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  1. Are you still having belt slip issues? In the video, it looked to be running good
  2. Can you post some pics of the pulley setup, the way it is now?
  3. Hydraulic Take off

    Every piece, including the bucket teeth. I was sick of cutting, drilling and welding by the time it was finished
  4. Hydraulic Take off

    A power steering pump is way too small for running a splitter. There was, but I think most are scattered around on different threads now. Never did an actual build thread since I joined the forums after it was already built in 2008. Did a whole thread with pics and info about it back then but some threads were lost when the forum was moved. Here's the original thread but all of the information went missing with the responses too
  5. Been buying from them for years and they're referenced on here all the time when members are looking for stuff. Buy most of my pulleys, sprockets and misc. stuff from them. Keep an eye online too, their inventory is always changing.
  6. Always thought DOM was seamless but a quick search reveals the seam weld is removed, making it smooth tube. They even stated DOM is incorrectly referenced as "seamless tube". Mechanical tube sounds expensive the way it's made but will look into it for certain things instead of DOM
  7. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    YUP, so even the failures are just as fun.
  8. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    It appears in your pic that your tension block is on the inside loop of the chain, try moving it to the outside of the loop. That will also keep more chain in contact with the sprocket. Removing 2 links and using a half link master should tighten the chain, worked for mine.
  9. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Kind of near me and was thinking the same thing but just don't have the time, space or energy for another project. Totally agree. But maybe it's like watching all the build stuff on here or TV. It's the dream of doing it too that keeps us watching (or as it was, reading back then)
  10. NICE, Yes, believe he's referring to DOM tube but... Used threaded rod cut to the complete length, covered it with cheap small pipe and added a couple extra nuts with washers on each end to lock the pipe in place. That's what I already had so used that. No welding, crimping, filing or special tools needed, just a hacksaw.
  11. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Trans and rear was designed for a car/truck so doubt he wanted to go 55 on that contraption! I'm guessing it still goes pretty quick in high gear for a homemade tractor.
  12. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    This happened to me as well. Now you'll probably need to change that sprocket on the gearbox too. It's difficult to see clearly when it's all mounted but if you inspect that sprocket closely, it's probably now curved on each tooth. This will constantly cause chain slip since the rollers will ride up those curved edges. If the sprocket's teeth have sharp points on them, the sprocket is worn. Just had to go through one and found using a half link in the chain made a big difference in how tight it is now and went with an idler sprocket instead of a block.
  13. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    He did add some tension on there! Looks like the clutch pedal connects to the side of the trans and clutches it inside the transmission so that tension is going to be constant.
  14. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    It's a RPM reduction. He used a belt from the engine pulley to a large pulley on a jackshaft, then used small sprocket on that jackshaft with a chain to a larger sprocket on the trans.
  15. Transmission dipstick broken?

    If you get the measurement of a good dip stick, then measure your broken stick. Cut the plastic tube down exactly the difference between the two sticks you measured. Your broken stick will now sit at the same spot as a good stick does. BUT, you will need to taper the inside of the plastic tube just like the top of it is before you cut it off. I just use a drill bit to do it but can't remember the size. This taper will allow the rubber stopper on the dip stick to sit inside the tube and seal it.