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  1. My 856 Project

    IMO if the bushings worked for 30+ years then replacing them should be good for another 30, plus they can easily be replaced. Take this opinion with a grain of salt since those measurements posted can't be seen on the tape measure I use. Another thing to consider may be the use of thrust bearings between the spindle arm and cast axle instead of using the thrust washer. The axle may need to be shaved for them to fit but it will eliminate another wear point and help with ease of steering. Thanks for sharing the story of your horse!
  2. What is it???

    Looks like it went through some exhaust changes as i see a stack in Aunt Tricia's pic but not in the others. What's going on with the exhaust pipe in the last pic on the first post? Looks to be all bent up into a coupler which really doesn't fit with the rest of the fabrication.
  3. K321 stator help

    $1.50 on ebay
  4. What is it???

    The design and fabrication of this machine is VERY impressive. Built like a tank and 1000 years from now it will be the modern Antikythera mechanism since it will probably still be around. Thanks for sharing this!
  5. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Oooooo, good thinking Craig! That could explain why he can't really find anything while looking at it when it's sitting still but the angles of the pulleys sure will change under heavy load.
  6. Hate to throw a curve ball but just noticed the steering arms in front of the wheels which means the Akerman angle of the arms may need to be swapped from facing in, to facing outwards. It all comes down to how the wheels track in a turn. When turning, the inside wheel of the turn direction must track a tighter radius than the outside wheel. The Akerman angle of the steering arms are designed to do just that. But when you swap them from the rear of the wheels to the front, the wheels may track opposite. As in, now the outer wheel will track a tighter radius than the inside wheel does. This will make the steering unstable. Check and see if you have that situation happening.
  7. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Broken Hi/Low fork? Like it's stuck between gears. It sure doesn't seem like you're committed to fixing that one
  8. wh

    Or just print one for free right from here on RS, if it's in there.
  9. Snow blower sprocket alignment

    That could do it. Shouldn't have that much movement. Check out the IPL file Gary posted, it shows 2 washers (#15) on each side of the bearings (#16). Was that sweet spot right in the middle?
  10. 314-H snapping drive belts

    The lower left corner of the bottom L bracket looks bent UP, shiney and sharp but we already see what looking at a computer screen can do to perception. What about the belt guard? Could the top edge in the front be bent down, (near the PTO)? I'm just throwing out WAGs but ya never know. It's got to be the leading edge of something, (going with the belt direction of travel) that cuts into a belt. I believe some belt slap is normal when throttling up and down but it may be possible to get it less severe by changing the idler tension spring. Does your other 314 have that much belt movement?
  11. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Not too often there would be a gear completely sheared of it's teeth but it's possible. Or maybe someone was in that tranny before and missed something. Did Sparky touch it? Heard he likes touching trannys.
  12. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Must be an optical illusion on the idler. Certainly looks like it it isn't rotating but that thing would end up hot and smoking if it wasn't and he's looking right at it live. The belt is obviously rubbing something on the outside flat by looking at the pics of it but no pics of the inside. Look for the shiney spots and missing paint on all the pieces near the entire belt route and that will show exactly where it's hitting and/or rubbing. The left side of that bottom guide could be the culprit. It looks shiney and could be sharp. Or the right side of the top one. Not sure if those corners can be bent down a little or not but that may help. Those edges should be curved a little and shouldn't be sharp at all.
  13. Crazy Electrical Problem

    -Is the condenser connected to the negative side of the coil? -Make sure your ground cable ends are clean and tight. If the ground cable isn't connected directly to the engine mount bolt, make sure at least one bolt is clean and has a good connection. -Try testing the safety switches by jumping them one at a time to see if that's the issue since you're questioning them in the first place. -Key switch may be corroded inside causing an intermittent issue -Plug and plug wire good? -Hope you have a warm garage to work on it. It got cold again -
  14. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Could the little guide fingers around the engine pulley be hitting the belt? Or belt routed around one of them? Just kind of thinking out loud
  15. Axle Differential Breakage

    voted before reading your post. Snapped a 1 1/8 with the loader/back hoe but it was on dualies.