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  1. H60 75016

    The shorter wire to ground (there should be a screw on the laminated part). Long wire to the points. I'm no expert on those engines but have changed a few coils on many different engines. I doubt both wires should go to the points but anything is possible. Kill wire from switch to the points.
  2. Help to figure out HT55C engine code

    Does it have a ring gear on the flywheel? Maybe it indicates pull start only
  3. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    They're different because this pic is of a 1960 400 and not an RJ
  4. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    That appears to be a normal lift mechanism for the RJ-58. What's your other one look like?
  5. Late Three Piece Transmssion

    Exactly, the early ones did not have the cast numbers. An evidenced by the early round 3 hole hubs.
  6. Theroretical 8 speed question.

    Why Not? Lock the pinions in the transmission.

    The Northern tool .517 pump works great. You can adjust the flow rate (GPM) by changing the size of the pulley if needed. I use the same pump on a small back hoe since "08
  8. Front tires for snow plowing

    Wrap the center of the front tires with #40 roller chain. Put them on tight with the tire deflated, then air them up and steer like it's on rails. Buy a 10ft length and an extra master link for about $20 or so. Don't use bicycle chain because it tends to roll on the tire.
  9. Just curious

    Motor oil is motor oil. The internet says so!
  10. My first Wheel Horse, C-100?

    Search this document for Wheel Horse Years. Wheel_Horse_All_Years.pdf
  11. pulling rj?

    Thanks for sharing! A while back in Granby Ma at the tractor pulls (for fun only), a couple guys were pulling with RJs. It was only a weighted boat type sled but they could drag 600 lbs + across the ground. Kind of impressive for a 4hp engine. At the same pull Crazywheelhorseman (Wayne) was out pulling the large farm tractors with his belt driven Wheel Horse. Some guys were a little pissed because they were being beat by what they considered to be "just a lawn mower".
  12. Dont change oil (???!!!!!???) Read on

    Thanks for the laugh! The replies are great!
  13. 44" blower 79361 69xxxx

    A flange bearing for the auger shaft can be used as well if you can't fabricate the spacer. But you would still need to drill holes in the side plates. http://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Bearings/Flange-Mount-Bearings/3-4-4-BOLT-FLANGE-BEARING-1-204-12-4.axd Those original bushings suck and are expensive for what they are
  14. Ideas for custom attachments.

    Maybe adapt a chainsaw winch to the front and run it off a belt.
  15. I had "One of those days" today

    That sucks! Something has got to be rubbing that belt to destroy it like that or a locked up pulley. That is so true!