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  1. Snow Plow frames are SOOOOOOO versatile. The front tiller is such a great idea!
  2. I'm with r356c Gas in the oil means the carb float is leaking and it goes through the valves to get there plus fills into the cylinder. One turn of the starter until the compression stroke and it will lock up. Buy a new carb
  3. Right from the start, swimming right to left. It definitely leaves a wake
  4. I use and have 29" belts on mine but others say it's a 30" belt. I thought the 30 is for the deck and have always used 29 inch belts on all of my suburbans and 28s on the RJ-58s. I think the idler will hit the belt guard with 30" belt. At least that's what @Ken B and I discovered while messing around with this same issue on a Suburban at Stevebo's M&G. It can get very frustrating
  5. That's exactly what I see too. The 1960 decks used the rear hitch as part of the deck lift. Never owned one of those decks so not sure if it needs some simple modification to work if you don't have those parts that go the rear.
  6. COOL, it's about time the RS moderator/Admin extraordinaire rides a real horse! I'll see if we can find an engine or anvil down there to christen that hood. Nice seat on that beauty!
  7. Late 59 and early 1960 tractors had those solid seats as pictured.
  8. Since this thread is 6 years old, doubt he will see this or still has them, BUT. you never know. Try sending him a PM. Or, just order a whole brand new carb from ebay for less than $20. There are quite a few versions for those engines so look at them closely and order the one which closely matches your carb.
  9. Come on Steve, POST THAT ONE!!!!!! Please, please, please? It's gotta be funny
  10. That was CREEPY
  11. Nice job, looks great. Have a question, what is that tool? Just saw one of those in an old toolbox yesterday but I don't know what it is.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Russ! Haven't heard from you in a while so hope you are doing well.
  13. It's finally that time of year again. The spring Zagray Farm Museum Show is May 6 - 7 in Colchester CT. http://www.qvea.org/Zagray_Farm.html Here's a link for a list of the New England area engine/tractor shows http://www.bellshome.com/shows.htm
  14. It certainly will since you posted the final solution. So many threads go to a dead end because the once the issue is solved, the actual solution doesn't get posted for any number of different reasons. Glad to see you got it and thanks for posting your findings.
  15. Agree with others. First one is a 1961 401 and the last one is a 551. Nice find!