll find things like the rubber seals for the drag link and tie rods in their catalog. things like the brake lining are also in there catalog, it just may take a bit of research to figure out exactly what you may need. as for the vintage of the Senior, I agree with Bob R. 100%..... the Seniors use the V8 tranny and rear, and the Lever steers use the Rockford clutch and the model A tranny..... probably uses the model A rear also? I'm certainly by no means an expert on the Seniors, but after researching and tinkering with them since 1998. I've come to know a little bit about them. hope this offers a bit of insight for you. Good luck! Dan
  7. Picked up this CLUNKER today

    the rope pulley thingy you're in reference to, is threaded onto the end of the crank. normal, right handed threads. if you can see inside the screen, there is a hex head on the inner side of the winder, against the flywheel. DO NOT attempt to use a puller on it, for certain you'll break the flange on the rope winder.
  8. five...... 1045's at one show!! that's pretty awesome.
  9. Look what I found!

    great find! and yes, you are correct, it is definitely a 1984. 82 & 83 had the hydraulic controls mounted lower on the left side of the fender area. Dan
  10. Is this an rj58?

    it looks to me as though the rear hubs are full round..... not the triangular one from the later models. also, unless it just a remnant of the rubber boot on the shifter, it looks like it could be part of a leather boot still in tact. if this is the case, it's definitely one of the earliest RJ 58's. just my 2 cents.
  11. Stepped up to a 56 Ride Away Senior

    Steve, in regards to stripping the old paint, odds are likely that the original red under the primer isn't even paint. as most know, a gel coat of red was more than likely used as the original color. what I'd do is try one of the biodegradeable...... orange citrus type strippers on the primer. I'm thinking you'll find it's true color under the primer. one of mine has a hood, with what appears to be an original red gelcoat for the final finish. actually not the prettiest finish, but definitely the original. congrats on the find! good luck with the final outcome.
  12. loading pictures