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  1. FEL Build for 520

    Nice! That high heat sure keeps the bead thinner and flat. Certainly looks like a professional weld
  2. Spoke with one other member there who is also local. It wasn't big but somewhat successful for a first time show with hardly any advertising. There were a couple of real nice Panzers. One with a FEL which was featured in LAGT magazine in the past. One guy had a very cool scooter thingy with a side car, manufactured in the 60s. It had a VERY interesting kick start mechanism for the engine. Another guy who runs a local show was there with a rare big tractor and a really cool 2 stroke powered jack hammer. A bunch of mini bike stuff.
  3. FEL Build for 520

    Agreed, the smaller rods will do wonders. Some test runs with adjustments and you get there fairly quick. The arc is also more difficult to start if the rods were ever damp or worse, are damp. Or when the coating blows off a little far up the rod end. It needs those gases to shield it.
  4. Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    little more info would help. Is this a Wheel Horse 2 stage which mounts to a tractor? If so, Remove the side plate which the bearing is attached to.
  5. Think they would be good to go just like they are. Anything special about the tractor like a front end loader? With all that bling up front, what's the plan for back?
  6. Dipstick Forensics

    I'm guessing they kept filling the oil with the amount listed in the manual and couldn't figure out why it seemed over filled. Instead of just checking it with the filler cap unscrewed and resting on the edge of the hole, they made it easier to check by threading the cap in to check it! LoL
  7. Picked up a RJ

    Any RJ is a nice find. They were all tagged RJ-58. Your serial # and trans cast number pretty much confirm a 59. Plus the solid seat. A K91 is a natural for that tractor.
  8. Kohler K301 Has me stumped

    Get some with you and the tractor and add it here if you're interested. The more the merrier!
  9. Kohler K301 Has me stumped

    Take it easy on the guy Jim, the wife is cracking the whip about his yard work so he'll get to it.
  10. Just hope'n it's not filled with a bunch flea marketers. They see "Free Vendor set up" and next thing you know it's filled with old lady trinkets and antique doilies. I'm not much of a picture taker but if there's some good stuff I'll try and get some.
  11. Kohler K301 Has me stumped

    Sweeeet! So how about some pictures of this restored tractor?
  12. Just a bump. It's real close to me so heading over in the morning about 8am with the WH Bike and most of my Homelite XL tool collection. If anyone makes it over be sure to stop by say hello. Also using this as a local advertising opportunity and using the company van which is sporting some beautiful new vinyl lettering made by our own vinylguy Terry.
  13. Fuel Problem

    And now that you have fuel to the pump, it should work fine. If you took it apart again, pump the arm by hand with the fuel line connected and install it. Probably just vapor locked
  14. Raider 12 Transmission for project

    Don't think you'll have a problem with that trans for what you're doing. Trans is strong enough but not recommended for maybe setting up as a puller where it's going to be worked HARD.
  15. Kohler K301 Has me stumped

    No big deal, bet you'll ALWAYS have it on the neg side now just like many of us do because the same thing happened. How do you think we recognize that symptom? Is it running good now?