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  1. water tote and trailer

    Racinbob, you will not believe this but there was a sprayer that sounds exactly like what you are talking about on craigslist about the time I started this project. It was a John Deere on two wheels with the water tank above the wheels. But It was gone before I got to it. All is not lost ... I have given up on the boat trailer idea and now have a trailer made from an old jeep bed. It is strong enough and I certainly plain to go slow and with less than a full load until I test it out. My area has been in a simi drought for several years and now it is raining almost everyday. My onions look OK but I am afraid the potato row may be water logged too long. Tks Racinbob...have a good day.
  2. water tote and trailer

    Tks Factory Dog...I gave all those pointers some thought. I'm not familiar with boat trailers either. This one looks to be built well from what I can see in the picture. But pulling a boat and pulling a tote with water are two different enterprises. I think pulling slow around my place would not be a problem if it did not fold in the middle. I could just fill it half way or so. I have a utility trailer but was thinking I might designate the boat trailer to water tote only. I have a row of thornless blackberries so I'm thinking if you use that 250 gallons for blackberries only you much have a bunch of rows. RIght now I am gonna go out and look at the blue sky for a few minutes to get my eyesight back after looking at this pink background.
  3. water tote and trailer

    I am adding a new garden spot that is too far for water hose use. I am planning on putting a water tote (275 gallons) on a trailer and using a gravity flow method to water the rows. Question is ...would a boat trailer be sturdy enough to pull that tote around the 2 acre fairly flat area? I see a boat trailer on craigslists but wanted more thought before going further. And this site always has the level headed folks with good advice. I would be pulling with a Kubota Bx tractor. Tks Dayton
  4. New motor for 211

    Thanks JackC, I have been watching but not much moving around here. I have an email in to small engine replacement to see what they might have. It is just a rider for my grandkids anyway but has been just sitting around. I'll let you know if I find another engine to fit that little frame without alterations. Dayton
  5. New motor for 211

    I have a 211-4 that needs a new motor. Was hoping that someone has put a new motor on a 211 that fits under the hood and could give me the motor numbers. I have gone to the repower sites and they have given me a couple of motors that might work. They give all the measurements but I need to make sure they fit under the hood before ordering one. Tks Dayton
  6. Just went through replacing all those hoses and stuff. You will get it done....but go ahead and ask for forgiveness now.
  7. Question about hydraulic valve

    Disregard everybody. I took the two valves and combined bad parts with good parts and cranked it up and it ran with no....NO.....hydraulic leaks! The valves are in three parts sort of like a sandwitch. Two pieces on the outside and one piece in the middle. Switch the bread and wallllllaaa.....workeee...... That was on the blocks. I'll put it all back together and test it out before I declare complete victory. I also replaced one axle seal that was leaking. The old seal was twice as thick as the new one. So, after reading a couple of post on here, I put two seals in the one side and it fit smug as could be. Have a goodun Dayton
  8. My WH started as a C175. New BS motor and a different hood makes it a off model but it has the Eaton 1100 automatic transmission. Problem started with a leak in the hydraulic control valve. It has one control knob (up-down handle). On one side it has several nuts all connected together in a long row. I ordered new o rings and spool o rings... replaced them but it still leaks. I had bought a used control valve but it does not have the nuts on the side. I started to switch them out, second guessed myself and stopped. Maybe those nuts have something to do with the auto transmission. Anyone have any ideas or experience on that? Dayton
  9. I decided a long time ago that when I had grand kids I did not want them riding on four wheelers or dirt bikes at my house. So I came across a 211-4. Brought it home....took it completely apart....primed...painted...and put back together again. Left the deck off so it is a ride on and they love it. Then I found another 211-4 and I am going to do the same to it. (except it will need another motor). My advice is to fixer up and save it. Someday you'll be glad you did. They may be little tractors, but the kids learn to respect the fun and the dangers of driving on a slower more steady vehicle. And you will greatly enjoy restoring it ! Dayton
  10. Hilling potatoes

    Well, actually, so do I.
  11. Hilling potatoes

    I dig a trench about 6 inchs deep. Place the seed potato in the bottom and cover with about 5 inches of dirt. The plant will grow up from the seed potato and when it is about 6 inches tall I cover it again, either completely or with just the tip sticking out of the ground. I do this twice more. After it comes out of the ground for the third time I do not cover it again. The potatoes that you harvest are grown on the plant just under the dirt. So hilling is just the process of covering the plant to give the potato a place to grow in the dirt. Now, I am not a garden expert but I get some good red potatoes. Good luck Dayton
  12. Odd thought on hauling

    Just think...if the three Ranger rear ends in your Ranger were interchangeable there just could be nothing stranger..unless of course you were indeed a Ranger.
  13. Garden Gate Sign

    Good idea brandonozz. Can't wait to see it. VInsRJ, wishful thinking but the only way it will keep the critters away is if the ties break and it falls on their head. If that happens they will not come back...it's heavy. Ready to plant tomatoes, purple hull peas and such in a week or maybe two. Hard to keep from planting when it gets up to 75-80 during the day. Not everyday gets that warm and that's holding me back. But soon...real soon...
  14. Exhaust Opinions!

    Looks great either way. On the tractor that runs for a long time at public events I would be careful with a stack. Some kid or old man might reach up and grab it. Just for a second however.
  15. Garden Gate Sign

    Thanks everybody! My daughter is a teacher and she had it made at the high school shop. I am sure I would pass out if I knew how much they paid. But for a school project it came out very good. I do not know where she got the picture for the cut. I do not have that model. Perhaps a trip to your local school shops might provide a source. All have a good day!! Dayton