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  1. Tool-box upgrade

    WHAT? The post was even cleaned up a bit by removing the joke about the "Cobb" Does that box have the nice heavy roller slides on the draws?
  2. Chute extension crank/handle for snowthrower

    And the million dollar question, because that's the only part of the bill not pictured, How much? Kind of curious if it's comparable to going electric.
  3. Tool-box upgrade

    Why, what's the problem? You're a Manley BRO?
  4. Pay attention

    Dam Jay, All this time I believed you were giving me a big thumbs up sign when riding by at the big show.
  5. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I was a communication contractor (Voice, data, satellite, CATV, CCTV, WIFI, Ect. Ect.) since 1988. Basically if it had a wire going to it, we installed it on everything from 600' towers to complete underground systems. Then completely changed careers at 53 years old just recently back in May '17, which was quite a bit scary because of risking EVERYTHING we had and then some, but things are going very well so far. I bought a small Radon Mitigation company and now install those systems in Central MA. The website which needs updating is massradon.com . Wearing every hat involved with a new business doesn't leave much time for anything else.
  6. Easiest way to get belt on

    Agree, take the bolts out which hold the bearing, that's the easiest way. The WH belt is # 9750 but don't know the length or cross reference to other belts
  7. I was just mess'n with ya Dave, couldn't help it. I actually tried that method too and didn't make it past the W
  8. REAL nice score for that price! The Tecumseh is not the original engine but at least the PO didn't go with a big one and cut the hood.
  9. If you could freehand cut the tape that perfect, there's no reason you couldn't freehand paint it.
  10. Some old parts on an old K90 Kohler

    The updraft air cleaner is quite the nice find. Looks to be an original gas tank too, which are getting more and more difficult find. You got some really good stuff from that poor old carcass. And an original beige knob throttle control
  11. To separate the bowl and carb body, you need to remove the venturi tube which runs up on an angle through the carb. I have a couple of those type carbs, one on an old 1945 6hp ZZ engine and one on a newer Briggs 9hp I/C engine which both run generators. The I/C engine is from the 70s I think. Pull it apart, clean it with a can of carb spray and put it back together, no parts needed. That's what works for me. You can always make a new gasket if it's needed. The one carb has been done quite a few times since my son-in-law likes to leave gas in it without telling me.
  12. Motorized snow chute

    I've done a couple using power window motors. You can also use a small actuator to control the deflector up and down. What type of blower do you have? Single Stage short chute, SS tall chute, 2 stage? If you use the search feature in the upper right corner and type in "motorized snow blower" all kinds of threads pop up. Make sure you are searching "all content" in the little drop down to the left
  13. Take that generator and hook it up to the front of a tractor with a minimum 8hp, but a 10 or above is probably better. 2hp per 1000 watts and 1:1 pulley size for 3600 rpm. It'll be a lot easier to move around when connected to the B-80 wood hauler.
  14. Two stage blower

    Have it all hooked up and tested before the snow falls! Just mess'n with ya Jay.
  15. I would guess you might want to reduce the speed for torque consideration depending on what you're drive motor/engine is. That thing in the video is powering through those logs very quick so it's taking some major hp to do it. But, with a 1:1 you can always change the size of the pulleys to gear it however you need to as long as the gearbox can take it. I would go band saw type if building one. All that other stuff seems to complicated to get exactly right and in all that time of building it, you could already be sawing logs. Put the effort into figuring out a quick power way to turn the logs. http://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Gear-Reducers-Gearboxes/Gearboxes/ What's that jug on top do? Water for cooling?