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  1. k361

    I have been looking for something else just haven't found anything worth while. I am concerned about hood clearance with this motor. I have never seen one in person.
  2. k361

    any one ever ran a K361 in a wheel horse? there is one for sale pretty reasonable freshly rebuilt in my area. says it is 1 1/8 shaft does not list the length. know they need rpm for lube on the top end but I am considering putting it on my 310 until I get time to rebuild an engine. what does everyone think?
  3. I would second having some who wekd cast iron fix it. on a high stress part having done correctly is very important.
  4. k241 questions

    so i think i got the problem solved. some fuel line went bad had a chunk of rubber blocking the inlet on the carb. still curious why i am getting smoke out the valve cover (lifter access plate or whatever its called under the carb) the engine smokes i know it probably needs rebuilt, but i am unsure why i am getting smake out of there.
  5. k241 questions

    so i have been round and round with this engine lately. when i was mowing it died no spark. so i got a new coil on it. now it starts but only will idle try to throttle up and it dies. carb was rebuilt with in the last year did points at that time. i have tweeked the points and treied nearly every setting along with adjusting on the carb like crazy. there is differences when adjusting but still will not run when opened up. also i noticed i am getting smoke out of the valve cover. any ideas or help? tractor is a 86 310-8 with kohler k241 10 hp
  6. tire question

    Good thought I haven't pulled out the blade to check width
  7. Piercing leads for testing

    digger i wouldnt say i have everything. every good mechanic knows there is no such thing as having enough tools lol. my wife on hand, her jaw almost hit the floor when i moved my tools home and told the insurence guy the value
  8. tire question

    312 i have tried to sell them the best offer i got made me laugh. just look up the cost on a set of 26x12x12 super lugs and a set of douglas alum 13" wide wheels and you will understand why. i got some skinny ag tires for the rear that will go on if i cant get it done with these. i havent even looked for chains for the big tires doubt i would find any unless they made them for older ditch wich equipment or something that ran these tires. ericj i mowed all summer with these tires on and did no damage. just got to take it easy when wet of cornering.
  9. tire question

    They fit. I have a spacer between the fenders and the bracket. It was formally a puller.
  10. tire question

    has any one ever had 26x12x12 tires on wh for snow removal? i have my 310 ready for duty but was wondering if the big bar lugs would hurt or help. i have smaller bar lug tires that could go on. all the turf tires are long gone. the dabate in my head is more tire to catch traction vs more tire spreads the weight for less traction
  11. Piercing leads for testing

    i like the debate it is one i had when i was doing automotive electric work. now that i am in IT the tools work on horses and xjs only. i have used the peircing probes, only when i had to (ex time constraints). but i would prefer not to. I do have enough electrical testing equipment to figure out about anything. however on my 310 i have never found a place i couldn't use my power probe 3 or multimeter. i love the power probe made my life easier many times.
  12. good coil?

    My 86 310-8 seems to be eating coils. i got two from a parts store and they last about a year and then no spark. is there a good source for coils? I dont mind paying more for one. the orginal lasted forever, but i cant find a new oe replacement. any help?
  13. led lights

    i am looking to up grade my lights on my 310 before winter. i push snow early in the morning and was looking to get some better lighting. just wondering if any one has found some good leds that would fit in place of the stock lights. trying to keep the modifications to a minimum. just have the small charging system so i cant go crazy with lighting of any other kind
  14. tractor lot question

    most of it will be for sale from me right away if any one is interested also
  15. tractor lot question

    if not the deck off the c81 should be a direct mount up i think. seller doesn't know years. have seen pics they are in decent shape mine is a 36" rear discharge. and from the pics they look to be the same. any one want to venture what they think the lot is worth most of the tractors for sale here are asking more then this guy wants for the lot.