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  1. C-195 fenders

    I might be interested in the 84 style. I may have to take what I can get.
  2. I believe that Kohler or perhaps Brian Miller has a throttle shaft rebush kit.
  3. I have had similar thoughts about 4 wheeler rubber track setups adapted to a wheelhorse..
  4. WH 2stage snowblower on a C195 ?

    I have tried the same thing and I can tell you that the c195 is too long for the c series 2 stage snow blower. The distance to the mid hitch is too far and causes the blower to hit the hood before you can get it in the hitch. Maybe a berco would fit I don"t know, The single stage does work well.
  5. C195 3 point ?

    I have a brand new rockshaft I bought from a dealer about 2 yrs ago. It may still be available from Toro.
  6. ONAN Engine Question

    Hey Duke, I'm pretty sure that the big plug to the right is the bowl plug and the main jet is behind it . Remove the plug and the bowl will drain and then you can see the main jet and remove it to clean if you want. I own 2 onans and my 416 surged so badly that it would barely run. I removed the plug and blew the jet out with carbclean and a little compressed air and shes as good as new..Good luck :thumbs2:
  7. 60 inch 520 deck

    Is deck still available?
  8. getting rid of the rattle

    Good news, local dealer was able to print out the service bulletin for me using the 3 digit bulletin number 342. I find it curious though that this cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. :)
  9. getting rid of the rattle

    Get a Document not found error :)
  10. Transmission fluid drain plug problem

    If you end up going the drill route consider left hand bits or reverse drill bits as sometimes they can remove the plug before it penetrates negating any shaving cleanup. Good luck. :)
  11. getting rid of the rattle

    Thanks for the number, is there anyway to get the file without signing up for another group? I have done my homework and short of calling toro i can't find this bulletin any where else.
  12. getting rid of the rattle

    Hey guys, could i get the part # for the wave washer that fixes this rattle I have about 3 tractors i would love to fix the rattle on but cannot veiw any of the links in above posts?
  13. 42 Side and RD decks

    The difference between the side and rear discharge blades is that the rear discharge has less lift on the backside than the side discharge because they discharge the clippings differently. The side discharge deck has to blow the clippings out of the chute where the rear has to blow nothing so has less lift on the backside[possibly to save some power as well]. Good luck B)
  14. quick tach back mount

    33.00 on Ebay search wheel horse rear hitch and an aftermarket one comes up. Good luck B)
  15. D200 & 520H Loaders

    A year or two ago I called Kwik Way and asked about buying a loader for one of the C195s and they still sold them brand new for about 3g's. Good luck B)