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  1. Oh no, Don't get me started again by posting this pic. I got in trouble for caption this! Looking forward to seeing ya down there again Howard, set up in the same area.
  2. Ha, i was thinking of trying to make a side car for the bike tomorrow but doubt time will allow for that.
  3. That's great news Buzz, see you there!
  4. As usual I'll be loading up Wed. night after trying to fix everything Wed. evening. So far the only things I have together are chains for Mike and a H55 for Cas.
  5. Seems to me that EZ outs work anything but EZ.. Weld a nut to it and back it right out
  6. So far the biggest Large Mouth I ever caught and it was let go right after that pic was taken. The plan was to meet her again someday but now the access to that lake is blocked off by the town. Quite a large fish for New England waters. Never actually weighed it but estimate about 10 lbs since it was as long as my arm. No kid'n. huh. Think it was around the same time the back hoe was built. '08 Home built using the PF Engineering plans. Made a few modifications to the plans as it was built and I don't have any pics of the mount to the tractor. That question comes up a lot and I have a basic drawing of what I did somewhere. The build was done back in 08 and the thread for it was one of my first posts on Red Square. Unfortunately the forum has changed since then and many of the old threads were lost or portions of them went missing.
  7. This walk behind broom ended up as a Wheel Horse modification. There's a modified hammer mill attachment in the background too FEL snow plow Just threw this fish pic in to brag. LoL
  8. Another useful modification
  9. At least it's able to turn so try backing each one out as far as it will go, then tighten as far as it will go, back out, then tighten and repeat doing this until it comes out. Using an impact works best but they should back out and tighten up a little more each time until the rust works loose. Spray penetrating oil too.
  10. The weight is 2x2 steel bars which span the frame rails. They're clamped on with some smaller flat bar and threaded rod
  11. Wrapping the front tires with #40 roller chain for snow blowing and snow plowing. Much better steering on ice and snow. Added weight to the snow plow frame back at the rear. It kills 2 birds with added weight to the rear tires and to the plow blade for better scraping. The tow ball on the front is useful so I bolt one on to the loader bucket when ever it's needed. No need to get my lazy butt out of the seat to move trailers.
  12. The key for keeping some control of the "Honey Do list" is to NOT finish too many too fast because the number of projects on the list will hardly ever go down, no matter how many you finish. As fast as you knock them out, they will be replaced by a new one. PACE yourself or you'll be working overtime for minimum wage!
  13. yes
  14. Cast steel is different from cast iron. I'm no expert welder (not even a good one) but have had success welding the cast parts. Some of those parts are on the end of hydraulic rams and have held up since '08 A piece of steel can be fabricated to bolt on the pedal's tab instead of re positioning the tab to the bottom. Or a cast pedal from a 551 is set up with the tab on the bottom, or take a look at a 400 pedal which is made from bent steel, they also push on the rod.
  15. I had to read it twice but get what you're saying now. Basically transferring motion from a new right side modified pedal ( changing pull of a rod to a push on the rod) to a new lever system in order to cross sides of the frame, which then connects to the arm in which the original pedal connects to now. That should work! I'll be keeping an eye out at the show ED, when I least expect it, expect it! I guess you do owe me one for that.