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  1. Paint Guns on a Budget - Who has what?

    I have nine spray guns. From a $200 devilbiss hvlp to a $9 harbor freight. The best of all of them is the $9 hf. Haven't used the devilbiss in years. The hf lays down a beautiful finish, never any problems. B. W.
  2. Vacumn Attachment

    Hi Newbill, the B/S with the blower housing. I have the same one that I bought from sears in the late 90's. Mine even has the same engine platform mounting. It was made by a company called evergreen in the Midwest. They are no longer in business. Sears has very few parts for it now. Mine worked very well. After a few yrs. ( 3) I has to fabricate & weld metal to the housing to repair holes,Eventually had to rebuild the impeller.I think I still have the original parts/operator manual. Bill W
  3. seat shock absorber

    Hi all, has anyone found an after market replacement for the gas strut that holds the seat up on the w/h tractor? Thanks in advance for your info, Bill W
  4. tachometer

    Thanks Bob, for the info. Bill W
  5. tachometer

    Does anyone know of a repair service that could repair a s/w tach from a 520 W/H. I recently acquired one that does not work. I Carefully opened it up, no fried electronics & no fried smell. Thanks in advance for your help, Bill W.
  6. Analog tachometer for Kohlers

    Don't know if the tach will work on that Kohler engine. Iam only familiar with the Kohler Magnum engines. Good luck, B W.
  7. Analog tachometer for Kohlers

    My previous post about the 520 W/H tach, worked for me on my 312 & 314 tractors. But please note that those tractors had the Kohler Magnum engines. What I found was that the 520 had 18 coils behind the flywheel & 6 magnets in the flywheel which was the same as my Kohler 12 & 14 hp Magnums.
  8. Analog tachometer for Kohlers

    It appears that the 520 tach reads the Hz cycle from the stator and not the spark plug firing. So the # of cly don't play into it. I attached a Grnd wire to the tach. A power source wire from ignition switch to the tach. And a wire from the S terminal of tach to the rectifier on the flywheel cover. There are 3 wires in the connector for the rectifier. I taped into the top wire of that connector. I didn't bother with the light since I don't use the W/H after dark. Rather than cut a hole in the sheet metal for the tach, I used a 2" PVC coupling, the long style as opposed to the short one , placed the tach inside the coupling sealed it in with silicon sealant & mounted it to the dash with dbl back tape. I have two 312's & a 314 rigged that way. Bill Worthington Apopka, Fl.
  9. Analog tachometer for Kohlers

    I have had good success adapting the 520 tach on to my 312 & 314 W/H tractors with the magnum engines. Bought used ones off ebay for about $40 ea. I found that the # of coils behide the flywheel on the 520 were the same as on my 312 & 314 ( 16 ). They work great.
  10. Rustoleum Paint

    I use rustoleum enamel all the time, with Valspar hardener. Works great. Mix ratio @ 8parts paint, 1 part hardener, 1-2 parts thinner (use naptha) not mineral spirits. The ratio is very forgiving. Gives great results.
  11. Mounting small tires.

    I also bought tires off of ebay and had difficulty getting the tire to seat . Try this the next time after mounting the tire on the rim with the valve core installed squirt a small amount of starting fluid (ether) inside the tire. Then put a lite fire stick ( like you use on the bbq) to the edge of the rim it will ignite the ether cause a small boom and immediatly seal both beads. CAUTION just a very quick shot of ether.
  12. Indicator lite circuit board

    Hi guys, I have a 1989, 312-8 that I am working on. The indicator lites don.t workand I read the Feb 14 link about the bd. The edge connector piece is badly corroded, wondering if I could buy that part from (Save Old Iron). Also wondering if any one knows of a generic test light switch for the same application.Mine has 6 terminals on the back of the switch, 3 of them broke off. My toro dealer said it was available but cost apx $55. Thats crazy. Thanks for your help, Bill W
  13. 520H anniversary tractor

    Thanks guys. I knew that some of you would be able to enlighten me on the anniversary special. Bill W.
  14. 520H anniversary tractor

    Recently found a 520h wheel horse for sale, low hrs, good cond. Owner claims it is a 50th anniversary special. Does anyone know anything about this? And if it is special what would that be? Thanks Bill.