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  1. In addition to Alen's post a good primer also helps :notworthy:
  2. what do ya think so far?

    Dennis looks great but really needs a kohler :notworthy:
  3. 2010 RedSquare Calendar

    Terry great job with the calendar it looks great :notworthy:
  4. Getting ready

    :omg: I'm getting ready to give the C-100 its makeover and pics will follow as the project begins.
  5. A little play time

    Here are a couple of pics of Dad and his horse having some fun in the snow
  6. What 10,300lbs of Wheel Horses look like

    :whistle: Great score Duane,what's for sale if any. My father and I would still like to get with you to see your collection so if there is a good time and day let me know.
  7. Newbie w/two in the stable

    :hide: You'll find lots of usefull info on here glad you could join all of us. and keep the pics comming love to see progress in the making.
  8. Restoring tractors

    It don't matter what they say or look at you like as long as you know it's for a good cause............... reviving a horse and you enjoy it.
  9. :hide: Brian that looks great
  10. :hide: Mike that looks great nice fabrication work and paint
  11. Cleaned up the B100

    David nice B-100 the paint looks pretty good as well :hide:
  12. Wheel Horse prepares for church

    That's a real cool idea I'm sure the kids will have a great time. I know my kids used to love being towed around :hide:
  13. very rare find

    :USA: Nice find hope the horse stays kickin for a long time> :banghead:
  14. Fall Trail Ride

    Nice way to spend a little down time a slow ride through the woods on a trusty horse. Way to go sparky.. :banghead: