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  1. chickens

    Hello this is my first attempt at posting a reply hope it will be ok as I don't do computers either! Farmer and I have 6 laying birds which I wouldn't recommend to eat as they are on the lean side putting all their energy into laying ( however my mum used to make a mean pie with them when they had run out of steam producing ! ) we also keep table birds these would be a cobb variety 0-4 weeks they eat starter crumbs, 4-8 weeks grower pellets and 8-finishing ( roughly 12-14 weeks ) I like them to go onto layers pellets, I like to slow them down the last few weeks as I hate to see them go down on their legs by being overweight .we like our animals to have a good quality of life they go out to grass at 6 weeks old ( when they have come off heat ) the happier their lives the better they taste! Forgot to mention we have a finishing weight of about 10-12 lb ,feeds our family of 5 ,if my dad comes around I may have to bung some sausages in ! :happy-partydance:
  2. just saying hello

    Thankyou all so much for the lovely welcomes, I'm certainly no expert but it should be fun to hear what others get up to! farmer has said he'll tell me about anything Animal related, I'm not really that interested in the tractors, my car has to stay out in the rain. mmm I cut the lawns when Rex is busy so I drive the mower one. We buy our chickens as day-olds or point of lay, so the chicken definitely came first. :eek:
  3. just saying hello

    hello everyone, my husband (farmer) told me that some of the members were talking about keeping chickens. We have a few, so I thought I would join in, and help if I can. I'm not an expert mind you, but I do enjoy them. Katie.