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  1. Just Two Simple Words

    Agreed! ... Thank you
  2. Help me id this little guy i saved today

    Hope this helps Is this the hitch part that you are talking about?
  3. Help me id this little guy i saved today

    I hope to get all parts that I need at some point and then to restore it . I got a line on a small k series for it I hope
  4. Help me id this little guy i saved today

    Yea I know but my phone won't take a pic small enough to up load it sorry. Ill try and figure something out thou
  5. Pics first What's left of the decal Ok lets start with these if you need some other view let Mr know and I'Lo get them. Thanks for the help
  6. need help with ID

    Looks to be a 61 701 with the mower deck foot rests dash and engine but the hood isn't a 701 hood maybe a 702. The rear fenders look correct for the 701 also. Shifters has been reworked to fit the hydraulic lift also.
  7. wheel horse 702 value?

    If it was a 702 it has the wrong frame, mower deck steering components also.
  8. Rear wheel play

    Ya know in that picture it looks like the key is sticking out at the top of the axle. So you might get lucky and be that its just a loose hub bet that would make ur day. I know it would mine. Let us know what you find.
  9. Rear wheel play

    That's excessive wow about an 1/8 inch I can understand but not an inch. Time to split tranny and find out what's loose or broke. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
  10. 520 h discharges with key off

    Really the schematic that I have in the original owners manual shows it hooked to the ac side but it also only shows two terminals on the reg.so I'm not sure what to do
  11. 520 h discharges with key off

    I have a digital. I guess I'm not understanding how voltage is keep from flowing back thru the regulator. Because the center terminal b+ is hot all the time and it flows from there thru regulator out the one ac side then thru the stator and back to the other ac side. Hey wait is it possible that maybe the tack is hooked to the wrong side of the regulator? Maybe that is my problem. Ill check that tomorrow night. What do you all think?
  12. 520 h discharges with key off

    Ok so I've done some more testing and I think I have it narrowed down to the regulator. My question is when I hook the meter to the terminals I can flow current from center b+ to one of the ac side but not the other. Does this mean that the diode is bad on that side or is it supposed to be this way? It charges fine and runs purdy good. Also I have a dead short when I check between the two wires coming from the stator but the are not shorted to ground. Is this right. This first Oman I've owned. Thanks for all help.
  13. 520 h discharges with key off

    New battery and when I connect a light between battery neg and the disconnected ground wire the light lights. I know that old trick and use it on almost everything I change a battery in just to check because you never know. The only way the light goes out is if I unplug the key switch or disconnect the center terminal on the voltage reg. And as far as the Onan running before I fixed all the little issues that wasn't happening cuz didn't want to take a chance in hurting any of the electrical components. The guy I got it from told me he had it wired with a toggle switch and a push button for the starter. So between that and all the melted together wires, fuse block, and nine pin connector. I figured I had better fix it all before I even tried to start it. Thanks for the replies
  14. Ok I've looked with nothing found. So I've got a 96 520 that I've rewired new fuse block new key switch new nine pin connector and new battery. When running it charges like it should but when u turn the key off it will drain the battery dead over night. I'm starting to think this why the nine pin connector was melted and the fuse block was removed. I followed the electrical diagram to rewire it and everything works just like it should. So I'm wondering if its the voltage reg or the stator or possibly something else please help.
  15. World Steam Train Record

    That's just awesome