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  1. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    Try using a spare gas tank and gravity feed the fuel to the carb. If it runs right with no problem, the issue is fuel delivery to the carb. and not the carb itself.
  2. Log splitter/ generator

    Log splitter http://www.thestickler.com/ Probably the easiest way with some added ballast so it doesn't take off on you. Or a completely separate splitter with a pulley on the hydraulic pump. Run a belt from the tractor PTO pulley to the splitter. Use the search feature in the upper right corner for searching "log splitter". Companies made a stickler type attachment which fit on the front of the tractor Generator head https://www.harborfreight.com/10000-watts-max-7200-watts-rated-belt-driven-generator-head-45416.html An 8hp engine is kind of small for this gen head but look around for other smaller ones. general rule of thumb is 2hp for each 1000 watts. Use the search feature in the upper right hand corner and search for wheel horse generator. You can find some threads with pics for the Wheel Horse factory version. 5000w I believe
  3. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    Just read this on your other thread. " If I run the engine in part choke,it will run fine, but the filter is empty, If I pressurize the fuel tank and fill the Fuel filter, it will run fine until the filter empties.. That kind of proves it's a fuel delivery issue if it runs fine without using any choke when the tank is pressurized, so the carb isn't dirty. If it was, your condition would be constant no matter what. Vent hole in gas cap clogged? Screen in tank clogged? Float not set properly? Just kind a thinking out loud here
  4. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    How about some information on those Lasagne roll ups? Never heard of them.
  5. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    You are matching the air flow to the fuel flow at 1/2 choke. When you open the choke all the way there is too much air to the amount of fuel.. Dirty carb, or you have an air leak some where like the gasket or the throttle shaft. While it's running spray carb cleaner or WD-40 on those areas. If the rpm changes, it is sucking air Check the float and setting too
  6. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    Don't believe so, Mike was just look'n forward to emptying the bed pan for me!
  7. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    Not now. You're too mean, make'n fun o me!
  8. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    I worked extra late 2 days this week and did installations by myself in order to keep Saturday clear and it backfired on me. Was up all last night sick, something wrong in my stomach. Couldn't get out of bed until 10am
  9. Loader oil squirt

    The oil level is over filled. Oil should not be reaching that high to the breather cap. The oil level is at the highest when all rams are retracted all the way, it will be at a lower level when they are all extended. The difference in the oil level is from the volume of space of the rods. They take up space when going inside of the cylinders, = higher reservoir level. And then allow that volume of space to be filled with oil when they are extended out of the cylinder = lower reservoir level.
  10. Need help fast!!!

    I'm confused. Was this a problem getting the lug bolts off? Or the Hub? Or both? Or what? What did the dealer tell you about how and what he did? Just trying to get an idea of what was going on and how it was fixed. Plus it's always best to complete your thread with a final solution so any others looking for information in the future can use this as a reference.
  11. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    Jeeze, all these nice tractors makes it seem like I'm the only one who drives a POS
  12. RJ

    NICE!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    Before After
  14. L-105 H60 Governor Help Needed

    Unfortunately I don't have any more H55s or H60s around for measurements. If the original engine has the link and spring, use them. The governor arm moves a little more distance than the carb butterfly does. This ensures it will close when set properly. There's a Techumseh manual in the files section which will help with setting it. The throttle/choke wire is a little bit smaller guage wire than the original links are but it works. I've also used those metal rods that are used to hold up fiberglass insulation between the joists and there just about perfect size and strength. And believe it or not, I've used originals too! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-Strong-Tie-16-in-Insulation-Support-100-Qty-IS16-R100/100375163?keyword=fiberglass+insulation+support+rod&semanticToken=21240+++>++++st%3A{fiberglass+insulation+support+rod}%3Ast++cn%3A{0%3A0}++rod+{product}support+{productName_nostem}++fiberglass+insulation+{rest}++dln%3A{542332}