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    400 x2--Snow/Dozer Blade
    401--ST-302 Snow Blower x2, Snow/Dozer blade
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    416-8-- Ark FEL, Homemade Backhoe, 60" Modified Snow/Dozer blade
    418-C--2 stage snow blower and Cab, Single Stage Blower
    3ft x 5ft Wheel Horse Dump Trailer
    10cf WH dump trailer

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  1. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    From the illustration posted, why not remove the steering arm from the spindle, then remove the tie rod end from the steering arm? Then you can unscrew the entire tie rod from the other tie rod end. You should be able to straighten it now that it's off the tractor and re-assemble
  2. Lane, Don't forget about taking the bike for ride this year!
  3. You got it. I'll load'em up and there should be quite a few. Look for the snow plow frame bike and you'll find me. HAAA I saw ya funny man, saw you make'n fun o me!
  4. Not wheel horse but just thought I'd ask. Can ANYONE use 3" PVC pipe cut offs? Free Free Free I end up with too many of these pieces and usually give them away on CL but just figured maybe someone here might want some too. the majority are 2 - 4' long Please let me know and I'll load as many as you want.

    The position of the adjustments are exactly the same, just on the opposite side of the carb. The adjustment closest to the engine is the low idle, the one on the top is for the idle speed, the one down near the bowl is high speed. From the table: Preliminary settings Low Idle 2-1/2 turns Main Fuel 3/4 turn

    There's also a picture that clearly shows which "screw" is which for High, Low and idle speed adjustment. Figure. 2.2 Please read and follow all of the directions in the file you posted for best results.
  7. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Gonna miss ya Jay, hope you can make it next year!
  8. Me too. Wayne is such a great guy! Always looked forward to talking to him because he was always up to something new. Wonder if Rich @rwilson is still going this this year.
  9. No charging the battery

    A little more information would certainly be helpful.
  10. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Nope Just the bike unless I can borrow my son in law's truck
  11. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Looks like Stevebo's all excited and ready to go. Not much room on there for a big shopping spree so it looks like there could be some leftovers this year. Load and go as usual for me. I did get the replacement engine running last night so hope to get everything done by the end of the weekend.
  12. What Horse, and how old

    My first was/is a 1987 416-8 with FEL (got lucky). Bought in 2006 for about $1800.00 to move some earth and flatten the backyard. That's the one that started the obsession after searching around the net and finally landing here on RS. Never even heard of a Wheel Horse before that. Still have it and upgraded it with a backhoe attachment. After that, found me an RJ-58 which I still have. Many little round hoods have come an gone since. Still have 2 RJs, 400,401,654,855,416-8, 418-C and 1 custom.
  13. I Inherited Dad's Tractor

    and thanks for sharing the story of your horse. That hood scoop doesn't look bad at all. When reading I thought "oh boy" but seems he did a good job making it look good. I see it also has the electric lift upgrade and a nice custom weight bar for the front.
  14. 518-h starter

    Clamp the ground (-) cable to the body of the starter, TAP the positive (+) cable to the electrical post. Hold on, that starter will jump if it's good.
  15. 656 carb ?

    search "H60 carb" The first 7 or 8 are the style you need for the original type throttle/choke connections.