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  1. WH 62 552

    there should be a cover. Made of white plastic with curved sides
  2. WH 62 552

    Actually, it may be in the middle top. Green wire from engine
  3. WH 62 552

    On the plastic board you will see a wire coming out from behind the flywheel and connected to a single post. That's your kill for the switch. (usually upper left corner but they do get reinstalled upside down sometimes). The other 2 wires from under the flywheel will go to the fuses and diodes for charging the battery. Actually, it may be in the middle top. Green wire from engine
  4. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    It doesn't take much gear grinding to round over those 3rd gears. Every tractor missing a belt guard is suspect to this.
  5. WH 62 552

    the one wire from the key switch is for the kill to the coil in the engine
  6. Blower lift rod bent??

    looks like the piece it's connected to is bent as well. It should be connected to a curved piece but that curved piece should be flat. (does that make sense?)
  7. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Weather looks good too so there should be a big turn out
  8. snowblower spring on a 416

    It's been a long time since doing mine but I think I jacked up the blower or supported it in the raised position. The lever #9 which applies tension must be moved too
  9. We had the same problem with people walking their dogs and letting them crap in our yard. My grandchildren and the neighborhood kids play out there! Now I keep a close eye whenever I see people with their dogs. So far I took MY dogs 3 different times in the car right to their house and walked them in their front yard. When they came out asking what was going on, I explained that this is where I'm letting my dogs crap just like you do to me. That's 3 less people who walk their dogs anywhere near our front yard!
  10. New to me 32inch sickle bar

    here's the manual Mower Sickle Front 32in 1955-61 CBR-32 OM IPL.pdf
  11. New to me 32inch sickle bar

    NICE! Looks like your missing the foot pedal. Used to engage the belt. And maybe a belt guard. Looks just like a CBR-32 but I don't know what a smr-302 is.
  12. Wallfish geet the bike ready for me in 2018!

    The only things in life people regret are the things they didn't do. You should've went for the ride! The bike will need some upgraded bearings for the steering which should be done. AND, parts are being gathered for a second build but getting the time to build it could be a problem.
  13. H60 75016

    The shorter wire to ground (there should be a screw on the laminated part). Long wire to the points. I'm no expert on those engines but have changed a few coils on many different engines. I doubt both wires should go to the points but anything is possible. Kill wire from switch to the points.
  14. Help to figure out HT55C engine code

    Does it have a ring gear on the flywheel? Maybe it indicates pull start only